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    Can I just remind everyone this is a trade site, there seems to be a few ads creeping in where the "vendors" seem to think they are selling to consumers, both in the descriptions and prices.... Doesn't overly bother us, but you are wasting your time if you think anyone on here is going to pay retail for a car...
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    Tell them that and provide evidence that the 2004 and 2008 models differ. Also is the car the same colour? If not point this out You got your mid removal and add on dates. Provide these. Your BCA invoice. If you bought it from BCA that is. If you know someone workibg there have a friendly chat see if they can dig their advert out and hopefully you can use their images? They might keep things on file for 6 years(I might be wrong about this).
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    Thats a good chunk you got off there! Well done
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    Don’t see the big deal lots of topics pop up all the time with the same questions how many autotrader topics pop up for example
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    I know! finally they have sorted it ,
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    Very kind of you to allow us to "play" with him first
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    after haggling with BCA I received £200 I guess its not bad
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    post now deleted. Sorry, its been a bit buys in the office and we've slipped a bit in watching for this stuff....
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    agree totally cant believe 30 years and not knowing how to nip this can i suggest Tamworth dealer 89 that you go on a refresher course/ buy the book in the headings/ join logistics /get your paperwork in order /to be honest i have you down as a troll 18 year old journalist for the faily mail sorry...............
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    i do the weekly shop in our house because i know the price of everything if the person in front of me on the conveyor is too lazy to put a bar down i just let the cashier roll my goods through with theirs whilst i pretend to look at the nuts on the pos i always get the blame but i dont care ive made my point and next time i like to think they will use etiquette and put the bar down at the end of their slug trail just sayin...................
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    All part of the job, if they fail that's life move on - Totally pointless charging then refund if they fail.