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    Hi to lucky 13 , welcome aboard Every thing has a mkt doesn't it . We cant all or want to sell the same stuff . Cheaper stuff makes me smile too , we sell the lumpy cars too and the inbetweeners , and the cheaper stuff " I'm not one to miss anything " But I love a cheapy PX £50 old cheapy that goes on the ramp , comes off clean , Snow foam it , Shiny wax thru pressure washer , quick carpet/ seat clean oil change and £995 it , quickest one was 8 mins to the first phone call but usually its first 24 hours , have some fun with what's yer best price brigade " £1295 pal " but it says £995 online lol , yea but £1295 is a better price and that's what you asked me . had a Fabia once and two women resulted in fighting for it You eeffing bitch this and effing bitch that omg they were nose to nose for a £795 car , smallest one won too . Worth selling for the entertainment we reckon . Secret to cheaper stuff is to talk to the customer different to a 10k car . Round here its very hey up mi duck ye come to look at this little Corsa then , smashing little thing it is , They love it long as its clean with a long MOT they will take a part service , one key , scratched , cheapy , Other trick is we just don't rip em off , Sell one every year to one guy £600 is his ceiling , drive anything he will , gives me the px free +£600 every Oct . Got one waiting for him now £550 Corsa took in for £100 a month ago . So happy selling pal , stick with what makes you happy and some money .
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    Ok lets be honest about this, if anyone had a cheap source of cars or a particular day auctions seem cheaper than any other day would you honestly expect them to give that info away ?
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    i don’t think BHM is much of a socket... I reckon he would be the plug
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    Welcome lucky13 ... sub 5k is making me my millions best of luck buddy
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    Would now be a good time to suggest www.pigsflycars.com ... trade specials all the glitters too and ready to retail money makers bandwagon ... I can set you up at a discounted £100 membership fee And some tea cakes preferably 1 bid 2, 3 are you in????
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    I would tell everyone where to buy from A bloody different place to me in another county on a different day when I'm not looking for stock . Tried that Casper , got bored , Just cant stop looking for the next deal , Its only the deals that keep me living . The way to make me smile is waiting for the Finance prop to go accepted , I'm more on edge than the customer buying the car , There thinking new car I'm thinking Commission cheque . Got three Finance props on Sat and then it was game on to sign up that day so I got the Commission in Sept Made it too
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    I would think one call in a week is good Marian for an Astra Diesel the fact its an Auto can work for and against you , Look on Autotrader to match your car against the others , you dont want to be the lowest price on there but 1st page within a 50 mile radius of your post code would give you an idea of the prices , Its low miles , Service history ? I hope , Nice colour I hope , tell the buyer about the condition and any extras , Nav , Leather , Climate . It will go pretty soon . So don't panic after a week
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    Especially to someone who can’t be bothered to introduce themselves.
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    Thanks. 1st comes 1served. Selling as well 3 Series 63 plate and had 2 viewers after 6h I posted it. I am near London. Everyone seems to be scared about Ulez.
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    THIS You can tell these people haven’t been self employed long. Don’t they realise - this is how we eat! Giving that info away is literally giving away profit... not that there is a magic bullet. It’s all hard work atm.
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    Justin, I know you werent asking for yourself! Likewise, I was trying to 'help' the newbie
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    you should be looking to sell on your strengths not weakness's ie established since 1999 family run we care the best stock available bar non we aim for 100% customer satisfaction 3 month warranty included in every sale
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    I may have mentioned before in the thread. its not where you are as much as what you are trying to sell and whom you are trying to sell it to. Selling bread and butter to penny pinchers is going to be sole destroying as a home trader because they hold all the cards. Find yourself a niche where you hold more of the cards.
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    @NOACROSS it's 1 junction up from Birmingham on the M6. By the sounds of it I have a lot of work to do. Website is number 1, then I can get customer reviews. I need to see what AutoTrader needs to be able to get reviews on that too. Thank you everyone, it's put my mind at ease. It's something I can control if I do what's needed and do the right work
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    It depends on how good the deal is, and what you're into.
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    Auctions mainheim bca and local ones like central also gumtree ebay and private also have a contact who buys from lease companies online and one that buys all the company vehicle and vans direct from an elcectrical supplier ... sounds daft but the guy who buys from the lease company has bought a car from arnold clark force-court did a bit more prep trading in an old px and did ok with it .. obv not something you could do ever day auction 4 cars and dealer auction are options also
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    I find the best way is to put a sign up outside reading “We buy cars, free anal with every car bought”.
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    Tbh recently I’ve done better (selling more & easier) with the handful of £4K-5K cars that I stock rather than the £1500-2000 range. Punters on the 1500-2000 cars seem to want the earth & don’t mention the ‘scrap’ spares etc. market! Those punters on the sub £500 cars haven’t got a ha’penny to scratch their arses. The penniless want warranties, guarantees, assurances etc. so unless you can be arsed to Facefuck/Scumtree the heaps of shit & meet them in Tesco’s car park to do the deal You might as well scrap them. PS - a man on a £5K Volvo wanted to part ex his old Corsa. Silver, battered, wheeltrims, 2008, 150,000 miles, 1.3 diesel (I didn’t think they’d do that sort of miles). I offered him £100 but he declined so I gave him the £100 discount NOT to part exchange it. Apparently he’s going to get it freshly serviced for the next owner (I kid you not) as he’s confident it’s worth decent money. I didn’t have the heart to tell him the truth but he’ll soon find out once it’s advertised.
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