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    Might make main dealers and super mkt NEED to earn on the metal instead of ripping the heart out of Finance deals and putting bad taste in customers heads . If they have to earn money on Metal us indies will shine through maybe , lets hope so .
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    I think the forthcoming ban on DCI is a great thing. In theory this should create a more level playing field for us all. Car Supermarkets with little or no chassis profit are earning upto 2k a car on finance commission. The only reason they earn huge amounts is by legging customers up with high rates of interest. The supermarkets will have to alter their business model and return to earning something out the chassis. This should help with auction prices...
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    Bank transfer is definitely not fraud free, payments can be recalled back and with some added security checks can take 2 days to process. Still my second choice after finance though.
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    Bank your cash at local post office no running into town and queuing!!!
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    And likewise Chris. Good to see you here! The old gang slowly reunites.
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    Shhhhhhh! Don’t tell anyone! “Cash” is a dirty word nowadays & is to be avoided at all costs. Apparently.
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    I wish you were there in 2001 when I bought my first Citroen Xantia 1.8i. The private seller didn't try to stop me in any way. I have many memories with that car. Some good ones as well.
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    Very True but the way the article reads, its trying to stop rip off apr and large commission on finance, not the standard market etc. The problem is legging people up with a pen as deposit and giving joe public a nice shiny car they cannot afford etc. Same with the American Housing recession some 10 years ago. I wouldn't sell diesel car to a uni student who would do 3000 miles at best a year. I've talked many people out of cars if I think they are not right for them.
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    Very slow here but friend and trader a few yards away can't handle anymore sales they are that busy!! But also comebacks and issues are the highest he has ever seen as stock he is buying all seem to have issues! (He does PDI as he has his own mechanics etc!) Sometimes I'd rather be quiet than have the headaches....
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    Card machine is an absolute must to take deposits over the phone and deposits on the day. Every now and then you will also get a customer that doesn’t do online banking or has a low transfer limit (£1000 a day) in which case take the lot on a debit card instead of spending an hour driving them to their bank and bank. Do not be penny wise and pound foolish when looking at card providers.
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    Main business, doing deals but for no money, everyone in our industry (leasing) must just be working for fun. Only plus is we have taken a few good PX cars that we have flipped. Used cars, 7 so far this month, 3 were PX’s we retailed that would normally have been traded straight out. Odd thing is we have a list of late used to find but still can’t get the stock.
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    Am i the only one that insists on cash? With crisp notes and queens head facing the correct way? Coins incur a 5% handling charge
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    Seams like for once I’m busier than everyone else for a change. Selling plenty but I can’t buy, being seriously out priced at the block for over two weeks now.
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    I saw the first one on an episode of Road Wars many years ago. Were you on that?
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    Ive tried that lost two sales this week due to them not being able to leave a deposit on the spot! they went and found a different vehicle closer.