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    It’s overpriced crap, had it thought it was more designed for main dealers and car supermarkets, it was telling me to buy insignias etc which aren’t great sellers for us.
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    "I feel it in my fingers, I feel it in my toes....." Sorry, couldn't resist it! Agree totally, its all about gut feeling me. You cant teach it and there are no rules.
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    Its that feeling in the fingers time again isn't it . I had Autotrader guys who think this stuff up here last week , looking at how we decide to buy and why we choose what we do , They left very confused and quite demoralised in their thoughts , they realised a computer didn't have that feeling in the fingers . We had a game where they chose 10 cars to sell and priced them using their system , and i chose 10 cars . We then researched trade prices at BCA and what would make money . The were astonished at the prices and how far out AT was , but didn't understand it changes daily too " faster than computer thinks " They then advertised 10 cars on my AT system and I advertised my choices , two days later I won hands down in the results of search patterns. We sell cars that are not available round our area but people travel to see us , we also sell cars that are popular round our area but never cheaper . Its that finger feeling that cant be taught , we all or most of us have some sort of finger feeling version don't we and its far more accurate as its time served over the years . The sale is down to us .
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    I recommend looking at dealers in your area with similar stock and try and price similar some time pricing software can be far to high or low .
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    Thanks guys for all your help
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    And when there is a shilling or two for me down the line :-)
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    Imagine how many customers have my number on speed dial and how much time I spend on the phones Casper :-)
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    We had a Panda 100HP. Had it for about 4 months in total, was a Cat D - so was expecting it to stay a while, but so much fun to drive we ended up putting about 3k miles on it! - Each eBay listing got over 1500 views. So, that makes 6,000 internet armchair 'buyers' before someone bought it. Also had a BMW 316i SE Auto (NEVER AGAIN!) - Had it 9 months. Each eBay listing got over 500 views from the internet expects. Both turned a healthy profit, and no negotion so can't complain! - Got sick of seeing the BMW especially, Panda was a hoot! On the other hand - a Saab 9-5. £550 tax so was expecting it to hang around... Listed it at about 10:30 - 13 ad views later and the new owner is driving it away at 3PM. Funny old game.....
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    I find it the opposite - AT rep tells me that I should be working for £600-750 a bonnet. Yeah right, like that’s going to work.
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    I can plug my Autel handheld Pro code reader in and read codes but stuff like live data etc are wasted on me.
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    WTF does that mean? I’ll stick with my £30 obd interrogator I bought about 10 years ago on fleabay as a ‘get you home’ code clearer.
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    CARFAKELEADSGURU. Enough said?