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    Question Title ""10. How much money do you keep on you, store in your car on a day to day basis, and where do you store it?"" WHAT A QUESTION
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    Why would you not write "sold as CAT D " on the invoice . Sounds very harsh to think he may get 60 k of use though without a usage charge , 45p a mile is the norm , its way past the 6 month CRA , but selling an undeclared cat d vehicle is a definite NO NO really . But 60,000 45 pences is a lot too at £27,000 Think about where you advertised it and see if they have a copy of the advert if you don't , presuming you advertised the Vehicle as CAT D ? Hope you at least did that
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    There expensive now compared to 12 months ago for cars. But yeah re-read it and it makes no sense
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    If sold on auto trader in 2017 it would list it as cat d or c on the advert, there systems changed for this to happen in 2014ish. Unless you sold it on gumtree or eBay. Not writing cat d on the invoice is a silly schoolboy error, I’m still not convinced why you didn’t write it but then again you didn’t even introduce yourself lol considering the mateys head gasket has gone that’s why all this has come back to you. If your filing cabinet is in order get the invoice out...if it isn’t there make sure it gets there wink wink and also offering an exchange is silly, it’s been 2.5 years. Rejecting the car on the basis it’s a cat d and he didn’t know is only going to be proved by the evidence at the time of sale which is advert descriptions/costs, sales invoice receipt plus any warranty docs you may have gave. A long shot and defo not going to be an easy one as the amount of miles done now and depreciation valuation. So I would stand firm on it. “Cat d repaired to a high standard” lol best of luck buddy
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    has he gone? he's goosed with no paper trail, full refund
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    I don't use Autotrader in any form at all, its pretty ineffective down in the far west. However, if you can make a living selling cars at £500 less than suggested market retail price, fundamentally CAP, I'm genuinely amazed. With cars making well over CAP clean most of the time now, I cant see where your margin is? I personally take the approach that I price up £250-350 over CAP retail and use that as my negotiating margin. I might sell more if I was working on smaller margins, but smaller margins don't pay the bills! In effect you just end up a busy fool, chasing £500 across a car and when that car comes back to bite you, its painful. Each to their own though.
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    Ask the customer to present his original bill of sale? If he doesn’t have it your in the clear
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    Take the car back but deduct £0.25 per mile X 60,000 = £15,000 deduction from selling price (fair usage). Now, how much does he owe you
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    Hi ; This sounds like an interesting topic, but my guess is you need some Independent Legal Advice from Lawgistics-or a similar Motor Trade specialist. In my opinion, he has little chance of winning a case, Q - Did you write on the Order Form it was a CAT D car ?
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    I work on Gut feeling most of the time. I look at AT's suggested market price then less £500! I also research the hell out of each and every car nationally. Then I check all known common faults and prices to repair etc etc before the car even lands. Then I just buy it with my heart anyway : ) Only storage companies can sell empty spaces.... I cannot
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    It's difficult trading from home and don't let anyone tell you otherwise, like you said you're competing with those big dealers so if you sell similar cars you're going to have to be much cheaper than them. If you are offering them too cheaply then people can think there is something wrong with them, I've had cars that I've reduced to turn stock over and you still don't open the door so put the price back up again and they sell! I would take anything Autotrader have to say with a pinch of salt, their only goal is to extract as much money from you as possible. They don't live in the real world with us, if you go by their valuations and retail prices they think we buy cars for £3,000 and sell them for £5,000 and they charge us accordingly because we're making so much money.
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    Where do these cnuts come from?
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    You can get the fog machine from ebay and liquid with different scents for about £62 would be useful for other cars my local car wash uses them it it makes the car smell lovely 123598207206 is the item number and you get a bottle of scent with it would be useful for other cars I've used the air con bombs which I thought were ok for the money £9.49 the item number is 142847355524 worth a try Also a lot of Valeters use and recommend enzyme cleaner cause it creates its own good bacterias because they say shampoo makes it worst creating moisture apparently the good bacteria eats the bad is the science off spray it in and dry it off with wet vac or towel It's about a tenner of ebay item number 230706307739 hope this helps good luck .
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