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    Hi all, can anyone recommend a cheapish battery charger/conditioner. Can tell winter is coming, cars are beginning not to start
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    Ours is £25 a panel...location, location, location! (we're gonna really struggle to hit those AT price markers looking at what some of you boys pay for work)
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    Another vote for Ring units, had a couple of "Tradecharge27"s for 3 or 4 years and both are robust units, can't kill 'em. I wish I had enough hair left to need conditioner.
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    I have two Ring chargers, had them both a few years and still going strong. For conditioner I use L'Oreal, because I'm worth it.
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    I bought a couple of cheapie Lidl battery chargers/conditioners - very good for a few quid.
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    Find an old timing belt and leave it in the passenger footwell, clean off the shocks, grind the lip off the disc's, change the oil £10, wipe the filter with an oily rag, hoover the air filter and MOT for £36. You won't be seeing much change out of £50 I'm afraid.
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    £30 + vat per wheel for refurb £29.95 MOT Labour £35/£40 on mechanicals Smart man is usually £60-80 per corner or whatever, few buffs or touch ins generally £20-£30 Mini valet £12 Full valet or big 7 seater around £40 if seats terrible Dent man £25 per car
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    Got to Love a 100 pound px/scrapper
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    I love the look of these old Pontiacs, although prefer the look of a few years earlier. Tbh I’ve always fancied a ‘74 with the ‘new’ front & small back window but I’ve never quite had the balls to delve deeper, tbh I’m just a sad, pathetic ’Nearly Man’ when it comes to yank cars. I also imagine now they’re all full of welding wire & filler and I’d feel apprehensive driving one of my ‘heroes’ only to find it drove like a heap of shit. I recall about 6/7 years ago, when prices were half-sensible, I tried a 348 & a Mondial T. I’d summarise them as absolute piles of shit that rode & handled like they had concrete tyres, felt like a badly assembled kit car & had the sort of performance a decent hot hatch delivers. I now drive a £100 scrapper taken in p/x.