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    They are the cocaine capital of the UK! Their air is polluted with more than diesel particles.
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    That’s your funniest post in ages! Funnily enough the last time I was in the Bristol City Centre plenty of bag heads asked me for financial assistance. They’ll have to start working night shifts for handovers of diesels.
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    Spare a thought for all the Bristollian crusties living in converted ambulances and minibuses... ...you reap what you sow.
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    Not that I know of, I am the only one I know of that has got a history as a car dealer, which sadly for me makes me sympathetic of the problems you guys have. What I think is a good idea is when your current dentman says no, then ask another one if the only other alternative is a bodyshop, I know of many guys who if the dent will take longer than 10 minutes are not interested in it, why should they be as we have plenty out there to go at. Myself I enjoy the challenge and do not need to earn as much as some of the other guys and I certainly do not want all the rushing around any more. Being semi retired is fun, I hope you all get to try it.
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    Our diamond cut wheels cost us the same as Powdercoating (£200), done by 2 different local companies.. Obviously we do all of our own mechanical and valeting with the exception of MOT's
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    I'm Voting V8's petrol But I might let the wife have electric , stop her putting her foot down as much . Just had a new XFR , smaller super charger pulley , rear boxes replaced with smaller stainless ones , re map 700 bhp and sounds like heaven on tarmac Good luck with the dreams mind , cant beat an achiever looking for better things
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    Are you not turning up at your potential customers door step ? who needs to advertise drop them a business card get your trade plates and insurance sorted and away you go, next time the garage wants something collected they ring you direct instead of paying a commission for an agency to do it. is it really that simple or am i missing something
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    Thanks for welcoming me with open ...... arms! (too early) So just getting a hang of how to navigate on this forum, so bare with me guys. I'm a part time sole trader, with the intention of becoming full time and eventually manufacturing electric automobiles. Bringing Britain Back to the future. I have a background in both mechanics and the arts so this will be interesting! They say if your dreams don't scare you, they aren't big enough, so I want you all to be afraid BE VERY AFRAID Thanks again PS, Ok, lets get seriou (hello to you too)
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    I'm not Googling that, i'll end up on a register.
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    Find an old timing belt and leave it in the passenger footwell, clean off the shocks, grind the lip off the disc's, change the oil £10, wipe the filter with an oily rag, hoover the air filter and MOT for £36. You won't be seeing much change out of £50 I'm afraid.
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    Surely this is only good for the accountant? Ie two sets of accounts = two bills from him?