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    Hi all, i wanted to share this with you, it made me think.......I Bought a car of a local lady Dr last week, she said Tesla didn't want her car, no interest in the px, then she said. they wont now even consider a px.....we do, or are we all too customer focused, ie : they expect everything and take the piss. Then she said she couldn't have a test drive of the Tesla , she had to leave Dealer and book a test drive online, i laughed, she was serious, then she said the dealer allocated HER A TIME, not the other way round !!!! wow this is how to make money !!! Then she asked 5 questions about her new £38000 Tesla, the sales-advisor-tech boffin then said said....get this...GO ON THE FORUM, I DON'T ANSWER THOSE QUESTIONS -WOW She also said the Dealer wanted £38000 upfront 9 days before seeing her new car, i said are you paying them, she said....YES- amazing how Tesla dictate their terms to the customer, this is the way forward...i love it !!!! She then complained nobody ever answers the phone or returns e mails.... WE ALL NEED TO ADOPT THE TESLA WAY- THE CUSTOMER IS NOT ALWAYS KING ???
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    Have any of you fine people with sites/public access, thought about having an EV Charging Station installed? I have had this thought, as may be a good use of a space or two and a bit of future-proofing-but can't seem to find much help or info on the subject. I called the local council, who had absolutely no idea. Would like to know likely costs and returns - if any. As well as any ideas or potential pitfalls.
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    Gumtree is hopeless. Def wait for the announcement if I were you.
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    4 years or 50k, battery is 8 years 100k from memory. Have put one on a 3 year contract of 45k per year so let’s see how that goes! Also done a few to companies where the driver has nowhere to charge. Lots of teething problems but they have rangers who fix them. Have seen pictures of some shoddy panel gaps and paint but most drivers don’t seem to report issues.
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    not a shabby idea actually . These wally keyboard heros are just children at the end of the day . remember when people made their own mind up about life and purchases .
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    You say the car is still registered in your name, are you a consumer or trader? Either way I presume you filled in the yellow "transfer to a motor trader" section of the v5c? If you filled this in as you should have and took a copy of it and YOU sent it off in September then you shouldn't have any problem, you've told the DVLA that you no longer own the car. You should have received confirmation they received it.
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    Matt 910, if you dont have the car anymore, why do you care?
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    That background is fine. I would think that having the car a bit more zoomed in would be better so it occupies more of the picture would be better. Is the fence yours? if so, could you put a business logo banner on it?
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    I think we all over think our pictures, yours look great but...... being critical, the fence is disproportional to the car and the hedge. Welcome by the way.
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    I’ve used Auto Imaging when needs must, and none of my customers have ever said anything or noticed. I think your fence pics are fine though, so I wouldn’t think they are slowing you down too much. Or at all.
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    This MATT 910 has left a very nice google review on Parkers Site , saying they owe him 30k , forgot to tell us on here its all after 6 mths . Exaggerating liar by the sounds of it as usual But we knew that didn't we really
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    I was speaking to the boss of the tyre centre I use the other week and he said BMW alloys are by far the worst for cracking.....
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    You can forget all of the big talk, promises etc. - pound notes (or whatever payment you take) sorts the wheat from the chaff. I believe absolutely sweet f.a. what punters tell me until they turn into customers (that means get their money out). It would be nice to be proved wrong but phrases such as “I’m not a messer” is the death knell of any deal.