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    I had the rep ring me today trying to get me to sign up with Gumtree as I'm already with Ebay, he probably wishes that he hadn't now. I let him get a few lines in then I asked him why would I want to advertise with their 3 different sites Ebay/Gumtree/Motors, his response was that people tend to look on 3 different sites when buying a car and if they see my cars on all 3 sites then that will assure the customer that I'm a bone fide motor dealer. I mentioned my concerns about paying the same company three times for doing the same thing and that I thought they had a conflict of interests, and that I tried Gumtree and Motors before and they were rubbish so why would I want to advertise with them now. I also said that I thought that Ebay had gone off the boil and this seemed to happen when they took on Gumtree, which is a shame as I thought they were making real headway against Autotrader. He couldn't really answer my points, and I mentioned I'd be rethinking Ebay when it comes around for renewal in May. So it would be interesting to see how you get on.
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    Give a whinger an ear & they’ll talk into it. Conversely, give them a few home truths & they f.o. home.
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    Of course. But you'd think some would stick around.
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    My favourite part of the thread was the pizza talk. And the fact that OP has disappeared. Why do they do that??
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    Perhaps Manheim aren’t allowed to actively chase DA vendors? A local vendor with a few local franchises must of heard all of the good news about DA & suddenly cut-off all direct sales to the trade a year or so ago. Within a short period of time they were pig sick because a percentage of their cars were knocked back (due to their shite descriptions but these main dealer thickheads don’t have the sense to realise) and automatically banned any buyer who didn’t complete the sale. After a month or so, and about 10 banned bidders, they started sending cars to the nearest Manheim & I believe they barely sell on DA nowadays.
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    I’ve been to four different auction houses this weeks. What connected them all was empty yards & the trade buying up almost anything. This week I’ve seen bidders paying into book for bottom to mid range Focuses with knackered engines.
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    The E Golf experiment worked then, have been on sale and used on the UK roads for nearly five years and nobody notices them! I regards to Tesla, I feel some of the leading funders might suffer if residuals don’t stay as predicted. Fag packet maths a two year old M3 Perf will need to be worth c.38k to break even. Netherlands have lamppost chargers so I expect them to start appearing here soon.
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    We’ll see shortly, with the new EGolf etc.
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    I love the humour! but there is a serious side here. IMHO, the OP needs to get back to the dealer and get a proper response. It’s no good coming on here posting with half a tale. if he shared that, then maybe he’d start to get a way forward. As for why they are fitted..... at the weekend, I was quoted £500 to refurb some diamond cut 18in alloys (don’t worry, I didn’t). The same tyre dealer then tried to sell me new bling ones (looking an awful like the BMW pictures) for the same amount. Time and cost will be why they swapped them
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    I enjoy being stopped with a car not on mid they get pissed off when they ask for my licience and i say i dont have it on me nor my insurance still not had a car taken off me, its how u deal with the pondlife.