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    Anyone checked out their website yet, Looks ok haven't seemed to have sold many cars since its launch and vague on the history and owners of the cars. Be interesting to see how they develop.
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    Hello all. I am 17 and want to trade cars. Is there any way that I can legally do this with insurance because it seems like all trade insurance policies are for 18+. Any ideas?
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    Aren’t the chains on them at the back of the engine? So it would be an engine and box out job probably plus the fact it’s an x1 it will have transfer boxes etc, I’d be guessing a minimum of ten hours labour at £45+vat an hour plus timing chain kit with sprockets, oil, coolant, gearbox oils and whatever else I can see it easily being £1500
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    He's private so I'm just bearing that in mind.
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    I'm guessing they've said "Well mate if it's a chain it's £1.6k, but then if the engine has gone, and it's a 4x4 (assuming it's an xDrive), then the subframe has to come off, and yada yada yada.) Not sure exactly how they'd excuse it. Even if it is the engine, he's looking at £3k max for a recon. Not even BMW would charge what he's been quoted.
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    Mojo, if it's just a rattly chain as opposed to knocking, then it's around the grand mark for a chain (if that). Whoever has quoted him is taking him for a ride.
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    If someone's quoting you 10k though, I'll buy it off you 10k down lol
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    Hi First of all congratulations regarding starting out in business young fella , well done . Insurance is very difficult at your age , but get a parent to put it in their name with you as a named user to start with , did this with my son at 17 COVEA did us a good deal with him as a driver and me at the head of the policy when he started , limited him to 2.5 litre cars and only 600cc bikes till he was 19 , then we found better companies and we were off and running . All the very best with the future of the new venture , its fun , its hard work , its a challenge at times , but anything is possible with the right frame of mind . Cheers David
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    Reminds me of myself 11 years ago, put the hard work in and you’ll get there!
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    Snap. Can be done. I'm sure we're not alone.
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    came off Autotrader 4 years back ..... still here still selling and not getting raped every month.
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    I tried to get rid of her but she puts some Ann summers on and I’m straight back.