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    January prices insane, are you saying prices are ok now!!! If they go up any more the auctions will be retailing them to us...
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    Normally do OK in December but lease car conversions are very low despite manufacturers throwing extra money in, just don’t seem to be the customers. Used retail cars have been slow but have got out of two RRS’s with good money and a new shape Micra flew out , amazed me. We are aware of several companies waiting to see what happens next week before they commit to any more vehicles.
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    Had this a few times with V62 forms . If you have the previous keepers post code it usually goes through ok and the new keeper gets it taxed and the V5 comes back in their name to their address . BUT I have known it go the other way and on one occasion it took six weeks to get the V5 back and be able to tax the car even with the post code , worst of that one it was a BLOODY free tax car as well . Give him the post code and fingers crossed your ok . You should be ok with the post code though , HOPE anyway
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    Well - eating my hat. Golf buyer turned up just as I was pulling the shutter down, quick look and dipper left - colecting next week. Oh and bonus. My valeter bought the shitter of a X-Type Jag 4x4 for cost (which I am more than happy with). That makes 6 confirmed sales.
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    Should of taken her , bacon sarnie and a coffee Or have i got an easy Mrs ? Oh happy belated birthday too
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    Last 3 months zero sales through AT previously all sales through AT . Lucky if the younger generation know who autotrader are and if they do there not enticed to look there..
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    A customer will never take me to court for a clutch after a few weeks because I would have already replaced it FOC, no hesitation or argument. Strange initial question from someone with a wealth of experience. Normally it is how much is insurance, where can I buy from, how long before I am a millionaire. It seems everyone who starts out in this game wants to find out ways to get out of fixing things, which IMO is completely the wrong attitude. You will buy many good cars and perhaps, one in ten or twenty will kick you but that is our game. Good luck whatever you decide but if you’re making a living buying and selling cars as an employee, stick at it.
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    Customers, that means people who actually buy, ok. Punters, about 75% are cunts.