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    Thank you all for your response and advice. Very much appreciated. More to learn as want to do this part time/hobby. Thank u all
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    Have a good one everyone and all the best for next year.
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    Marry Christmas to everyone, wishing you all a great 2020!
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    Yes it would change things, however if it’s declared as just a Dvsa input error and it then turns out to be more than that, you would then still have a case. Anyway merry Xmas to all. ‘Clocking’ out out for a few days now. Back when I’ve sobered up.
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    Merry Christmas to all, really appreciate all the experience and advice that gets shared here on a daily basis.
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    Merry bloody Christmas. Alas, you’ve now learnt that CCTV doesn’t stop anyone, as a crime prevention method it’s as good as useless against burglars & only an identification tool. However most burglers couldn’t really give a toss about occasionally getting their collar felt - it’s an occupational hazard. Tbh you’re lucky the scum were bothered by the alarm.
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    My system entirely Mark , They don't come back then do they . Just sold a lady the third car in 18months today , She had one for her son , then her husband bought one and today her daughters first car . Don't do that if they ain't right when they leave . Evans halshaw had the same car £400 cheaper she said but it wasn't serviced , wasn't cleaned and the scratches were wear and tear for the year she was told Quality is remembered long after the price is forgotten
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    Sadly a few units at work got broken in to yesterday at 17:30, the fuckers cut through my roller shutter with a grinder. Luckily my alarm sent them away and they stole nothing. I do have CCTV (Blink XT2 cameras) so managed to watch the scum bags break in, they looked all of about 15 years old. I didn't have the cameras set to notification on my app but changed that now! The alarm is being upgraded to allow notifications too. My neighbours both got rinsed, £15k worth of industrial line painting equipment and £9k worth of wine. Door has now been fixed and fingers crossed they wont be back. You wont be surprised to hear the Police have not been yet!! To busy catching people doing 33 mph in a 30