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    I thought he died... clearly not
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    Ah yeah, can you imagine it? "The instructor said he'd never seen anyone handle an SLS as well as I did that day and by all accounts he shared a lift once with the stig, so he should know"
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    Yeah, it's probably best me going to sit down with an accountant over the next couple of weeks and get into the details. Unfortunately not quite that far north, I'm near Harrogate, but thanks anyway Haha, you have no idea how many times I get that, tempted to just change it to Marcus Thanks Casper, appreciate the kind words, I very much like to over plan to minimise my risks as much as possible. I'm not blind to the risks though and have to accept that it may not work out but I'd rather try and fail than not try at all. It all started from my love of working on cars and doing light restoration work, however I really don't like working on other peoples cars, so I came to the conclusion that I'm best buying a car, doing the work I enjoy and then selling it.
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    Can you imagine this, a bunch of car dealers go karting. The levels of testosterone would be unprecedented. Like bumper car drivers on crack, all trying to out do each other. I'd rather put my plums in a vice.
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    This line has come over with the Eastern European’s. It’s not an English style of negotiation and I fucking hate it, it’s such a blank way of doing a deal. No personality, no charm, just show me the money.