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    I’ve used the following quite a few times in the past I these foreign non buyers. Mr Customer.... if you were in the market place for a parachute would you be looking for the cheapest ? No you wouldn’t, you’d be wanting to buy from the most reputable source with the best reputation, the best quality, the best prepared, the best folded to ensure you have a safe landing, it’s exactly the same when buying a car. Your priorities are wrong if all you are looking for is CHEAP.... if you buy CHEAP you pay twice.... As all my cars are “buy it now” via a nominal fully refundable deposit upfront, only pay balance when happy, nowadays it’s very rare I get asked. If someone does politely ask “is there anything I can do” then I’ll usually will give them £50 worth of fuel, they’re usually very grateful for the gesture.
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    I mean, it’s always happened here. “What can you do for cash” or “what will you knock off if I buy now” it’s just in days gone by, people would leave that conversation for when they have seen the car. When someone rings and opens with “yeah what’s the best price for cash?” It’s the wrong question, usually posed by non buyers.
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    Correct, as usual. Best price is a middle eastern thing. Down the souk bartering for turnips. It's irritating and similarly to the clap, it's not going anywhere.