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    I do hope it picks up in the next few weeks, all I’ve had the past couple of weeks are time wasters!
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    Tell me about it! I’ve only just got back into car sales after about 6-7 years and back then around 2005-2010 years all my cars would sell within 3 weeks at most!! Now its looking like 6-9 weeks!! If your lucky lol. Im hoping its just the time of year, if so i picked the wrong time to start up again!
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    We've got one at the moment. Really lovely Volvo S40 Sport. Incredible History, really a proper car. Phones up and start complaining that they want a full refund because they can't find the locking wheel nut. Refuse to accept that it is in the car, as we show all our customers that it is present and where it is when going through our PDI, and the PDI is signed to say they've recieved it. Suprise suprise, the same day he starts complaining a Volvo S40 Sport has come up for sale for £600 (ours was £2.5k). This one has 70k more, No History and doesn't drive as it needs a new clutch. He was saying that he'd rather have a diesel than our petrol, but there are just no diesel Sport ones around. We've had 20 Facebook messages, 30odd texts and 3 phone calls going on and on about this bloody wheel nut. Sent him an F-Off letter, and haven't heard anything since.... Yet....
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    A bullshitter. Tell the man to fuck off, you’ll see him in court. PS. He has had the car MOTed. ABS is part of the MOT. This proves the part he’s claiming for wasn’t faulty prior to XX date therefore absolving you of any responsibility even if you had sold it as a retail sale.
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    images looks fabs just quiet everywhere at the moment. Only you know what sale in your area. I know a guy got 60+ cars when is this quiet Big showroom rent + staffs+ advertising bills + more bills he can’t even sleep in the night .
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    Agreed. You should just tell the bloke it’s B2B and you’ll see him in court. End of.
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    thats easy to say but how do you buy any of the hot cars at bca and manage to good price them on autotrader its impossible?
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    Just to let you guys know... £40 gearbox mount from Mercedes fitted and everything is sorted!! And will no longer be using the garage who diagnosed a timing issue!! Thanks for all the advice.... now onto the next headache lol