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    Hi Mr Bob, After reading some of the replies to your recent used car buying experience,i feel that some of the unhelpful comments just go to show what a shower of shite most motor traders actually are.I think its actually because they are all making so much money that they close ranks to protect their own kind, on average they make at least £2000 cash on every single car they sell,this money gets spent on beer and tabs.So to stop them I think you should buy a new motor every time and remember that most new car dealers have nice coffee and free wifi.
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    The trouble with any T2T is as much to do with the Billy Bullshitter buyers as the Billy Bullshitter sellers. All of my time in this game sellers appraise whilst wearing rose tinted spectacles & seem oblivious to knackered clutches. Many trade buyers (on old shit) expect the earth, expect it to be retail ready & to come with two weeks full parts & labour warranty - tbh I’d rather deal with private punters than most of the trade at my level.
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    I know him his names Hugh G Rection .
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    Car Gurus has been our best performer since November. Finally overtaken AT in our area
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    Cool story bro
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    There is a big difference from working as an employee to running your own car sales business.Things will happen in year one he has never thought of.So I would forget about going into debt until you have been operating and coping for 18 months.
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    The new price indicators are border line criminal, Autotrader could not develop software to value owners, so that part of the valuation was binned, Autotrader could not develop software to value service history, so that part of the valuation was binned, Autotrader could not develop software to value colour desirability, so that part of the valuation was binned, Autotrader could not develop software to value spec, so that part of the valuation was binned, (although i do believe there is a pathetic attempt currently ongoing, Current ratio of £10,000 spec adjusts value by £200. Yet the "masterclasses" educate dealers that these are the very things customers look for The High price indicator is also in Red/Amber which was previously used for CAT C, Incase a customer struggles to read HIGH PRICE, we have a speedometer/graph with high price revving off the scale, and if that is not enough of a deterrent, a baseless calculation has also taken place providing a figure to the pound of how much the customer would be paying above "market value", in some cases upto £2987. Absolutely no information anywhere to suggest where these figures are coming from as the Autotrader does not have one advertised £2987 cheaper, so a market only Autotrader have which is not on their own platform, (imaginary). Dealers who sell standard vehicles wont have much trouble with the new system, Dealers with specialist stock have major issues, Which dealer would price they vehicle above market? Does that make any sense, the first to suffer would be the dealer, The vehicle would not sell, Simple. Pricing vehicles is what dealers do, its part of the job, if we feel a vehicle is worth more we clearly have a basis for that, if we get it wrong it dont sell, Autotrader have really made a huge mistake with this one, It will cost them heavily as many dealers are now making it a priority to move away, and it will happen for sure, There must be a case to make with the Office of Fair Trading against Autotrader if a vehicle has been purchased as "Great Price" if that vehicle has 10+ owners, A Service Mystery, a list of mot advisories, beige in colour with wind down windows, a rear view mirror for parking sensors and 4 different wheel trims on it and pictured in a backstreet, How does Great relate to this? The system is to offer customers more transparency, lol