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    Umesh and the IMDA, This is SO wrong. I'm incensed. This petition is pathetic. Your Motor Dealer firms should pay decent salaries in the first place, not pay a pittance & then expect the Government (tax payer) to bail them out as a special case. I pay decent salaries... why don't IMDA firms? Disgraceful begging in these times. Get a backbone, not begging bowl. You think I'm in a better position to support my own staff? I've liquidated assets, I'm selling my farm, vehicles, even the TVs that line my office walls, I've tipped in an ISA. I was homeworking my staff 2 weeks before anyone else. I'm Chinese, I saw this coming. My parents have been confined for nearly 3-months, now. I really object to this tin-rattling begging of the motor industry as a special case. Car salesmen aren't in the line of danger with covid. Car salesmen are sitting at home with their feet up and a beer, watching TV, FFS, watching the NHS staff who are in the line of danger, as if they are watching an episode of Casualty. Is tea ready, love? I've got a niece who is a Paramedic who is showing Covid symtoms, because she has no PPE and is putting herself in danger. Where is her extra "boo-hoo" money? Car employers should assist their own employees if the employees have hardship (maybe by selling assets like I am to raise cash), not demand more than other workers are getting from the taxpayer. Exactly, it's hard. I know it's hard. I'm selling my home to stay cash rich in this crisis! But I'm not begging the taxpayer for more cash. Really, you IMDA lot need to look in a mirror. You are car salesmen, not key workers putting their lives on the line in crap PPE and saving lives while killing yourselves. Get a grip. I'm not being personal, here, it's just that petition stinks. We are all in this together...the country, not the motor trade. The Government is doing a wonderful business support job. They's given grants to businesses, guaranteed loans, removed business rates, and given a temporary suspension of "wrongful trading" rules for company directors to remove the threat of personal liability during the pandemic, as well as subsidising 80% of worker's salaries. Unheard of support... but just because car firms have created their own mini-problem because they are too tight/greedy to pay reasonable salaries (and want to save on sick pay, pension contributions, redundancy payments, payroll liabilities etc etc), this is NOT the Government's issue. And because car salesmen are so weak they meekly accept this crap salary system, is NOT the Government's issue, either. If this issue needs solving, car firms should solve this, with their own money. I want the Government supporting key workers, building hospitals and saving lives, not supporting car firms who underpay their own workers. many things will change due to this pandemic, and this crap salary system should be one of them. I have pledged my staff to pay additional top-up cash amounts over the 80% furlough, and my staff get good, full salaries to begin with! Not motor industry joke salaries. But, I want to look after them! Other firms are doing more, too. Daksh at Marshalls has said he will pay 90% on furlough. That is the kind of support people need, not a begging bowl to the Government. And stop dragging other industries into this. I'm ashamed to listen to this begging crap from the motor industry. Grow a backbone, get a grip, pay your workers some decent money and stop rattling cans at the taxpayer. And car salesmen... you are not innocent in this, either. Where are your savings? Why have you let this situation become so critical? You need to take some personal responsibility here in accepting this state of affairs and think of others in far worse positions, not yourselves. There are other mechanisms to help you... mortgage holidays, no evictions, Universal Credit. Get on with it. Can you tell I'm annoyed? ...AND DON'T CATCH THE VIRUS! Stay well. Ling LINGsCARS
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    Hi. Hope you’re on the mend mate. No chance of you coming out of Police retirement then?
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    It sucks for a lot of us. Me included (have been trading at this premises since Jan 2013.) Ltd Co etc so no help for us. Except hopefully the rates grant, but I’m still prepared for a curve ball on that too. I was brought up to prepare for the worst and save where you can, so not beans on toast just yet, but never say never!
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    How right you are! Seriously? Poor salespeople struggling by on £12K before commission. How much sympathy do you honestly think you’re going to get from millions of shop workers and zero hour contracted staff? Bearing in mind the pandemic that’s sweeping the world, are you seriously suggesting the star seller at a Land Rover dealership, who’s taken home an £80K user for the next few weeks, is topped up to their usual level? If so I’ll put this in easy to understand terms; You are an idiot. I think you’ve seriously misjudged the mood of the nation and the seriousness of current world events. If some have to struggle by on £800pm HARD LUCK - there are people dying. You need to give your head a shake.
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    Think we are all entitled to our opinions, as the above post says it's not just car sales, estate agents spring to mind who will also be effected, i guess it could be aruged all day basic salary v commissions etc, but i think everyone is just trying to protect themselves as we enter an unknown period of life sure is scary. I am guessing there will be other industries too effected and as said you can't protect them all - i am yet to work out if i can get any personal income in my position as my efforts have been spent trying to communicate with staff and customers and ensure there are jobs for all to return too. But i guess if i was a salesmen on a low salary and had paid thousands and thousands in taxes and then be told others are getting a higher 80% than me, despite me paying a much higher amount each month, year - i would for sure be fighting for extra income to support my family, and don't forget there are single parents out there with kids who all they will be doing is looking to pay their rent and feed their kids, come on guys no one would have seen this scenrio ever arrising Umesh i am sure is just trying to help promote this for those in the industry he loves - and yes when this is all over, i have no doubt many will be looking to change pay structures Hope everyone is safe out there - stay safe, Will
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    All credit to you that. For what it’s worth, as a Ltd Company Director, I will get no help (maybe the rates grant but we’ll see). Whilst all these petitions are (mostly) noble, I doubt anything will come of them, so I wouldn’t let it get to you too much, but that’s just me. Maybe I’m wrong. I’ve become all Casper all of a sudden (credit to him)
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    Hi, ... I'm being nice. ... I wasn't attacking anyone in particular, I was criticising the stupid (IMHO) IMDA petition, which is trying to get yet more Government/taxpayer subsidy on a special-case basis for car dealer staff, when the entire problem of crappy low salaries has been caused by car dealers treating staff badly for years. When people are dying, and everyone is doing their best and in it together, the car dealers should not be begging for extra Government support paying wages which they have been deliberately suppressing for years, for their own benefit.If there is an issue then CAR DEALERS should fix it, not the taxpayer. It is not in the spirit of everyone fighting the virus together, equally. I didn't make it personal in any way... and then that TRADE VET Ian??? launched in with some very personal (and very incorrect) attack on me. What have I done wrong? I dunno? - Ling
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    Thanks ashley will drop you an email with the exact cover required one the uncertainty passes good luck to u also i will keep your email and telephone number for the future may you and your family stay safe and take care during these times
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    Hi Casper, yes we certainly could provide that level of cover, if you would like to discuss further my e-mail address is Ashley.stevenson@ukglobalgroup.co.uk Best of luck with everything and stay safe Thanks Ashley UKGlobal Insurance
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    Umesh, please please please withdraw this petition for goodness sake, this is madness and not the time for this. we have enough bad press about the motortrade without this. why dont you and your club tell us what support you're giving, what advice you have for us, I'd gladly sign a petition to give nurses a 50% pay increase not help car sales people recoup bonuses. this is sheer madness. I have 2 sales people who I'm paying their average for next 2 months, then Ive said we'll look at it again. we all need to be in this together as a nation to help people stay safe, stay at home and protect the NHS, not protect the bonuses of car salesman. This will reflect really badly on us and I want no part of it. How much would it cost taxpayers to do this? how many hospotial beds, ventilators and nurses salaries would that pay for? You need to stop this immeadiatley you are showing no concern or passion just making us look greedy and self serving, please withdraw it before we all look like fools stay safe, and look after one another
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    Would not your current residence be more desirable for most people to buy (bigger audience) than the one you want to buy? 12. Wow. Drive envy. ;o) I can see the thread now...who’s gonna start it? Cheers mate. You too. (I would like if I could or put a thumbs up thing if I knew how to do it on here.) :o)
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    Yeah i meant in general its all his way or no way i agree with you too though about the news things problem is people listen to people and not news sometimes .
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    I had started that process (in theory but very realistic) until this crisis hit with a target date of September 2021 (the date of my 3 year breakout clause from the lease). We had identified a potentially suitable property, a big ex-farm house of which most the land/barns have long since been sold off for development but still retains a decent plot of about 1.5 acres, just off a main road (easy to find) and an existing large outbuilding which could be redeveloped (STPP) to house around 15-20 cars. At the moment it is a pipe dream. The only thing that goes through my mind (bearing in mind that to fund this purchase would be existing equity plus a large mortgage equal to my current mortgage + my unit rent costs). What happens if I fail to obtain planning permission? Or what if I "wing it" then get shut down.
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    Well said mate. Nice post. Maybe our vague idea we’ve been throwing around about working from home in the future, my come sooner than we envisaged worse (ish) way.
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    Food for thought: The IMDA sought help on this forum to top up bonuses merely hours after the govt announced there had been 260 deaths in the preceding 24 hours. I wonder what drum they’ll be banging tonight after the latest death toll is announced. I AM ABSOLUTELY DISGUSTED.
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    I was talking to my Dad (on the phone) last night. He starting telling me (he used to run several businesses) that one needs to plan for lack of sales, build reserves etc. He is right of course, generally speaking but then I reminded him. My turnover is anywhere between £50k and £150k per month. My monthly costs are between £10-15k per month (fixed costs + whatever stock funding is due payment). This is the nett margin (from the metal) I need from the turnover to pay myself a wage (to pay bills at home, as if I was employed), my valeter a wage, rent, insurance, advertising, stock fund capital repayments. Most months it is manageable, tight but doable. I told him I have 3 months worth of reserves to cover zero sales for the same period, explaining when your fixed costs are so high, there is only so many months money I can tuck away for a rainy day. I think it opened his eyes a little to how cash flow dependant this business is. I have no doubt that I have enough reserves to get through the initial lock-down but when I start trading again, I will be so close to the wire that the enjoyment will be completely gone, living in fear as to whether today is the last day. I still say, well done to the government, NHS and everyone else trying to resolve this terrible situation. I will be the last to complain, even if this crisis takes all my money because there is far, far worse situations. I am sat in a warm house, large garden, only one adjoining neigbour, recently installed Sky TV, a great girl friend who is like my best mate, my border collie and a few months money to live off (for now). I am also fortunate that my kids have grown up and have their own houses (and children) and are safe and well. I cannot imagine how difficult it must be to entertain a couple of bored kids. Like I say, it would be wrong of me to complain when people are losing the battle.
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    If any of you have an EE contract. Text Britbox to 150 and you will get 6 months of Britbox free. Even then without that its only £5.99 per month. Also don't forget Iplayer, itv hub, 4od, uktv play etc. IPlayer is brilliant and unlike the last three I mentioned has no adverts like Netflix etc
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    That's nice of you mate. Thank you. How have you been?
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    Ashley not in the current situation as I will remain with my current cover but at at later stage hopefully when the uncertainty changes i had an old boss who had a policy which covered him to drive any Car for Social domestic and pleasure and motor use owned by him or any car owned by him could be driven by basically anyone for both motor trade Sdp at his say so ie a voluntary worker part time full time worker etc for motor trade but also his wife for sdp is this something your company could provide ? .also do you have an email address
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    NextGear are extending all vehicles due to expire by 60 days. They also seem to be cancelling most/all margin payments. In fact, when I looked at my bank schedule today there are no payments showing for the next 3 months. It is taking a while to do apparently as the software isn't working as they'd hoped and staff are having to change the payment schedule for each car with each dealer manually whilst working from home. I mean, frankly, if someone doesn't/can't pay what are they going to do? Take all the cars away and do what with them? They can't sell them and they'd just make a huge loss. On top of that if they put all their dealers out of business when this is over they're out of business and Manheim has far less customers to sell to as well. So they seem to have been sensible. I have no idea what BCA are up to. They seem to still be trying to flog cars by buy-it-now style methods and are encouraging purchasers to come and collect them. No one should be collecting anything. The law is pretty clear, they should be shut.
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    Hi Tango victor 32 was actually just thinking the other day ive not seen you on the forum for a while hope your on the mend take care and stay safe during these times I've been using think insurance broker for my insurance over the years
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    There’s also people getting nothing, let alone £800 per month.
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    Go to your local council web page and be guided Do not wait for them its council remember jobs worth
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    Ah do you take them to the scrap yourself? We get the slick back hair and brown shoe brigade into buy them aswell as any cats