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    I've always gone the extra mile. All my scrap comes with 12 months MOT
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    The mercs already sorned that saves £48 a month
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    three's a fine
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    Another problem with the 6 month extension is the glut of MOTs that will come due later in the year, followed by a big reduction in demand around this time next year. Workshops will be flat out doing MOTs around mid autumn, MOT slots could become like gold dust. Then in the spring there will be no demand. Could take a few years to filter the bottleneck out of the system.
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    We’re still open and doing Mot’s, very little though. It’s only myself and the apprentice working. He had the option to stay off but he prefers to be in work.
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    Mot testing is NOT suspended, but phone first, the testing station i use is CLOSED, due to customers not complying with the government advice.
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    Thought you told me it was Mickey mouse that told you lol .
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    But they owe me £3.21 for a tax refund,are you saying it's going to be ages before I get it? I'm going to ask on honest jahn
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    Christ, even a pandemic doesn’t stop these fuckwits.
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    I think that’s a good idea. It doesn’t look like we are coming out of lockdown In the near future?
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    In the 2-3 weeks running up to the lockdown the £0-£2.5k ish stuff was still selling easily. Basically anything which had some MOT and vaguely worked but was cheap still seemed to be flying out the door but everything else was dead. The "distress" car market will always have demand. People who simply need another car because their existing one has been stolen/crashed/failed MOT/clutch gone/died or whatever will still have to buy one so the low level of the market will come back quickly. Add in all the people who's leased 18-plate German thing has just been re-possessed and it could be boom time. However, the "Changing my car because I fancy a new one" market might take much longer if confidence and the economy has taken a big hit. I can't see the latter coming back strongly until Corona is seen as done and dusted (vaccine or whatever) and the economy has bounced back a bit. There will always be people with money but they need to confidence to spend it.
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    Thanks james for the very informative guests on live during this lockdown
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    Anyone who’s saying they can’t pay this month’s rent is either a piss taker or their business was already knackered anyway.
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    You are getting some proper down to earth speakers on, thank you they are great to listen to and their attitudes are great
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    Can’t you just wipe your arse on the X5 instead?
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    That is exactly what I do ! Top Marks to you .. Tax the car on line as you say - do the new V5 on line in his name - he'll get that back with in 2/3 Days , then put the plate on line - he doesn't even have to visit you - do it over the phone if he gives you new V5 number and numbers off his retention form ! #simples #quick #easy If taking it off the car -put new v5 in his name - leave old V5 intact in his name ( Do not put into trade ) - again when new V5 arrives as as long as both V5 are same post code do it on line Note: If the car you're selling him has not been taxed for 3 months or over then it won't always let you transfer the plate , you'll need to send all documents to DVLA , but to be fair they come back within days! Hope it helps and I'l explained it clearly !