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    Just wait till next year till, the Ambulance chances will be all over it. It'll be the new PPI/Accident claim Where you forced to go back to work? Did you get covid 19? We can help you claim... Blah blah blah.
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    I will try to call them in the morning thanks.
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    Cheers Casper! I forgot about them, I had to send a customer down there at the start of the lockdown as Dingbro couldn’t supply pads for his Mokka as it was too new and they relieved him of £155+vat for supply only
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    That so good to hear, it must really help having your brother and his wife staying with your parents!
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    Both my parents are in their mid 70’s and I worry, Alzheimer’s and dementia adds a whole extra level!! You do really well, and always sound so positive on here. It must be so hard for everyone especially you and your mum.
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    I think larger dealerships will be allowed to open but believe mine which has small office space and workshop for prepping cars may not be
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    Try motor trade assistant MTA I love it has margin and qualifying on it
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    I used getmyradiocodes.com
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    Reference the comment on CAP and Glasses. It is a bit of a two-way thing, there is no doubt a drop in the guides makes buyers more cautious over what they pay but, yes, ultimately the market will decide. The bigger issue though is that banks, finance companies, stocking loans etc. use these guides to value stock held by a dealer. If 10-15% gets taken off the values then they depreciate that sock value by the same amount and businesses who had a positive balance sheet on Friday have a negative one on Monday. That makes banks nervous about overdrafts, makes it more difficult to borrow and makes stocking companies very worried. If you're a bank sitting on a stock loan book of £1bn, or a leasing company expecting 30,000 end of lease cars back in the next 6 months seeing 15% taken off the value of it all overnight in terms of book price is not good news. Of course what ultimately matters is what they actually realise in terms of cash but short term it makes the financials look suspect.
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    They haven't spoken to us since 2018 It has to be! Gives me an excuse to keep it clean these live shows haha! He is a great guy. I get very annoyed by people who give him grief. He's the most genuine and lovely person you'll ever meet
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    Very good interview. Enjoyed watching that.
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    For sure, all the indications are the furlough scheme will be extended or some kind of partial transition away from it. But the indications are we're heading for a sizeable recession, so its inevitable that some will suffer and/or lose their jobs. The government simply won't be able to prop up the economy to pre-Covid levels anyway. And the virus is here to stay, at least in the medium term. So yes, at some point people will have to get used to the risk of going to work in a fairly normal fashion. Car sales and car dealers are pretty much on the front line, and its not like working in a supermarket where you don't really have to "sell" the bread etc to them, just have it on shelves for the picking then have a till. And that's not even taking into account the downturn in demand. Cheap cars will always sell well but especially so now. Expensive secondhand cars - they kinda sell themselves, and lend themselves quite well to contactless/online/distance selling etc. And will see a boost from those who previously might have bought a new car. Its the middle ground where it will be hit the hardest.