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    Wow, just wow, best ever ? legend, really enjoyed that thanks james thanks tom
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    Welcome, what a bad time to start but at that end of the market there’s always customers!
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    a retailer i spoke with came up with a decent solution, after meeting the customer and being happy they are genuine - use the company hack and go out together, they follow you = your route at your pace.
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    Not just incredible. But like heroes! In these difficult times we can show our appreciation for insurance companies by not clapping for them?
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    They have done this because I've been phoning them every day asking for mine to be sorned The bastards On a positive note paperwork needs to be watertight before any customer allowed out on a test drive even more so unacompanied It wont happen here but I would be fitting gpr tracking cameras in any car I let out to confirm no nips etc Maybe one for lawgistics to do a legal on