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    Nicely explained. IMHO we are about to reach the day of reckoning on all these 'Spanish Practices'. PCP and leasing is an unexploded bomb under the economy. Its all smoke and mirrors. There's a guy lives near me who runs a fairly grotty little bar - about twice the size of my living room. Just after lockdown started we talked about business and he was moaning to me all about his debts, which he can't pay. Leased Range Rover was something like 550/month, then he'd got couple 100k's on his house, another 100k on the business and some more on other stuff. It was around 400k plus the lease. I'm just thinking WTF?.... how can you sleep? Of course when this goes belly-up it won't be the finance houses that lose out. The losses will be 'socialised' as in 2008 and we will all pay for it. £500bn I believe the last bail out cost us...
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    I am not sure if you can now get good insurance cover for cars left out in the open.The last open pitch we had in the 80’s we could only get road risk cover which was far cheaper.We just used to budget a few grand per year for vandalism.However this was bread and butter stock.With open pitches you will always get some vandalism but we found together with the savings in business rates on open pitches and cheaper premiums,it worked out.
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    Been there got the t shirt. Not worth the bother, out it and put it down to experience. Move on. Some you win, some you lose.
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    Get on to Ashley at UK Global, several members have got great service off him. Including me