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    Ohh come on FFS. If you want to buy 'all good' cars at auction, avoid the car auction, buy retail and you even get a free balloon. Having a proper fit for purpose PDI inspection prior to sale is going cost a LOT of money and to my mind is unworkable but, if it did could be made to work you need think this thru a little. Where is the value to the vendor and, if you think there are too many civilians at auction now...... PS.....there can't be many dealers on here that haven't put a wrong urn in the block, got me out the shite many times and long may it continue. Or to be brutal buyer beware, a greedy punter has saved my bacon. PPS, I don't buy that a seasoned trader, buying hundreds of cars every year, shapes up for a lumpy motor, that's finest german tat and prestige german tat, in multi source, unassured but assumed a long MOT, full service history, service prior to sale is any guarantee of condition, then cries that the auction system is corrupt when it's not a peach....see retail with balloons.
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    I used to love driving along in a LWB Exceed Pajero and staring at that wooden steering wheel that would destroy my ribs if I hit something.