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    BCA are looking at opening a very restricted type of sale , one buyer per account & masked up , but its looking like the type of sale thats for the cheapie stuff just one day a week or two weeks . Thats from the horses mouth when i collected a car from our local BCA and talking to the manager , confirmed by another guy same day too . Online is far to easy for them isnt it Less admin people , less cleaners , No drivers. Cars dont need moving , More car park space , The staff arent in uniform , No Vendors to take care of creeping about . Just too easy at present
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    This young guy just arrived from over 100 miles away , no call , just turned up . rang the number on our door , " Hi I'm outside come to see the Golf you have " So we lets him in , there's the car , he wants to test drive it . Need a deal setting up first my friend I say , as hes mentioned a PX outside . 56 Plate 112,000 miles Zetec S in white , Bit Rare he goes so don't look at yer values on this one , I want decent money for it . " Wont be buying the Golf then one thinks " HPI /Experian reveals his car was born BLUE then changed to WHITE in 2010 , Its also got 14 previous owners , all odd tyres at 2mm , MATT Paint , Wrapped Bonnet , Kerbed wheels No History , says hes had 3 years but he'd had it March 2020 . What do want for it then i says 3k mate he goes I printed CAP and autotrader out for him £270 & £295 came out , so how do you value it 3k then , Cos i need that for the deposit on finance . Its not how it works though , tried explaining but he didn't actually get it , had zero concept that his car had a value based on ,condition , service history ,Provenance age and miles . He argued the fact that he wanted 3k for it based on the requirement of a deposit to get the payments down to what he could afford . Plus he had driven 100 + miles to get the golf . But you cant afford it I say based on what i can give you for the Fiesta . Its not rare , its been to friendly with to many owners , its not been serviced , its changed colour , it wants scrapping . Go sell it yourself . "Tried mate no one rang bout it " mmmmm wonder why Whats best you can do on my car then he asks now realising the reality of the valuation system . £50 i say his mate says that's what that other guy said Hes gone to sell it himself , rare cars those old school Zetec S 's , be zero tread on tyres now as he wheel spun down the road They have NO Clue nowdays at all , I remember being 11 yrs old and knowing cars had values based on condition .
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    The average PAYE man, irrespective of intelligence and/or professional qualifications does not understand. If the average Joe Public understood this there’d be no little for the dole.
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    Is it just me, or are the people that say I’m not a messer, the biggest fucking messers
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    "I'm not a messer" "I'm in the trade" "My mates a mechanic/ In the trade" "Can you beat this fake finance quote with 1% APR even though I haven't worked in 5 years and have several CCJ's against me?" "I'm not looking to buy, just to test drive" "So are you a car dealer or just flipping these for a profit?" "Do you take paypal?" "Can I have it next week without leaving a deposit?" "Can I pay you £10 a week?" "Can I take it away now if I pay you half now and the other when I get paid" Take your pick
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    It’s kind of 6 and half a dozen our bigger truck takes 5\6 cars so if it’s a full load it’s cheaper but that run in the big truck is 2 days due to driver hours and being limited to 56mph, but if it’s just one then we have a single car beavertail which is tacho exempt as it’s under 3.5ton so it can do the same run within 24 hours and isn’t speed restricted. Hopefully going to add a bigger variety of trucks to the fleet as we build our transport side, it’s a fairly new venture for us which we just started to keep our own costs down.
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    For us long in the tooth traders there is no substitute for seeing and hearing cars in the flesh. You develop a good eye for sorting the wheat from the chaff. Online just doesn't cut it. And no, I don't trust the gradings. The savings and efficiencies benefit the auction house, not the buyer.
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    Good on her, these wankers are useless ......................... I have issues atm with them, our village is a 40 mph limit, and every bloody day, more so Saturday and Sunday there are post Covid lockdown zombies coming through here in droves, most are over 60mph, and the bikes, well they are at least into 3 figures. So far 3 pets killed, including one of mine, a fuckin Volvo on top of an E Class through my neighbours wall, and a few years back there were fatalities. We all have pets and children / grandchildren, it's gonna happen one day, I got threatened by a Biker the other day, which even though I'm 58 yrs old was a very very bad move on his part ............. After he had picked himself and his bike off the floor, he fired it up and fucked off narrowly missed getting hit by a Camper van I ran his number plate afterwards, yeah, he was on a 1000cc Blue Yam, plate came back as 1998 Red 50cc Honda,no tax and no VOSA MOT cert ever, meaning it had been scrapped before it's first test !! Took 2 days to get hold of the Cops, in the end I used 999 because they wouldn't answer any other numbers, did they do anything at all ????????????? DID THEY FUCK Myself and another local garage have a plan, currently collecting a few scrappers then we gonna abandon' em in the middle of the fuckin road at peak times Sat and Sunday, that'll get noticed, only we will know fuck all about it
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    Every 3rd Diesel I get in for a service up here has this strange red coloured shit in it's fuel filter
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    Hi Salt You are probably making the usual mistake of stocking cars that YOU like.I would suggest trying different stuff and work on very low margins until you will find out what the punters want.So you might find it is Zafira’s or Dacia’s or Ssang Young’s rather than A6 Avants or M Sport BM’s .The punters will let you know and you can take it from there. Good luck.
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    I've been wearing one when with customers since June. Its fine and works as a visual reminder for them to keep away from you. Customer goes, throw it in the bin and put a new one on when another turns up. Theyre peanuts now on Amazon, about £5 for 50.
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    With cheapie punters from my experience there are generally three things that sour punters when looking at a car (although old 4x4 buyers are more realistic). 1) A reference to corrosion on the MOT. 2) A reference to an oil leak on the MOT. 3) The fuel light on at the start of the test drive. It’s ok if it illuminates on the test drive but if it’s on when they first sit in it they start whining like the rear diff on an old Vauxhall Carlton. (If selling a small car with 1, 2 & 3 you’ll have it ‘til the day you die ).
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    Cant see how this would help in anyway to generate a sale, just a total negative from the off. If on occasion the light has been on, I complete the deal, then dig a £10 or £20 note out of my own wallet and hand it to them and apologise for not having had a chance to top the fuel up. When they see you are handing your own personal money out it has a more positive effect than saying "Ive just put a tenner in it for you" - all comes from the same pot.
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    Nothing worse than a customer picking their 'new car up' regardless of cost and no fuel in it! I put at least £15.00 in every car minimum.
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    I love it when they say I sold my px to we buy any car cos their advert said I would get a better deal as a cash buyer - no we want your px to retail if we can I don't need finance - so no HP commission (but to be fair these days it's negligible ) What can you do me for cash ( well I still have to pay the vat and taxman) agree a deal and they hand over a credit card!! that's not cash and it costs me more to take a credit than debit card. but the best one we had recently was a phone enquiry who had loads of questions about a car involved us running up and down the pitch in the rain (cos none of his questions were the usual owners, fsh, mot which are on our website) 35 minutes later, he thanked us for our time and advised he was only ringing because his wife had just bought the identical car which had gone back to the garage for a fault and in case they could not fix it and they gave her a refund he was ringing all dealers within a 150 mile radius who had the same car just in case he needed to arrange viewings for a replacement vehicle.
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    We will do anywhere mate, been as far down as village called shitterton before Will always aim to have it down to you within a week.
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    I really want this car, I don’t want to leave a deposit but can you keep it for me till Christmas?
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    Heard this on Saturday,punter on phone asking all sorts about N/Leaf then says it’s not for me it’s for my 17 year old son.Was then told ‘ he ain’t going to want a Nissan Leaf ‘.
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    They don't understand though the concept we have to earn a profit do they . I ask what would happen to their wages if their boss at work failed to make a profit I'm pretty sure they don't have a clue how it all works half the time .
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    Best one we had, fair play to the guy, asked us for a valuation on p/x so we just sent him WBAC value and said we’d match it. He got offended and sent us back the WBAC valuation of the car we was selling ,which was less than half of retail, and said that was all he wanted to pay for ours then.
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    Yes, it happens. Vendors need certain amounts back for cars... what can you do? Best thing to do is only pay your maximum and if it keeps going don’t get emotional - it’s not meant to be. Plenty more fish in the sea.
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    I deal with majority of warranty companies through the workshop, I think the Rac seem to be the least hassle.
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    retail figure back is the way to think forward in simple terms Look at a car , find its retail value from various sites like ebay or autotrader , take off fuel costs , service costs , warranty costs , advertising costs , valet costs , MOT Costs , Your intended profit margin and the figure left is your Buying price . Pay more and you earn less its that simple really .
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    Oh I dont think so , my daughter is a viper , down the station when she got back , complaint went in to the sergeant , written in complaint too . Inside sources say hes gone for re training we have two retired cops who drive cars for us , they asked the question
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    My daughter got pulled last week for NO Insurance , Plates in window , Plates on MID . Stupid Copper said plates only cover TAX , NO they don't yes they do argument took place for 20 mins before my daughter called the bloody police from the coppers car Can you tell this twat he doesn't know his job she said
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    AFAIK they have to be on your Trade Policy MID, they do according to my Insurers, otherwise you will flag an ANPR, and potentially could get a Car impounded if you get an arsey Cop
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    Don't worry - that's simple - I can't speak for others, but mine are on my trade ins policy, maybe a thought?
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    Anyone with a viable business before is viable now. people will need and want cars.
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    Chineses takeway forum LOL He's waiting for the prices to go UP , he's on our side Mark I've just put two UP £800 last night and got a customer coming tomorrow on one of them , just passed finance prop at the higher price and the deals set for 1pm Friday . This guys waits for November to strike a deal hes going to be handing over more cash to some lucky dealer for a better deal Your not good at this are you Better change your name to " Nevergoingtobeadealer " There's a shortage of good stock my friend , that means only one thing , supply shortage and prices don't go down . Like rice at Chinese takeaways that MarkTVS is on about , Rice Shortage and price goes UP not down . Your not going to change the thoughts of the guys on here with ramblings about price crashes and future discussions about what happens after your down turn predictions , better not try being a car dealer though as your not really in the correct thought patterns , or make decisions quick enough either . Keep doing your day job , not time for a career move just yet . You do make me laugh though over my coffee . so thanks for that .
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    Clio trophy and e46 m3 that I had recently both attracted the worst type of perverts. If I had a tenner for every time someone asked if the boot floor had been reinforced I have 2 x Honda s2000’s due in stock soon I imagine this will be the same!
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    Waiting that long it will be long gone lol Not much power in that type of knowledge .
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    I took in a ‘delightful’ Category S trade in the other day. A quick sweep out of the filthy interior, threw a bucket of dirty water over its battered exterior, pointed the camera at it & wrote an advert starting “IDIOTS TAKE NOTE!! NO EMAILS!! PHONE ONLY!!” Only 2 people managed to phone but the number of emails beggared belief & the pitifully low quality of questions even more so.
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    Do you cover the plates then? I always leave them visible for exactly this reason.
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    I have a contact and can get any car taxed for you without a V5 pm me. Small fee charged. Apply for v5 but if you don’t have it no problem.
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    Thank you for taking the time to respond; I've made a note to ask for you in December.
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    I'm happy to personally take a look at your renewal when it comes up. Drop me a message with your company name and I'll make a note to catch-up with you in December.
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    The cars fine, no issue and nothing to sort. in this instance you should have taken control of the customer and explained this in a way they understood and shown confidence in your product and service. you do this everyday, you sell loads of these, it’s a characteristic of this model etc and then you wouldn’t be in this situation. learn from it
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    I don't get it, starting a rumour of a scrappage scheme just creates uncertainty in the market and some punters pausing their purchase??? If/when further restrictions come in, the car industry is well down the list of sectors of business the government will help.
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    What puzzles me is why people think that some fella with an obd & a laptop is far better at programming the ECU than the manufacturers who invest tens & hundreds of millions in R&D. Some of these characters then deciding to promote themselves to pro-status & adjusting the fuel-air ratios must be responsible for fucking a few engines.
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    this is the result of what the best of our education system can process...i worry for the county if this is how they are after 14 years of school
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    Don't forget that all important admin fee for printing off some paper
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    wouldn't it be nice if they came in said I'm a nob can you help me please "I used to do this job" is my altime classic from the nob jockeys
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    Same rules still apply i think, clean bca report and mot to have it driven and below 100k, you have to buy three or more from the same branch to get them transported then they can be any grade spec you like. We tried movex have no idea what was going on took three days to get insane quotes so didnt try again. I did ring one driver who used to collect from us and he said he wont even go to blackbush as there is often a two hour wait just to get the car, how much truth is in that i have no idea maybe thats why i wasnt getting any quotes from movex maybe. unless its been updated thats my understanding on the whole saga and it is a saga.
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    Think we've lost enough time this year already, if I have the stock then I will be there , good thing about these appointments only though, there is flexibility
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    The business owner nearest there I know is in Nottingham (still trying to "solve" [ like many others ] MB FSB4 code/read/write/create etc!!) and he said it's not worth him sending one of his vans ~ 80 miles for one job on an old car like that when he has more lucrative fleet contracts.
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    I used to put a LOT of cars through the auction, all sensible reserves, many no reserve [ under a certain price house rules are no reserve] always balanced out at the end of the week or the auction would see me right, one particular example, never forget it, third week through the hall, i had already reduced the reserve to create auctioneer interest [ it shows on entry form], it once again failed to meet my reserve, after getting promising bids and auctioneer looked at me when it was driving out, i announced to the auctioneer, "sell the dam thing " and he said, over the microphone !" i would sell the bloody thing if i had a bid " i felt one foot tall