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    Every 3rd Diesel I get in for a service up here has this strange red coloured shit in it's fuel filter
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    Yes salt the system of the green slip works twice for sure and more too . . Only thing is , you wont get any tax back if the cars in trade . Let two payments go out if you pay DD as they will switch your account off if you abuse it .
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    I love the old adverts,extras like w/mirrors,heater and 4 Spd g/box.During the 60’s when strikes were common place we advertised a Moskvich Van.We described it ‘ this van will carry 2000 strike leaflets ‘ and we got into trouble with the printers. Please post some of the old adverts it might even amuse the younger guys.
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    Trade vet its a family business 2nd generation mainly retired, 1st generation sadly no longer with us so 3rd generation now running it now. You like us will have seen the changes over the years still got some of the adverts from grandpas days will dig them out and post them because some the advertised specs make me laugh.
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    This virus situation has brought out the worst in the worst people. Too many idiots see these restrictions or small inconveniences like for example wearing a mask as a huge attack on their personal liberties and freedoms? I saw that video of those people in the town centre after 10pm pub closure continuing to party en masse! F****** gimps!
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    NO end of , buy mr might be a scammer
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