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    I noticed in the news an article about a guy using software to screen shot staff working from home. Also he monitors key strokes? That’s the future for all those people thinking working from home is like early retirement? It’s the ‘COVID tax’. Meaning, An extra cost of money and/or time usually invented, that’s levied on any purchase or activity due to the virus. It’ll be in the dictionary next year!
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    I think this should one be posted on the Magic Circle forum ....JLR's current wiring make 60's Lucas Prince of Darkness look top notch, without the addition of a dose of saltwater. Best of luck with though
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    BHM touched on this months ago.... ..... .a simple use of the search function may of brought this to light..... Covid probably It's odd isn't it. Because we are all with the automotive 'bubble' where its a case of 'no grafty, no payee' and, things seem relatively normal, once you step outside of this 'bubble' it's amazing just how many aren't working, just how many services have restrictions on them.
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