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    Every 3rd Diesel I get in for a service up here has this strange red coloured shit in it's fuel filter
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    Hi Salt You are probably making the usual mistake of stocking cars that YOU like.I would suggest trying different stuff and work on very low margins until you will find out what the punters want.So you might find it is Zafira’s or Dacia’s or Ssang Young’s rather than A6 Avants or M Sport BM’s .The punters will let you know and you can take it from there. Good luck.
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    I've been wearing one when with customers since June. Its fine and works as a visual reminder for them to keep away from you. Customer goes, throw it in the bin and put a new one on when another turns up. Theyre peanuts now on Amazon, about £5 for 50.
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    Yes salt the system of the green slip works twice for sure and more too . . Only thing is , you wont get any tax back if the cars in trade . Let two payments go out if you pay DD as they will switch your account off if you abuse it .
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    I love the old adverts,extras like w/mirrors,heater and 4 Spd g/box.During the 60’s when strikes were common place we advertised a Moskvich Van.We described it ‘ this van will carry 2000 strike leaflets ‘ and we got into trouble with the printers. Please post some of the old adverts it might even amuse the younger guys.
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    This virus situation has brought out the worst in the worst people. Too many idiots see these restrictions or small inconveniences like for example wearing a mask as a huge attack on their personal liberties and freedoms? I saw that video of those people in the town centre after 10pm pub closure continuing to party en masse! F****** gimps!
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    NO end of , buy mr might be a scammer
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    I hope you are not referring to Greengrass.His all weather uniform was navy blue overalls ( with about 5 grand readies in the top pocket )reinforced heavy boots,he had a beard and drove an ex AA recovery truck. Great bloke,he could buy and sell most people in the ring.
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    We deal mainly between £5k and £15k a few over that and under px's, tend to find the £25k plus, hard market they wonder why ours is so cheap (aint got the overheads of main agent) but ours is discounted cos it is too cheap they think there is something wrong, most of our £25k plus have been sold to local people who know us and know we have been in business since 1947.
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    price them to sell them and make enough screw what others are doing you lead,others will follow
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    Got to say, they were alway poverty spec but, never had a bad one.
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    A plastic one at that too, guys a wrong ern, walk away
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    Lied about ownership, lied about history....
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    Too right if he’s dealing at the cheaper end. That is unless he likes dealing with the fussy as f***, big-talking, Champagne taste, lemonade money brigade.
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    Thanks all, that’s what I thought, gave it a miss!
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    Depenends on your bank used to be an ask bank manager need a business account for that Trade vet loads of my friends think its easy money becoming a car dealer think we print money its not they have tried makes me laugh
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    You will get plenty of good help on here and you will need it..One thing,may I ask what influenced you to want to be a car trader.
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    If you tax by DD and keep cancelling the DD when you sell, DVLA will eventually block your bank details and you won't be able to tax again using the same details. Best of luck with the new venture!
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    The dates are key to this, yes you can tax a car on the green slip twice, but you need to make sure the date you sell it out of trade is the same day entered on dvla site as they taxed it, and paying monthly is a nightmare, if you do not put it into trade the same month the previous owner cancelled their direct debit they will get emails saying they owe dvla, and dvla are crafty if you pay for a month and cancel direct debit its not always good for that month can show as untaxed And good luck in your new business its certainly not easy selling cars at the minute with customers not understanding auction prices have rocketed and cannot understand why they are driving round in circles chasing the under £2k market which is flying out and the 5k-12k market much more competition
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    We had this last year with a Kia Sorento, water in fuel light on, new fuel filter and it cured it for a couple of days then light back on. We then dropped the tank and found it to be bright green that looked like shreks piss. Drained and cleaned the tank and all good. Sainsbury’s even paid the bill for the customer too! Thankfully our workshop heater runs on waste oil / diesel so it worked in that and kept us warm for a while
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    Same notice here , DONT BUY ASDA FUEL , ITS RUBBISH , same as Sainsbury and Morrison's fuel "rubbish " I've got a highly modified Bike and it wont get out the forecourt on Morrison's petrol , pops and farts bangs and splutters it does . Got a guy comes for service with an L200 , he does moon miles per year , so 2 maybe 3 times a year its in for service , New Fuel filter every time as its blocked , Because the firm he works for has a Morrison's fuel account . found fuel rail issues once and it was the filter . Another Hyundia i10 customer took her car to ASDA from us EML light on as it left the place , she bought it back , we checked it out turned the light off told her to fill it up with Shell or BP round the corner and it was fine afterwards never a problem since . . There will be stories the other way I know , but I wont go near them .
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    Dark green MOD Astras st Bedford, ahh the memories
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    NHS yellow Focus Estates,never had those but I would imagine they would make good Hartlepool taxis.
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    I've been to Germany recently, different world over there, the VAST and huge majority are wearing masks anywhere outside of their home. My brother has a house in Denia Spain, last week he witnessed an argumentitive maskless Brit getting slapped with a 105 euro fine..... the alternative was a trip to the local nick, which he was very close to. Apparently, the Spanish police officer even spoke reasonable english and, tried to do the decent thing pointing out the error of the guys ways but, there's no educating pork. Mr 'won't wear a mask guy' was a well educated Rupert, not some beer bellied tatt'd up lager lout. * nothing wrong with beer bellies, mines stupendous.
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    I believe most police forces fleet are now leased and have been for many years. My friend Dave works for BT and they service a lot of other vehicle fleets, good earner. Their tightest customers are the lease companies for the plod squad, everything is cheapest possible, buy cheap buy twice attitude doesn't compute with them.....that said I've not spoken with him for over three years
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    Because there are some ignorant d1cks out there.
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    I’m just done with it all mate time to crack on safely and get the job done.
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    Only they could afford those state of the art turntables, anyone know where there is one for sale, cheap? Want to make a merry go round for the kids!
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    Haha give them a free magic tree more than generous
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    If you can't understand TV, then you better hope I don't do a podcast. TV sounds like he is talking the Queens English compared to my Scottish accent. Back in the day Police cars wanted for nothing, most forces had a highly skilled maintenance force and their own garages. Getting a slot in a Police garage was a prime job for many mechanics. In many forces the cars got washed every day to.
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    my local petrol station,im in the minority wearing a face mask I've spent a fortune on hand cleaner sprays signage etc most customers just ignore till i put my hand up and say stand back I'm not getting any younger but I want to get older
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    Worked with a South African salesman who was fantastic, great salesman but he could also be really rude and customers didn't notice / loved it / thought it was funny. One of his best Customer: I've been to a ford and they are going to give me £3000 in px for my car, what can you do?! Salesman: Grab your stuff, Let's go, I'll give you a lift down there!!!
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    Its a balance though? Your mum going round for dinner doesn't do anything for the economy? But going to work does. How would you feel if you caught CV at work then gave it to your mum and she died? That's what they're trying to stop. This is a weird, new disease which is very dangerous for some; and asymptomatic in others. You don't know if you get it, and you can't get tested quick enough because its physically impossible to just magic the capacity/capability of the testing infrastructure from thin air. Sure its a shambles, everyone's guessing and nobody fully understands it. I'm sure we can all blame something or someone else. Apologies if it comes across a bit blunt, but there's a sense of frustration that we shouldn't actually be where we are today. I don't know what the solution is, I wish I did.
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    So unless you register your house as a B&B with dinner gong and a small bar,you could get fined 10 grand as a business !
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    Think I have the same one Tony HAHA not thought of that idea
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    Would a logo’d visor not be better than a mask ?
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    I have been accused of wearing a mask for years now David !!!
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    I don't get it, starting a rumour of a scrappage scheme just creates uncertainty in the market and some punters pausing their purchase??? If/when further restrictions come in, the car industry is well down the list of sectors of business the government will help.
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    Good point MC,you would think he would know that considering he is spending £70m shuttering all the Pendragon purpose built used car sites to be replaced by new build mega sites.It was reported he wants to take on Cazoo but cannot be right as Pendragon is many times bigger than Cazoo. When new CEO’s are parachuted in to save PLC’s it does help that they put their money where their mouth is and buy a significant shareholding.From what I can see shareholders are still waiting for Mr Burman to do that.
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    Different world now pal , your decades behind . He's no bull talker , its how it was back in the day . Harder in some respect and easier in other respects . But its always changing and always will .
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    Of all the things to call trade vet I don't think hes a bullshitter or a jackanory.
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    "I'm not a messer" "I'm in the trade" "My mates a mechanic/ In the trade" "Can you beat this fake finance quote with 1% APR even though I haven't worked in 5 years and have several CCJ's against me?" "I'm not looking to buy, just to test drive" "So are you a car dealer or just flipping these for a profit?" "Do you take paypal?" "Can I have it next week without leaving a deposit?" "Can I pay you £10 a week?" "Can I take it away now if I pay you half now and the other when I get paid" Take your pick