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    I think the forthcoming ban on DCI is a great thing. In theory this should create a more level playing field for us all. Car Supermarkets with little or no chassis profit are earning upto 2k a car on finance commission. The only reason they earn huge amounts is by legging customers up with high rates of interest. The supermarkets will have to alter their business model and return to earning something out the chassis. This should help with auction prices...
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    BCA are looking at opening a very restricted type of sale , one buyer per account & masked up , but its looking like the type of sale thats for the cheapie stuff just one day a week or two weeks . Thats from the horses mouth when i collected a car from our local BCA and talking to the manager , confirmed by another guy same day too . Online is far to easy for them isnt it Less admin people , less cleaners , No drivers. Cars dont need moving , More car park space , The staff arent in uniform , No Vendors to take care of creeping about . Just too easy at present
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    I was gonna suggest a hammer and a phone call
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    Tests drives are going to be the hardest part for me, I can't see many wanting to part with their hard earned without one.
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    I think what is clear is we need a specific comment from the government - can dealers deliver or not. It should be quote simple. I've emailed the business department and treasury today to ask them, and the SMMT. I'll see if any of them come back with a comment. Might try and hound them on Twitter too. Glad you enjoyed the article and thanks all for your comments
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    I’m seeing too much conjecture and vilification of others when legally we can deliver a car from an online order, there’s a specific allowance in the legislation under section 51a to do so. Whether you choose to is just that: your personal choice how you run your business, it doesn’t make you some virtuous saviour of mankind if you choose not to either. We should familiarise ourselves with the rules of the game if we want to play.
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    I've always gone the extra mile. All my scrap comes with 12 months MOT
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    How right you are! Seriously? Poor salespeople struggling by on £12K before commission. How much sympathy do you honestly think you’re going to get from millions of shop workers and zero hour contracted staff? Bearing in mind the pandemic that’s sweeping the world, are you seriously suggesting the star seller at a Land Rover dealership, who’s taken home an £80K user for the next few weeks, is topped up to their usual level? If so I’ll put this in easy to understand terms; You are an idiot. I think you’ve seriously misjudged the mood of the nation and the seriousness of current world events. If some have to struggle by on £800pm HARD LUCK - there are people dying. You need to give your head a shake.
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    @MarkTVS @Stillnotadealer Moderate your tone and language or you'll both be removed. The comments above aren't helpful or nice. Play nicely or you'll be removed from the forum.
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    The new price indicators are border line criminal, Autotrader could not develop software to value owners, so that part of the valuation was binned, Autotrader could not develop software to value service history, so that part of the valuation was binned, Autotrader could not develop software to value colour desirability, so that part of the valuation was binned, Autotrader could not develop software to value spec, so that part of the valuation was binned, (although i do believe there is a pathetic attempt currently ongoing, Current ratio of £10,000 spec adjusts value by £200. Yet the "masterclasses" educate dealers that these are the very things customers look for The High price indicator is also in Red/Amber which was previously used for CAT C, Incase a customer struggles to read HIGH PRICE, we have a speedometer/graph with high price revving off the scale, and if that is not enough of a deterrent, a baseless calculation has also taken place providing a figure to the pound of how much the customer would be paying above "market value", in some cases upto £2987. Absolutely no information anywhere to suggest where these figures are coming from as the Autotrader does not have one advertised £2987 cheaper, so a market only Autotrader have which is not on their own platform, (imaginary). Dealers who sell standard vehicles wont have much trouble with the new system, Dealers with specialist stock have major issues, Which dealer would price they vehicle above market? Does that make any sense, the first to suffer would be the dealer, The vehicle would not sell, Simple. Pricing vehicles is what dealers do, its part of the job, if we feel a vehicle is worth more we clearly have a basis for that, if we get it wrong it dont sell, Autotrader have really made a huge mistake with this one, It will cost them heavily as many dealers are now making it a priority to move away, and it will happen for sure, There must be a case to make with the Office of Fair Trading against Autotrader if a vehicle has been purchased as "Great Price" if that vehicle has 10+ owners, A Service Mystery, a list of mot advisories, beige in colour with wind down windows, a rear view mirror for parking sensors and 4 different wheel trims on it and pictured in a backstreet, How does Great relate to this? The system is to offer customers more transparency, lol
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    I would personally stick to the detailing body shop side of things and become a total pro at it. Why? Because there's a lack of bodyshops about and the ones that are about mess you about on time / quality or money. This trade is lacking good quality body workers unless you go to the arm and leg insurance type places.
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    Might make main dealers and super mkt NEED to earn on the metal instead of ripping the heart out of Finance deals and putting bad taste in customers heads . If they have to earn money on Metal us indies will shine through maybe , lets hope so .
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    I sold one of these a year and a bit ago, was a 1.0 4 speed auto and it has to possibly be the worst slowest car o have ever driven, if the police were on foot I wouldn’t of risked a chase. I had to deliver the car to Aberdeen and made a joke with a lady friend that if I got more than 100mph she would have to reveal her boobs, let’s just say despite slip streaming down hills I didn’t even get to see cleavage
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    Is it just me, or are the people that say I’m not a messer, the biggest fucking messers
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    "I'm not a messer" "I'm in the trade" "My mates a mechanic/ In the trade" "Can you beat this fake finance quote with 1% APR even though I haven't worked in 5 years and have several CCJ's against me?" "I'm not looking to buy, just to test drive" "So are you a car dealer or just flipping these for a profit?" "Do you take paypal?" "Can I have it next week without leaving a deposit?" "Can I pay you £10 a week?" "Can I take it away now if I pay you half now and the other when I get paid" Take your pick
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    For us long in the tooth traders there is no substitute for seeing and hearing cars in the flesh. You develop a good eye for sorting the wheat from the chaff. Online just doesn't cut it. And no, I don't trust the gradings. The savings and efficiencies benefit the auction house, not the buyer.
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    Good on her, these wankers are useless ......................... I have issues atm with them, our village is a 40 mph limit, and every bloody day, more so Saturday and Sunday there are post Covid lockdown zombies coming through here in droves, most are over 60mph, and the bikes, well they are at least into 3 figures. So far 3 pets killed, including one of mine, a fuckin Volvo on top of an E Class through my neighbours wall, and a few years back there were fatalities. We all have pets and children / grandchildren, it's gonna happen one day, I got threatened by a Biker the other day, which even though I'm 58 yrs old was a very very bad move on his part ............. After he had picked himself and his bike off the floor, he fired it up and fucked off narrowly missed getting hit by a Camper van I ran his number plate afterwards, yeah, he was on a 1000cc Blue Yam, plate came back as 1998 Red 50cc Honda,no tax and no VOSA MOT cert ever, meaning it had been scrapped before it's first test !! Took 2 days to get hold of the Cops, in the end I used 999 because they wouldn't answer any other numbers, did they do anything at all ????????????? DID THEY FUCK Myself and another local garage have a plan, currently collecting a few scrappers then we gonna abandon' em in the middle of the fuckin road at peak times Sat and Sunday, that'll get noticed, only we will know fuck all about it
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    Brilliant.Jags to Holland and Yanks back.There was a big Yank pitch near us early 70’s in Newcastle and late 60’s there was a guy from Warren St came up every week to buy Jags.He dressed like Arthur Daley and smoked cigars and just ignored me. Can we have more stories from the golden age please Marcus.The millenials won’t believe them.
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    Pendragon online with a BCA description ? Good luck.I would only buy Pendragon stuff if I could see it,listen to it and smell it and it would still be a risk.
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    Love this example for running a business during Covid We are looking for 6 bucket seats for the track cars , estimated cost around £3-4,000 for the lot so not a bad order really is it . Phones this place in Notts to see if we can go out look and collect . Response was amazing , " oh you cant just come I'll send you a text with the information we need " text arrives . we need you to fill in the deceleration of health saying you haven't got coughs , temperature or feeling unwell etc . Prove we have a mask . Use the gloves provided and handwash on arrival omg . Then we only see people at 11am and 2 pm and only one person can come in at a time for 30 mins So I rang back and said I have £4,000 with your name on it , only time I can get is 5pm are you sure you don't want the money . Answer was . There wont be anyone here at 5 pm as we close at 5pm you have the rules so please abide by them or spend your money elsewhere ASTONISHING Be one of those firms in 6 months time that's blaming Covid for putting them out of business .
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    Photograph the listing before you bid on a bca car. Photograph or record the sale if possible. Download assured and condition reports. Photograph auction sheet in 'Your Purchases' post purchase. Notify them immediately if a car arrives missing a spare key/service book/V5. Dont just email claims notify the auction and cc in auction manager and sales staff as well. If I buy a car with a spare key and it doesnt arrive then they are ordering me a new one or giving me the go ahead to get one organised. I can stomach the hassle of getting a new key coded. Theres no such thing as insurance that pays out easily so you have to get the facts to back your case and be persistent until you get satisfaction. On the baldy tyres, an insurance company could argue that you are sending them a random picture of another car. Pull out your phone take a 30 second video, full view of the car and reg "This is KK19OOO, purchased from BCA yesterday with an assured report stating 5-6mm across both front tyres". Get a close up and use a tyre depth gauge if you have one to then show the car that arrived as only 2-3mm as stated.
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    Spot on! Be careful out there. The cracks are starting to appear. Picked up a lovely Boxster today off a pilot. Been laid off. His weekend car and he was desperate to get out of it so we picked it up stupid cheap. Cracking condition, been looked after like a newborn baby.
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    Might look into you guys when were up for renewal for some quotes
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    I’d never take investment from someone else wanting to take a piece of my profit while I did all the leg work or partner with someone - personal preference but I like to answer to me alone and know all my profits are mine (and the tax and VAT man unfortunately) If you want to expand can’t you take a bounce back loan or get capital yourself?
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    It is held by two screws, these may be hidden under plastic covers, either yellow or black in colour, then you'll see the screws, turn them to the left with a suitable instrument, usually a "screw driver" will suffice, remember, lefty for Lucy, right for tighty
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    Been there got the t shirt. Not worth the bother, out it and put it down to experience. Move on. Some you win, some you lose.
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    Just waiting on a quote from Aston Lark and I can’t use Ashley as I was one of his customers at Premier but I definitely do recommend him is there anyone else you guys would recommend just got off the phone with towergate so waiting on a quote with them too think insurance have quoted me 3k+ than my current insurance is so that’s a no no
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    I see,missing the swapper from the invoice and flogging it to a trader for cash out of the back door.I contend that any car dealer who only buys from franchised dealers these days and never uses auctions is probably using bungs or some illegal inducement to corrupt sales managers.You should have reminded them that if HMRC uncovered that there could be serious consequences for the company.As for accommodation deals or ‘ fronted deals’ as you call them,that is one for the FCA.With proof like that,if you had been playing your cards right,you should have been promoted or given a pay rise.I just wonder what may have been going on with PCP proposals regarding mileage estimates to reduce monthly instalments. Several years ago at a local auction a guy was witnessed using a code reader on Lookers entries prior to sale day.The auction subsequently denied any wrong doing by their vendor regarding the putting out of engine manage lights !
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    At the polar opposite end of the market, Dodgy Duncan would have made for a brilliant interview! A very affable Irishman who was the master of yarns. He's been retired for some 15 years now but memories of DD linger on. A right craic!
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    Having spent a fair few shekels on snot screens and other PPE gear, I thought I'd lighten things up a bit for our customers...
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    This shop around speak to @Ashley@UKGlobal loads of people on here seem happy with him i used think insurance but seen some bad reports about customer service on here though I've not had any real problems @John Cook - Aston Lark Ive spoke to also who is helpful enough hope this helps .
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    Best bit of advise from me would be not to listen to every bit of advise you receive.
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    But we shouldn’t have to decide if and when it’s safe to return to work? That’s what the government are for? They should be telling us when it’s safe to do so! I’ve decided not to be critical of those who feel they need to break the lockdown. If I was a young single guy with nothing to lose I’d probably be out there. But I’m a 58yr old guy with heart failure and hypertension and according to the letter from NHS am extremely vulnerable and need to stay home for 3 months! Personally I cannot afford to catch it, and I am certainly not prepared to ignore the advice of hugely intelligent medical professionals just to play Russian roulette with my life over a shitty 10yr old focus! Oh and a nIcely written article James
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    Just watched the news So money comes before health Who in their right mind is going to get a car s/hand car at this time and happily have it delivered You would have to be mad,you have absolutely no idea where the cars been etc A family member had acar come back from a major bodyshop a year back and it had been used as the works canteen My wife had her car back from the bodyshop last year fully valeted,yes still full of side glass all over the floor in the back seats Theres only one way to fully sanitise a car interior and that's to do it yourself so you know it's done properly Hell I'm even leaving my shoes by the back door after my daily walk to make sure I'm safe Cazoo you are mad
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    Right, you lot. I know there's a beef online between Ling and others - and I'm sort of fed up playing the referee in the middle of it all. @LINGsCARS - pick up the phone to me - as per my DM - and we can have a chat... I love your passion and your business. Please just try not to wind people up. Let's all try and be nice to each other. The world is a crap place right now and dirt slinging simply isn't needed. I get that the above maybe intended to be lighthearted, but come on, let's think about things before posting. I've spoken to all others concerned and agree there has been fuel added to the fire on all sides. Let's shake hands, nod in that way you do in the playground when the teacher has told you to kiss and make up - and concentrate on building all our respective businesses so we can crack on when we all get back to normal. Here's an idea - let's all go outside for Easter and enjoy some sunshine. Maybe the Vitamin D will chill everyone out. Much love, peace, etc James
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    Five days ago, i sold my last car, monday, i was days off self isolating anyway, i saw, on monday, that the pm was going to be on at 8.30, so for him to be on at that time i knew this was going to be a big one, on closing monday night, i half heartedly put my business into lockdown, leaving some handbrakes off, putting the cheapest car in front of the more expensive for safety,but not doing anything drastic, hoping for the best, thinking, like you all probably have, there may be some cheap cars out there to put to one side for a month [ now you can't even buy them ]. At just gone 8.30, my arse fell out [ sorry, that means gobsmacked ! ] realising straight away that non essential, means me ! All this week has been spent following the news, catching up on gov websites [ changing hourly so constantly refreshing] and coming on here to see other peoples plans. Fast forward to tonight, friday, and reflecting on the week, the government has worked so dam hard to keep some hope up, and money in peoples pockets, whilst still reminding us to isolate, all credit to them, they must be shattered, and of course the nhs. Tonight, a thing i did half heartedly on monday, i have wrote down a plan for a full lockdown on my business, there will be a visit tomorrow to put this plan into action, it covers security, vermin, full lock up of all tools where i can, handbrakes off, batteries off [ except the later stuff, dont want ecu's loosing the plot] and taking essential paperwork home,even draining compressor, it's like xmas, but at least with xmas, you knew when you were back in ! Have to look into maybe post redirection too, a relation was going to come and help me but latest is do not socialise, well, five days hey ? very very strange days, stay safe people
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    Today is your lucky day my friend! I’ve always admired 15yr old CRVs, 10yr old Galaxies & battered Corsa p/xs. As luck might have it I have an example of each in stock ready for your purchase.
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    Friends and fellow traders on the forum please may all you and your family's stay safe and take care during these tough times with your health with the corona virus pandemic Hopefully all our business can all come back from it also in time wish everyone all the best .
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    In a perfect world, car dealers want their showrooms to be full of stock, with significant numbers of prospective buyers milling around, sitting in cars, test driving, chatting to sales-staff and then driving off in them happy with their new purchase. But today is not the perfect world and won’t be for some time. A number of clients are wishing to deliver cars to customers at their home (self-isolating permitting!). As this could be considered running an organised distance selling scheme, customers could have the right to cancel the contract for UP TO A YEAR after delivery if they are not advised of the right to cancel the contract. Car dealers can also be prosecuted by Trading Standards. Where a consumer (not a business buyer) has a car delivered to them and where they have not visited the showroom beforehand, we suggest the following is given to consumers either separately (in person at handover) as well as in your terms and conditions online. Ideally, you should retain a copy of this clause with their signature signalling that they have received the notice - to ensure that they know they have the right to cancel. Do note that the mile limit and fee per mile travelled over that limit is for each dealer to decide and this example is indicative only. You cannot, though, allow for a 20 mile limit and £20 per mile driven over that amount! Lawgistics suggested wording: Cancellation under the Distance Selling Regulations Ordinarily we do not run an organised distance selling scheme. However, due to the coronavirus outbreak we need to support our valued customers by delivering your vehicle to your home. If you have ordered and taken delivery of your vehicle without visiting our showroom and you are not buying the car in the course of your trade or business, the following cancellation clause applies: You have 14 days to get to know your new vehicle and to make sure it suits you. If you change your mind just let us know in writing by post [insert address] or in email to [insert email address] and to reach us by 6pm on the 14th day following delivery and we will come and collect the vehicle for a refund. We cannot accept a return of the car if it has been damaged, modified or altered from the condition it was delivered in. An excess mileage charge of £1 per mile for any mileage over 150 miles in those 14 days will apply. If you do change your mind you cannot use the car once you have notified us - but you must still tax and insure the vehicle until it is collected. This cancellation (change of mind) clause does not affect any separate rights given to you in The Consumer Rights Act 2015 or the Sale of Goods Act 1979 (as amended).
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    More problems for Philip Schofield then !
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    Its the free stocking loans thats sent prices shooting for the stars in my opinion Most of these stocking plans HAVE to be used to 80/90% of the designated amounts the lender gave to the trader , so as soon as one car is sold it has to be replaced or the trader loses the facility . Hence they will just about pay any price to turn stock so as not to lose the stocking facility or have it reduced . This has the effect of training sellers to work for nothing , The stocking companies just want the money to keep turning as thats where their profits come from . Stupid silly times in reality run by people who know nothing about the car trade , BCA are one of the lenders now too , designed to sell their own cars , they will fund anyone really because they actually want the stock to return back after taking massive profits for the 3 months on the loans/buyers fees etc . Then of course repeat the success with another sale to another smuk who pays for the privilege . Without these free money trees being handed to fools who cant see past their own eye lashes the trade would be very different and controlled by people who had their own money and wanted to earn a profit . Maybe when and if interest rates go up it might be beneficial to those who have their own financial money interests and want to earn a profit again . We will see .
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    £15? I can see what you mean you are extremely generous, do you have the details of the garage that does the tracking for £15? Might start using them myself.
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    Why wouldn't she. She's put her website in her profile, her full name is on the website, you type that name into Facebook and it returns a legitimate profile for the same person with that photo as a profile picture. She seems legit to me. Unlike many others on this forum.
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    I tried to get rid of her but she puts some Ann summers on and I’m straight back.
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    Question Title ""10. How much money do you keep on you, store in your car on a day to day basis, and where do you store it?"" WHAT A QUESTION
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    Can't convert 'their' customer to your own finance but they wont think twice to convert 'your' customer to another dealers car so long as they get the deal.Facts.
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    I'm certainly not reliant on trade with the EU , But i remember when two friends lost their trawlers after the EU stole their fishing grounds , one committed suicide actually his losses were so high , We lost touch with great traders after we joined the Common mkt and wasn't allowed to trade with them, after that it got worse . So trading deals works both ways in my view and i have never liked the close shop EU way . Regards my customers and yours , My view again is there will be customers in abundance when we get Britain back under our control again and stop the EU taking our factories and work out of this country , Plenty of British people would like the work I bet and that's were all our customers are , give people the work and pay them " they will spend it if they have it in their pockets " that money is no good for Britain if its in a Dutch/French/Polish/ workers pocket . We cant pay them if we don't make things , That's were my customers are . Regard trading with the EU , what on gods earth makes people think the EU farmers , Car Makers , Wine cheese and anything else trades wont want to trade with us after we leave , we want Britain back not build a bloody wall , we like our EU friends , its not war . We just need control back . watch others leave when we go . I for one don't believe a down turn is heading our way , but we need out before we lose anything else , to make it work , or we will get the euro , and a bunch of rules and they will bleed us dry doing it .
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    Leave means leave, no if no buts no coconuts
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    I think fear of no deal Brexit is what's presently driving the economy shrinking (though personally I'm hardly surprised, there is no immediate upside, and a lot of opportunity to lose trade for everyone). The banks grabbing cash will become the norm - https://www.mkfm.com/news/local-news/confirmed-saxon-bridge-liquidation/ Sad end to a good business that overstretched themselves, I suspect there may be many more. Keep debt manageable and build your business in a manner that can cope with good times and bad times (and never overspend in the good times, keep the profit for the bad times).