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  1. Because there are some ignorant d1cks out there.
  2. I picked up one from a Honda dealer a couple of weeks back. Couldn’t believe the state of the cars on the front. Pretty much all scuffed alloys. That said I’ve sold a couple in the last few weeks just because the other two traders just haven’t bothered to wash/clean or prep the cars. Apparently they seemed like they couldn’t even be bothered to make an effort.
  3. My favourite comeback line was from someone at worked with at Land Rover. When they said ‘Parker’s says my car is worth X’ he would say oh great news, just take it down to them and you can buy this.
  4. What he said. I never understood what the point of the guides where as when ever anyone priced a car it was behind book anyway lol
  5. Thanks for everyone’s feedback. Still not sure. I kind of dipped back in and started to lurk on there. It kind of reminded me why I came off it in the 1st place. Same as twitter. Just a roundabout of arguments and being a lefty some pretty unsavoury views and misinformation. Have managed to turn around my stock pretty well with Autotrader. Maybe will just us FB for stock sourcing.
  6. I worked for a JLR dealer until March. Let me know if you are still having the problem and I can text my old workshop controller as see if they know of anything.
  7. That is pretty unanimous then. Thanks for the feedback. I find it pretty poisonous anyway so I won’t dip my toe back in and save my time for more productive methods.
  8. Morning All, Despite eye watering auction prices and still getting my head around prep standards (after being prestige main dealer for the last 10 years) I have had a good start to my new venture. Wish I had done it years ago. Just wondering if anyone out there uses Facebook much? I have an account which I stopped using about 8 years ago just because I was tired of the bullshit on there. However I am wondering if it is worth reactivating the account for business use, I am assuming that very little actual sales traffic will come out of it? But wondered if anyone found it useful just as a presence for their business?
  9. This was blatant though. Taking the part exchange off of the order form and then getting the trader to pay the amount due. I never have taken back handers and when you are brought into it by the sales manager altering your order forms it pretty rubbish. Also there are fronted deals and then there are fronted deals where the son signs the docs of a mother that was in Spain at the time
  10. I haven’t read the rest of this because I’ve had a couple of beers. But from when I worked for them a few years back and the support they gave me when I highlighted back handers from part exchanges and a fronted finance deal they can go f themselves,
  11. Exactly. I don’t trust this government one bit. They will say it will be ok for staff to go back to work to businesses that will not have the income to keep them.
  12. Thanks. its been a long Arduous process and has made me realise that (most of) the motor trade should be able to hold its head up high when compared to the incompetence and general f*ckwhittary of estate agents.
  13. I think if you had exchanged before then it could be possible. No is a bit more tricky. Apparently there are some Solicitors writing covid clauses in the contracts...but to me those are kind of like how long is a piece of string
  14. I’m still half way through a house move. Still not sure how that will work? Our sellers are pushing for exchange on 18th of may. Don’t really want to commit to a potential breach of contract. Could really do with it going through as we are releasing capital which I will use to start up.
  15. A few of the people at the dealer I used to work at (large plc) are saying 11th for workshop and early June for sales.