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  1. Thinking of running a Courtesy car, got a cheap low mileage 2010 KA last week. Insurance want a massive £115 to add it on to the end of the Policy (December). 

    Only thing that puts me off is risking our NCB.

    Thoughts please guys?

  2. Only last week my Mum decided she didnt like the bumper on her 17k mile  2010 KA Zetec, I kid you not the OSF bumper has scuffs and a small crack but they wrote it off. Shes 85 and actually decided to hang up her driving gloves and take the £3900..


    Salvage price was £1130..... well it seemed rude not to. Plenty of preloved in colour genuine bumpers on ebay for £150 ish and a mornings work should sort it.


    Never ceases to fail me what insurance companies deem as a write off 

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  3. I just pay the account to do everything. £130 + vat a month.  


    Tax returns 

    Book keeping 


    He has all my logins for ebay, paypal credit card accounts. So any invoices I have not taken a pictures of they find them.

    No brainer as far as I'm concerned. It's like having our own accounts department. 


  4. I used Tom at RA insurance this year.  He was brilliant  to deal with.

    £1860 for a combined policy. Full comp road risks for 2 of us, £200k vehicles in the work shop.  £10k stock, £5k tools, £5m public liability,  £10m employee liability. Business continuity £160k p/a.  Professional indemnity cant recal how much cover. £50k legal inc cover for a HMRC spin.




  5. Sadly a few units at work got broken in to yesterday at 17:30, the fuckers cut through my roller shutter with a grinder. Luckily my alarm sent them away and they stole nothing. I do have CCTV (Blink XT2 cameras) so managed to watch the scum bags break in, they looked all of about 15 years old.

    I didn't have the cameras set to notification on my app but changed that now! The alarm is being upgraded to allow notifications too. 

    My neighbours both got rinsed, £15k worth of industrial line painting equipment and £9k worth of wine. 

    Door has now been fixed and fingers crossed they wont be back. 

    You wont be surprised to hear the Police have not been yet!! To busy catching people doing 33 mph in a 30



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  6. If we listen to the media and lefty Corbin we'll actually believe there is a recession. Its utter bollocks, we have been as busy as ever, my average camper conversion cost has gone up in the last 6 months or so, people seem to be going the extra mile rather than skinflinting it.

    Customer of mine who owns a window firm has had is best year ever!

    My Rock n Roll bed suppliers, waiting list is 6-8 weeks. 

    Poptop roof supplier is about 3 week leadtime cause they are that busy 

    Speaking to my landlord last week, they are building a fair sized industrial Park, 120 houses, old folks home and nursery. All of the industrial units are pre-rented, the houses are selling.