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  1. 17 hours ago, awc1000 said:

    apologies for wrong section but i cant find the recent topic related too vw transporters, someone was looking for transporters to convert??

    a good friend has this for disposal, 10/60 transporter t28 swb van, 1 owner, his from new, no VAT, its in the nice grey, done 68K with full vw history bar last service.

    it also has the rear bench seat still new wrapped up never used.

    condition- he's uber fussy, the van is mint, you'll not find one like it at auction or elsewhere,

    never had paint and needs nothing, the van needs zero prep, simply clean and sell.

    no finance, no story's, bid in confidance.

    if interested message me a price and i will forward, cheers.


    Can you pm me the reg no and what he wants for it? 


  2. 2 hours ago, Contracts said:

    Have a couple of 19/19 Startlines due back but basic engine and white with barn doors so pretty much the opposite of what you want.

    Will pm you if anything nice pops up.

    Thanks, I'm always looking for Transporters of varying specs and prices.  I think Im going to go for new or Pre reg T6.1's as the deals are pretty good especially looking at the price of used

  3. 51 minutes ago, Contracts said:

     Decent vans have gone mental.  Are the Transporters you need anything special? 

    Looking for LWB Highline Panel van DSG with a tailgate. And a second LWB Highline PV for customers. And I'm looking for two SWB Highlines for myself. Prices and demand has gone silly

  4. 3 minutes ago, New year revolutions...... said:

    you are thinking every ones going to stay in the uk post covid

    be very careful

    I for one wont be 

    I want to go to spain as much as I like Scotland

    im intrigued what you can buy for 25g because all I ever see is an old Talbot

    remember im your  your market


    Im not thinking everyone is staying in the UK post covid. Its something I have been wanting to do before covid was even a word. 


    You do realise I am already in the camper industry? year on year we have had good growth, the VW scene is strong. We build the things VW T6's and £25k gets me a nicely kitted out van.  My customers generally know what they want and have the cash to spend,  Its very different beast to the car trade, which I traded in for over 15 years before I made the switch.

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  5. 16 hours ago, Dave2302 said:

    Yeah I took it, it's likely the cheapest loan funding you'll ever get ................

    So I'm guessing that'll be 2 more fuckin' camper vans lumbering around the NW Highlands, putting fuck all into the local economy and crashing into folks parked cars, stone walls, and other property then just fucking off, after shitting at the side of the road and leaving all their rubbish in our laybys, verges and on our beaches ......................

    If only I had a rocket launcher on the front of my Cars ....................................


    So, Mr C, being more serious to your business idea, if I were you, having seen the carnage these hired Camper Van twunts create when driving hired Campers I think, (honestly), that you will cost yourself a small fortune in repairs, your insurance no claim bonus will be non existent etc etc etc .....................

    Just come and visit me on a Saturday afternoon, I'll take you out for a tour and you can see how the twats drive em around our roads, not just A roads, often up single track dirt roads scraping all the sides, Mirrors ripped off etc etc ;)

    I would guess that the only folks making any money from this are the ones who sell new Campers and the Parts to repair them on a weekly basis ;) 


    I'll make sure they head directly your way :D Interestingly there is no NCB as we know it in relation to hire out insurance, and its a total stand alone policy so Terry Fuckwit cant ruin my own NCB etc.

    I wont be spending a small fortune on repairs, the hirer pays for any damage and excess, in the same way you pay a deposit when you hire a car. 


    12 hours ago, New year revolutions...... said:

    well I'm sorry but the thought of getting in a van with cupboards in that had an unknown occupant in last week and had a few shits in the bog is bottom of my to do lists no matter how much pledge you used

    we've also got a big recession sweeping our way/ Brexit /and of course have 2 pints in Scotland and your over the drink drive level,this is why I dont go up there anymore

    sounds a plan go for it

    remember though no matter what you might read in the daily smell the suits will want their money back eventually come what may as vicky used to say

    No shitters are going in my mobile wardrobes 

  6. 12 minutes ago, trade vet said:

    Camper rentals,I think that is an excellent idea Mr C.

    Something I have wanted to do for a while, £50k only gets us two kitted out vans and insurance for a year. I had a really good conversion with a camper hire company in Scotland today, picked his brains about as many aspects as I could think of. 

  7. So who's taken advantage?  We will being going for the full £50k, we have a plan to do something with it that will hopefully help expand the business in to the camper rental market. First 12 months with no repayments and 2.5% after that it seemed rude not to. Worse case scenario, if it doesn't work we pay the money back.  


  8. Tom Harley Jnr has a good YouTube channel. Very knowledge able about his classics. I could watch him all day, can't say the same for Carl Hartley. 

  9. 17 hours ago, metcars said:

    “Wear a mask, you’ll be fine, but sign here” so even though in reality to do your job effectively (and receive a salary) you can’t be safe, If you get ill it’s your fault because we told you to wear a mask? 


    Just wait till next year till, the Ambulance chances will be all over it. It'll be the new PPI/Accident claim 

    Where you forced to go back to work? Did you get covid 19?  We can help you claim... Blah blah blah.


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  10. 54 minutes ago, trade vet said:

    Hi Mr C

    Regarding Tax,there was some report on local telly recently where a local camper van manufacturer guy was complaining that their vans  were being reclassified for road tax comparable to commercial vehicles.I think he said road tax was increasing to 2 grand .That cannot be right surely,I thought of you at the time,

    Its new ones, so wont effect me.

    DVLA have stopped reclassing conversions as "Motor caravans" on the V5, best we can get is "Van with Windows" But its made zero difference to us, people still want campers regardless of what it says om the V5

  11. Thinking of running a Courtesy car, got a cheap low mileage 2010 KA last week. Insurance want a massive £115 to add it on to the end of the Policy (December). 

    Only thing that puts me off is risking our NCB.

    Thoughts please guys?

  12. Only last week my Mum decided she didnt like the bumper on her 17k mile  2010 KA Zetec, I kid you not the OSF bumper has scuffs and a small crack but they wrote it off. Shes 85 and actually decided to hang up her driving gloves and take the £3900..


    Salvage price was £1130..... well it seemed rude not to. Plenty of preloved in colour genuine bumpers on ebay for £150 ish and a mornings work should sort it.


    Never ceases to fail me what insurance companies deem as a write off 

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