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  1. The guy I rent my unit off has a decent size pitch to rent out in Chorley Lancs. Its £150 p/w +VAT I recon you would get 30 cars on it If you know anyone who maybe interested then just let me know. Its at PR7 3DR
  2. I have finally found myself a Global HQ (AKA a unit) for converting my camper vans but I struggling to get anyone to quote me for Public Liability, as soon as I say Motor trade they dont want to know or never ring back Any recommendations?
  3. It seems quiet everywhere..
  4. I sold a camper yesterday. Advertised it two weeks ago on a classified advert. Had a tyre kicker and a no show straight away then it went dead and at best had 22 watchers. I stuck it on a 99p start and no reserve auction last Sunday.. Within an hour it was up to £15k few days later up to a touch under £20k.. However the interest frenzy went through the roof, which is what its all about. Short story short i got full asking price. I still have the classified ad running and today alone i have had 3 calls on it. I tell those people that i build these campers and to keep my details. Hopefuly something will come from those leads. In other news I have a couple of cars sticking kicking around with zero interest..
  5. I used to store cars at a farm 5 mins drive away. £60 a month got me enough space for 10 cars. Might be worth knocking on the farmers door
  6. Been offered a 2013 (63) Qashqui 360 + 2 1,5dci, 35k miles, 1 former, FSH.... Anyone interested?
  7. They are a cult vehicle and have a massive following, there really is not CAP guide with these things, the amount of interest generated via social media is awesome. I want to get myself a name for doing quality conversions, I dont like doing half hearted, and I really think that shows when people see my campers. I think I have areas I can still improve on and will do. The numbers are good. I have £19.5k in this van. Its up at £27k which is at the higher end but it oozes wow factor and T5 people love wow factor. That would be the dream.
  8. Thats another one turned around, I was on schedule for completing it in 4 weeks but I had a small disaster at the end which put me back 5 days. I only advertised it on Friday evening and have two viewings on Tuesday! Take one Sparkies work horse, chuck some money and time at it and go from this..To this...
  9. Mate of mine bought a 2008 997 GT3 RS the car was best part of a 6 months old and had 1500 mile on it if I recall he paid £125k. I had a morning of fun in it, the way the thing steered and went was out of this world. He still has it now, I dont think its done 5k miles and thats criminal in my book
  10. As far as im concerned once the transaction has taken place the responsibility of taxing the car lies with the new owner. I can't force a buyer to tax a car, I offer use of laptop and for the computer illiterate I do it for them. To be fair I can't recall anyone leaving without taxing. Anyhow the letter was binned.
  11. I used to do really well out of Mini's. Pretty much everyone needed some ££ spending on them but I could turn them around really quickly.... Then about 12 months ago it was like a switch had been thrown and I couldn't give them away.
  12. Facebook, its full of pikeys, they like Horses.. And Dags
  13. I get far more hits on my FB page than my website
  14. Sounds dear to me. Today I collected front and rear bumpers plus rear spoiler for a VW Transporter from my painter £250, they were second hand so had a few issues that needed sorting before painting. He usually charges me £50 for a corner bumper scuff, rule of thumb £100 a panel.
  15. Cut your loses and set fire to it now. You will thank me later. Hatefull cars. More usefull advice next week.
  16. What the feck is wrong with some people. I spend a fortnight looking for a decent VW T5 donor van for a conversion, there is not much between Auction price and retail once you have given the BCA tip so I'm happy to give good money for a good van. I spotted one at a place called Discount cars in Dudley a 200+ mile M6 nightmare round trip, So I spoke to the dealer over the phone explained that I needed a really clean and well looked after van, I did expect the odd age related mark. He went on to tell me how mint this can was and I would not be disappointed. I dont usually discus price over the phone but due to the distance we talked money and agreed on a price subject to viewing. Set off in the morning to be fair the M6 was ok and 2hrs later I pull up at a shonky set of units behind a Lithuanian car wash place.... I cant begin to tell you guys how bad this van was, zero prep, not one decent panel or panel gap and Stevie Wonder had drank a gallon of paint and pissed it on. Stone chips and rust has just been badly painted over and even little bits of what was a wrap where painted over. I was fecking furious, and all he kept saying in his thick Dudley accent.. Was "Well we think it looks good" I could have swung for the crunt. Pisser was the M6 was shut at Thelwall on the return journey and it to me 5 hrs to get home. Why waste people time, if some is travelling a distance I give a walk around honest over the phone appraisal.
  17. eBay, Autotrader, Gumtree that's the guide i use. See what kind of money like for like cars are advertised at and go for the medium. That's the true market reflection.
  18. A5 3.0 TDI Cabriolet S Line Auto wanted £10k budget, Ideally not with starship miles. Must have sat nav Thanks
  19. They just have the massive following that no other van has. Look at the amount of VW shows every year and then subculture shows like Busfest and Camperjam. Personally I could not get excited about converting a Vivaro or Transit.
  20. Im going on a Trading estate that shuts its gates at 6pm, has 24 hr security, CCTV and ANPR. I did find cheaper units on shady looking places but Im happy to pay for the security.