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  1. I think this is how it works.. I buy a van commercial VAT is 20% which I can claim back. Then I can claim back VAT on all materials to do the conversions. I sell to an end user wont be able to claim VAT back as its no longer a commercial vehicle and therefore HMRC's interest in the van ends. I pay VAT on the profit of the van not including money spent to do the conversion. So buy for £10k sells for £20k pays £2k VAT.
  2. I had two buyers on the same day wanting the van, they couple who missed out are wanting me to build them a van once they find a suitable donor vehicle and are in regular contact with me. I have two other very serious buyers lined up for the next one. I do find that in general buyers are genuine and I am yet to receive a "how much for cash" text. The VW camper and as I have found out Caddy world is led by recommendation and getting know for a decent job, these people see the value the work rather than trying to beat you down on price. You tend to find they are passionate and if you are the same it shows. My only problem is sourcing decent vans at the right price, T5's hold the money and clean honest ones even more so.
  3. This year has never really got going properly as far as I am concerned, I've just about scratched a living from cars and have had a record number of after sales repairs on daft things that a few years ago I would not have had the customer ring up about. I'm finding more and more that auction prices turning in to retail prices and I have spent an increasing amount on garage bills. So as of Friday I contacted HMRC to pull the plug on the job and once I've seen my accountant this week I will register the new business. However all is not lost, I'm putting all my efforts in to VW camper vans. I enjoying building them and they sell fast if done right. My last one, an £18.5k van sold in 9 days and could have sold the thing several times over. And yet I have £2k cars sat here taking up residence and attracting the champagne cars for lemonade money brigade. Dont get me wrong its hard work and very labour intensive, but I enjoy creating a van. But now its going to be full time, I have found 900sqft unit that I'm going to rent, sadly I cant have it till mid to late Sept. I'm lucky that I do have space at home to work however I need a secure unit on a nice industrial estate especially if people are entrusting me with their pride and joy for several weeks. And I refuse to work outside mid winter! I have had more good times than bad times, I certainly wont miss the auctions, "CASH tonight mate" brigade, tyre kickers and no shows. Anyway Im not going away as I quite like this forum. I can be found here Or
  4. Not been busy with cars, had a couple of nice touches. I have been busy with the VW camper side of my life. I completed and sold a full conversion now on the look out for a clean base van to convert. I have a customer dropping a Caddy Maxi off for a load of work on Friday plus a Leisure battery and few USB points on a T5. And On Monday another T5 leisure battery job. I have a customers T5 Camper is a very poor condition that needs a whole pile of love to get to a saleable state. And a Motorhome that is having parking sensors fitted, TV relocating, 240v Inverter, Retro fitting traveling seats. Cant see me getting to BCA this week. But on a serious note I can see cars taking a back seat (pun intended) and more efforts put in to building my camper business.
  5. Cadwell is a roller coaster, its one of my favorite tracks. If you ever get to do Portimao that is Cadwell on steriods, its very undulating with off camber unsighted rises and drops. Bloody menta
  6. £4700 today out of a VW T5 camper. Bought as a panel van, threw a load of time and money at it. Could have sold it twice I had to let a second buyer down.
  7. Phone call Thursday evening from a friend who lives in Warwick. Son desperately needs a car. Low miles no older than 2008. I have a 2008 3dr Astra sxi 43k miles, looks as fresh as the day it rolled out of Vauxhall. Pinged a few pics over and he said perfect we will Come on Saturday. MOT was only till Sept so I tried too get an mot booked for Friday. My usual guy can't get me in and neither can my second choice. So I have to take it to the last mot place I would ever want till use. Failum Fred.... You could take a 0 miles car to him and the shithouse will find some thing to fail it on. Sure enough he failed it on a track rod end and a drop link... Wierd as it drove perfectly. Anyway sure enough he pulled my pants down for the jobs.. But im on a time schedule here so I grimace and just pay. Sat morning i give the car a final polish for the wow factor as its a friends son whos having it..... No show, No call, No reply to texts, Wont answer the phone. Brilliant Thanks
  8. Thats just made me laugh, sad part is Im sat here agreeing with everything. That said they are not all arseholes, good percentage of genuine buyers are decent folk
  9. What if they offer "Cash tonight mate" ? Cause we all know that offering Cash tonight gets you a better deal!!
  10. It does toast the testicles a bit. My bike is my escape, wouldn't be with out it.
  11. I tend to do Euro track days. This year I have done Estoril and Portimao Previous years Brno, Jerez, Valencia Done most of the UK tracks Picture whoring alert
  12. I do track days on it. So that takes away some on road temptation.
  13. I dont have a car I call my own a such. I just use Mrs C's Merc I do have a Ducati 1199s for the rare occasion I get time to ride it
  14. I like the video you have done I have been meaning to do one for the VW camper I have for sale. Not sure about the choice of music though, its boarder line Porno Music. Lovely website
  15. I have never struggled with Mk1 TT's I still think they are a great looking car and will happily buy tidy ones. In fact I have my eye on a very clean 2002 225 at the moment. I sold a B5 S4 Avant (2.7 Bi Turbo model) Those things have a huge following. Could have sold it 100 times over As for the more modern stuff I'd rather have Chlamydia.
  16. Just lost £1200 on the nighmare Corsa I have had since January. Oh well at least the Sun is shining and I have loads of interest in my VW T5 camper I have for sale with a big profit in
  17. I bought a none runner Ducati 916 race bike ( I'm on to my Ducati's) The thing was a mess, it had been in the back of a garage for 8 years untouched.. Long story short it turned out to be a ex 1996 BSB race bike few parts missing but 80% complete. Got offered £8k.. I snatched the guys hand off, I only paid £3k! Nice £5k profit
  18. I hate buying without see a car in front of me. I used them a lot last year but only once so far this year. To be fair everything has been as described
  19. I'm just about to blow my brains out on a Corsa. I wont know how much of a loss till the eBay auction ends next week. But to make me feel better Im wondering what epic loses other have had.
  20. Was the light on when you bought the car? No.. Bye
  21. Its not as black and white as 30 days = automatic refund. The fact he has carried on driving it could have caused more damage, You do have the right to inspect the car, I would write to him and explain that unless you are given the chance to examine the car then you are unable to proceed. He might scream a bit but let him, You do also have rights lets not let these plebs think they have us over a barrel. I have had a shit year with subprimes thinking they the same rights as buying a brand new car screaming cause the 10 year old shitter has popped a bulb . I have decided to take a real hard line with it now, play them at their own game.