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  1. I sell everything on eBay classified ads. Its my preferred place to advertise
  2. Give me a grand and I will make you a shiny AA badge
  3. £3384 PA.. Yeah right!
  4. I did notice after i posted it was back in May you posted. Can't see it hanging around. Loads of interest from lactating mothers who want to fill it full of sticky pukey kids.
  5. Just lost me a sale.... It was the customer who noticed. I only bought the car on Thursday no mention of the discrepancy for the auction house. My guess its a typo and should read 85 not 65. Im going to ring the auctions on Monday. Im quite happyto keep the car but i think i should be partially refunded. What do you think is an acceptable amount?
  6. I've got a 2008 Grand Picasso 1.6 HDI VTR+ 7 seater Auto if its any good to you. 93k miles MOT May, sporadic service history. .
  7. Megane Convertible gone today. Made up for the earlier tyre kicker.
  8. MrC


    Shut the door and enjoy yourself. The tyre kicking time waster will still be there when you get home. And at least you will have a decent tan.
  9. Been quite, but that said I am low on stock. Had a tyre kicker yesterday for a Megane Convertible. Really need to buy some properly priced stock. Its silly season at BCA Preston, not sure why they dont put up bunting and balloons as prices are retail.
  10. Cars bought on Tuesday, in Autotrader on Thursday Sold by the weekend Guaranteed
  11. The units I have in my current build weigh not very much. If I said 40KG i wound not be far off and its a LWB, Fridge is lightweight The passenger seat base and swivel weighs a fair bit. Ive not put a pop top in as budget just wont go that far.
  12. Ideally you want a T28 or T30. That said a full conversion is nowhere near 2.6t of gear
  13. Im just on with doing a camper conversion. They do crazy ££ once you stick a bed in them. I got offered the same van last year 15k miles in black. £15k + VAT If you want a laugh go to BCA commercial sales and see what they do there.
  14. I had a Facebook message late one night last week asking for my number. I gave my number and said call I the morning... 30 seconds later he's bloody ringing me! Its a spares or repairs Golf im selling. It clearly states its fault in capitals. One of his first questions after I mentioned to call in the morning.... Is there anything wrong with the car? I rather abruptly asked if he had read the advert. The answer was no! He saw a picture of a lovely looking Golf at a bargain price. His peanut brain saw no more.
  15. Its either drug dealing, Prison or Car dealing. I chose the just about most reputable of the three. Seriously the first deal I ever did was a for a 1977 T reg green mini. I swapped it for a VHS player. Stuck a new battery on it, a set of Weller wheels and some cheapo bucket seat. Drove it like a tw@t for 3 moths then sold it for a half decent profit. That was circa 1991-2 I was 18 at the time, I got a taste for it, I used to then buy the wedge shape Rovers and 405's and sell them to local Taxi drivers. Good times Who remembers the time when Autotrader man used to come to take the pictures. ?
  16. MrC

    Auto Trader

    I'd rather set fire to my hair and put it out with a spade than use Autotrader.
  17. Erm... (apologies for the huge link)
  18. Downed my oldest car tonight for money back. One owner, 2009 40k mile Twingo Extreme. Had it since 13th of Jan. Nice tidy little thing its been advertised since the day I got it. Not one single call, or text message in that 6 months. Stuck it on an eBay auction just to see the back of it.