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  1. Texted me again this morning asking me what i was going to do. I sent a longish message to remind him this is a 10 year old vehicle and perfectly acceptable to expect a consumable item to need replacing. Its just bad timing that it has occured within a short time period. No one can forsee when these items fail. Repairs and maintenance are part and parcel of ownership. Its either that or the bus (lol and smiley face to lighten the mood) He agreed and will sort it himself. I think it was the lol and smiley face that swung it
  2. Had it up at £2450.. Not a sniff £2350.. Not a sniff £2250.. Not a sniff Dropped to £2100 No offers.
  3. Not sure what you mean about the way I buy? I sadly dont have a car buying crystal ball, however I try to avoid the shite as we all do. Ok im at the subprime end of the market but I can still be fussy when buying. This is the car in question. Very late 2007 51k miles fsh 10 Months mot when sold. Nice spec, full leather etc. £2100 it when for. I actually bought it off a girl i know who was offered a very low px price at Evans Halshaw. Im taking a hard stand with this. Not because im a dodge pot trying to shirk out of my responsibilities. But for the fact that the fault was not there at the time the car was sold. Its way to easy to crumble straight away and fix things that legally I don't have to just for the easy life, Im guilty of that. But who's to say in another 6 weeks he's not back on the phone with another unreasonable request. Some see kindness as weakness. We now live in a compensation culture. There is an element of society that will seek a way to get money or get someone else too pay for something.
  4. I have pulled back a lot from bca this year. Was spending between £7k and £10k per month. Got sick of being fleeced. I now use a local independent auction house. They ring me every week to see of I'm coming and ring me a day or so after to thank me for coming. They let you get in the cars whilst they are running, prices seem reasonable. Fees are comparable to bca platinum. All in all a decent experience and i feel appreciated.
  5. Your post made me feel better. I am going to start taking a hard stand on these type of unreasonable claims. I have always been a reasonable type of guy i don't like people to have any kind of bitter experience. But there is an element of people who will take the piss I replaced a spring on a clio not do long back 3 months after they bought it.! Why don't I just open my wallet and let these people help themselves.
  6. This is the problem, we just bend over and give in straight away. I've done it myself to many times for an easy life. We seem to live in fear of the courts and its not fair. Im 43 and have been doing this in one form or another since my mid 20's cut my teeth wedge shaped Rovers, Sierra's and 405's , I'm seriously questioning things at the moment.
  7. I've had a tough year so far, record number of cars needing a lump of dough throwing at them. Record number of customers who think I should be sponsoring their motoring. I wouldn't mind so much but sales are hardly on fire. I'm just about scraping through each month lately so when someones being unreasonable I just want to tell them to fuck right off and when they get there fuck off some more I think I need a large Vodka.. But I cant afford any
  8. I'm not going to have any of this, how can I realistically be liable for this. I have had a record year of repairing other people cars and I'm getting tired of it. If I have a car that needs work before it goes out then it gets done, everything is sold in good faith. As a rule I spend a couple of days using them myself. What do I do from now on, replace any wear and tear item on a car just in case it goes! We are talking about 10 year old motors FFS. People just don't seem to want to take responsibility for their own cars.
  9. Sold a 2007 50k mile 207 exactly 32 days ago. Customer texts me to say engine light came on, he had it scanned and it needs Cat. This is not covered by the warranty and he wants me to pay for it!! Surely to God I dont have to pay or is CRA going to screw me AGAIN!
  10. Many moons ago I swapped a VR6 for a 328 Coupe. I got about 5 miles from the guys house and spotted a envelope in the passenger door pocket. £1500 in cash. I rang him and asked if he was missing anything.. Took him a while but turns out it was money for a Holiday
  11. Mrs C is sniffing for an A5 cab with the same budget as you. Id be interested to her what you manage to get
  12. I have taken to ignoring the low ball brigade, I used to engage them in a hope to get an offer closer to asking price. But then I realised they are just cunts
  13. 20 days in and im off the starting blocks two sold today.. To be fair I spent a week in Portugal and a week in Cornwall so cant complain
  14. What makes these people think thats a fair offer.
  15. It is a really straight clean thing, 1.4 Sporting with lots of toys. I actually sold it the other week for £1500 but when the guy came back to collect he changed his mind and took a 207cc I had just taken it.
  16. Pestered me over the phone a few times telling me he'd seen cheaper ones. Usual story. I told him before he came the best i can do him is £1300 and he still tried it on.
  17. After a 30 minute test drive and an hour moting then moting again with tick list in hand. Fine tooth combing the docs. Finally has the audacity to ask to see the trade reciept so he knows its legally mine to sell. I impolitely declined £1300 Punto!
  18. Its all fur coat and no knickers.
  19. IMO Its utter bollocks that customers think they can hold us in corners stating CRA15.... ITS A 14 YEAR OLD CAR FFS Rant over
  20. Why dont you see what you can steal from the classified adverts. I used to do quite well out of buying from privates, I never mentioned I was trade until cash was exchanged and we filled out the yellow part of the V5. Some people dont like you making a few quid out of them. You get to tyre kick, test drive and suck your teeth then go low ball. In fact only the other day Mrs C raised the subject if doing that again.
  21. Just speak to my customers, they think they know the value of everything.
  22. opps, sorry I replied to the wrong thread