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  1. Just speak to my customers, they think they know the value of everything.
  2. opps, sorry I replied to the wrong thread
  3. I have always done ok out of xtypes estates but have noticed prices have gone upwards.
  4. You can have some of mine
  5. 9" Grinder will sort it.
  6. Had a no show yesterday. Sweet FA booked in for the weekend so far
  7. Pass that man the forum UKCGR Barge Pole
  8. MrC

    May 2017

    Thats the third crap month on the trott.
  9. I rang the garage and he is doing the job for £350. Time to wipe my mouth and move on.
  10. Course they are going to get out of it. Not even sure why they sent an engineer as they never cough up within 30 days or 1000 miles. How ever it sounds like the timing has slipped. Im going to guess it now runs like a dog. If thats the case then this event happened after I sold the car otherwise. A: She would not have bought it and B: it wouldn't have gotten her home.
  11. Sorry I should have said, Thats what she was sent from Warrantywise, she forwarded it to me.
  12. She has just sent me this........ Re: Your Ref: 3130907 / KM60VWC I regret to inform you that on this occasion your repair has been declined. Your repairer wishes to replace the following part(s) on your vehicle: 1) TIMING CHAIN KIT ASSEMBLY We have received the independent engineers report and these are his findings. The rocker cover had been removed to expose the timing chain. The upper timing chain guide between the camshaft sprockets was visibly broken and sitting in the cylinder head. The repairer had informed the engineer that they had tempted to time up the engine. The crankshaft locater pin was insitu however the camshafts were visibly out of alignment by approximately half a tooth and the alignment tool could not be fitted Car is 90+ miles away in Wolverhampton.
  13. You can sell any value from home, I sold a £15k VW camper and a £16k bike from home last year..... Both easier sales than the sub £1000 shitters I have recently sold
  14. Buy it back minus mileage. New dsg box, punt it on.
  15. Hope you got at least 3 for 9k
  16. Hope I'm not tempting fate but I have not heard off her since Monday. Makes me wonder if she was trying it on
  17. What happens when everyone has paid for a sponsored advert?.. Oh yeah AT is a gazilion times richer
  18. I saw an ad the other day for Petrol VW Transporters. VW must be getting ready for the death of the diesel.
  19. I've not used AT properly for about 3 years. Once every blue moon I grease my ass up and stick a few on. I dont get any better results than I would off eBay and wonder once again why I bothered. Really hope this is the beginning of a mass exodus.
  20. How can that even be right. Are there grounds to appeal to a proper judge rather than a shop keeper
  21. I look back 10 years, and customers where reasonable people. They accepted they where buying used old vehicles and was an element of expectation that something minor might go wrong and they just delt with it. But now we seem too live in a society that doesnt like to take much responsibility. To quick to let someone else pay or deal with a problem. Few clicks on Google or a Facebook moan and everyone is Rumpole of the Bailey. I heard an advert on the radio the other day offering to sue such and such a body if they had lost on the stock market. WTF!! That's the fecking risk you take, that's like sueing the bookie because your horse didn't come in. Anyway im chatting crap..I need my morning coffee.
  22. Im not a fan myself, this one did hang around a while though.
  23. Sold a 2010 308 1.4 82k miles the other week. She has just been on the phone saying the timing chain has gone and its going to cost £700!! I probed further and it transpires that it was making a noise so she took it to a local garage who have striped it and told her the TC needs replacing. Car was up for £2350, it had been freshly serviced by my local garage. Sold it her for £1900 just to see the back of it. Car was faultless when she left Obviously the car is now it bits 100+ miles away. Told her to contact warrantywise... But we all know whats they are going to say.!