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  1. Id love to find vans with no VAT. A no VAT van means VAT margin for me which is a fair difference in my favour to what the VAT man takes.
  2. I have a bike policy and trade policy, Bike insurance has 8 years NCB and trade is 6 years. You cant use a bike NCB to trade policy. However if I had a bike claim then my trade policy would be effected!! It only transfers when it suits them
  3. Well I know what to do if I ever find myself in court.. Just start to cry!
  4. Guy I know had one and the phone fell off the wall. Not my bag but they have some kind of weird following... Peados and Doggers is my guess
  5. I would if someone asked for one
  6. I use quickbooks, I found a lot of it gobble de gook and made a good few mistakes. I just keep it simple. Photograph and upload receipts then match to banking. I create quotes and invoices, my account tried to get me to do Classes which allowed me to bunch all expenses to a particular camper. But as i tend to buy in bulk this became hard to start breaking down. I use excel to work out my profit per job, how much I need too put aside for VAT, Tax , NI and how much I'm allowed to keep.
  7. She has a horse so cant say a darn thing. I have a tweaked 1199s, do the odd Euro trackday. Got three days at Aragon in about 6 weeks.
  8. My personal bus is a bonkers crazy 200bhp Red Italian with two wheels
  9. Personally I've never had an issue, like any brand & model you will always have a the Friday afternoon ones that. Never done a TSI, VW have stopped doing them.
  10. Absolutely no chance, Its a world of pain I'll avoid. I did look in to it, with the idea of leasing brand new vans, build over the winter, rent out over the summer then sell in September and pay off the finance. Before we even get in to renting to the general public the insurance is very costly, You need an emergency van spare just incase one gets trashed, short term leases dont give you the V5 so I couldnt change it to a camper on the logbook All Seasons do some nice vans.
  11. Not at all, there is now three of us, Im booked up till start of May. T6 came up at the right Money, offering it on here to see if anyone fancies a go.
  12. Just bought a T6 SWB on a 65 plate 47k miles. It will be built to a high standard and with quality components, Crash tested Bed, Double seat swivel base and Poptop roof, Dometic appliances, No MDF or Chipboard furniture, No cheap crap or cut corners £22500 + the Vodka. I can go as lairy or as mild as you want on the colour scheme, (Bright colours and glosses = more wow factor) Dont bother trying to get CAP guide on these things, buyers are totally lead by their hearts, I've never chipped on the price of done vans or a conversion. £29995 on a pitch at the start of summer is realistic
  13. Its not far from me, I might go and view it, Then have a look at the car
  14. Many moons ago I used to stick the Christian fish sticker on the back, National Trust sticker in the windscreen and tune the wireless in to Radio 3... Smoke and mirrors my friend, Smoke and Mirrors
  15. I wouldnt buy anything from Burnley EVER
  16. Stuck it in the corner of my unit out of the way, pretty much everyone who saw it commented on how nice it looks etc etc, and the more I looked at it the more I liked it.. So its now in my name with my Plate on it!
  17. Do you want to buy an RS4 Cab?
  18. MrC

    Dog hair

    Mat black Spray paint
  19. T's&C's of a warranty verbal or otherwise mean sweet FA.
  20. I had an S4 a few years ago I could have sold several times over. Im out of touch with car prices, the RS4 looked a lot of flash for little cash.
  21. I was at one of my suppliers today and he wants a quick sale on his RS4 Cab. 2006/7 (Sorry wasnt take much attention but thats the only years they made them) 91k miles in Silver.. He wants £10k.. Sounds cheap to me. Its based in North Somerset if anyone interested. PM me if you want his details
  22. I use it, as mike101 says you have to manually do VAT margin but for me thats was once last year! It cant be a bit of a head fuck but once you get the hang of it its ok. My has a specialist I can call or email to walk me through when I cock up.