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    Dog hair

    Mat black Spray paint
  2. T's&C's of a warranty verbal or otherwise mean sweet FA.
  3. I had an S4 a few years ago I could have sold several times over. Im out of touch with car prices, the RS4 looked a lot of flash for little cash.
  4. I was at one of my suppliers today and he wants a quick sale on his RS4 Cab. 2006/7 (Sorry wasnt take much attention but thats the only years they made them) 91k miles in Silver.. He wants £10k.. Sounds cheap to me. Its based in North Somerset if anyone interested. PM me if you want his details
  5. I use it, as mike101 says you have to manually do VAT margin but for me thats was once last year! It cant be a bit of a head fuck but once you get the hang of it its ok. My has a specialist I can call or email to walk me through when I cock up.
  6. Kind of reminds me of the time I took a A4 in to swap circa 2005 ish. The thing had about a 3rd of a tank of fuel in it. Naturally I used the car, day or so later I got pulled in to a Revenue roadside fuel check. Boom... Its running on red diesel! Fuck.. I had to provide invoices etc to prove I had only just got it and give last owner details. I heard no more of it
  7. Straight in to the Knicker draw
  8. I learnt the hard way, Punters have a "Warranty" and are under some kind of illusion its a cast iron guarantee that their cars fault will be fixed regardless. They get brought down to earth very quickly when the warranty co wont pay out because of _______. Then your already irate customer is back on to you screaming blue murder. I found life easier to stick to the word of the law, No more No Less
  9. Why do you feel the need to give a 3rd party warranty, I used to stick to the customers consumer rights, dont count on a 3rd party warranty to pull you out of the shit.
  10. I dont like the close up depth of field type shots, Its the kind of shots Id expect to see on a detailing forum or somewhere like Tom Hartley, its like you are trying to hard. Some of the close up shots show the wear and tear a bit to much, that would be enough to put some punters off.
  11. I have a customer with an over 300k 1.9 T5 that still goes strong, doesnt smoke or rattle
  12. I was with Clegg Gifford who are part of TW. In December my renewal was £1100 more than, and with less bells and whistles than my new insurer. No need to say I voted with my feet
  13. You would have been better not reapplying
  14. Whats the crack if the cheque was lost in the post, Im guessing you get some kind of warning/reminder?
  15. Sent my cheque off mid December, not heard a bean and the cheques not been cashed. I usually have the letter by now. Anyone else waiting?
  16. I bet it stinks of kid puke and stale milk.
  17. MrC


    I tend to use FB boosted posts to shoecase a completed camper, this is aimed at a target audience. Also do the same on Instagram, I'm more for brand awareness then selling a particular vehicle. I spend around £20 per boosted post, The camper Im doing now was a result of Instagram.
  18. Its only been a few weeks .. I've sat on cars for way longer.
  19. I know I'm in a different game these days but Nov and Dec were flat out. I have campers booked in till late March. I'm quoting on Aprils job at the moment. And this is the quiet period, Just wait till it gets busy !! Got someone starting with me in January as I just cant cope with it. Mrs C has made me take a few days off over Xmas but I know where I would rather be. With regards to the only car I have for sale.... Apart from the text message bottom feeders I've Not had a sniff on the Z4 I bought at the end of October.