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  1. Many years ago whilst trading from home I had a council visit. Long story short.....actually its a very short story. In a nutshell he rocked up showed me his ID, told me of the complaint. Had a quick butchers, could clearly see no signage, engines out of cars or mechanical type work going on. Obviously the complaint had been exaggerated. He left with no further action.
  2. Id be in on Xmas day given the chance
  3. MrC


    Dealing in scrappers to the unrealistic bottom feeders... You can almost smell the Facebook rants. I wish you luck my friend.
  4. I used to hate going in to Currys. Do you still get accosted 15 times in 15 seconds?
  5. Mines due soon, because Im modifying vehicles it can be a bit of a nightmare.
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    Yes if thats all you want to do
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    Wave accounting is free, quite similar to quickbooks. You can upload a logo
  8. Bit of a heads up, Some good deals to be had plus even more discount if you have a trade card. Just spent far to much on impulse purchasing.
  9. Maybe people think they are getting a bargain in the winter !
  10. The Caddy is my favourite vehicle, we go everywhere in the van.
  11. Im holding out for a Picasso. The painter not the shit french school run chariot
  12. Believe me that was my first thought
  13. Stuck it on last night, You have got to love eBay...... What a brilliant car and looks like it should cost more !!Let me make an offer that is indeed more than your asking price, but there is a But....and am relying on the old adage that if you don't don't get !I have an Original wildlife oil painting by collected artist Tony Forrest.It has been valued at £8,000 by Whitewall Galleries (large chain of over 40 galleries and is they who exhibit originals by Forrest). I will happily offer this if the car is as nice as she appears.I have certificated proof of value, ownership and authenticity.Keep it and use as an investment - you will make good money, (I bought it for £450 and look at it now !). Sell it on and you'll still be way over your top price - you will be in a win/win.I actually live in France where Forrest has no market - his market is UK or USA so not easy for me to sell quickly.Your car is what we all hope to find, but rarely do, so am happy to take the hit on the price differential,Can send j-pegs if you want,John
  14. Not sure I recall asking for a value.
  15. Cant even remember the last car I bought, Long story short my mate wanted to off load his Wifes 2006 56 Z4 2.0 M-Sport to WBAC as he couldn't be arsed to sell it. The car has been perverted over for years, he's properly anal about cars everything has to be perfect. 54k miles with all the M Sport trimmings Not a mark on it, I matched the WBAC offer at £3100. Prices are all over the place on these things, It can sit in the corner of the unit till some crazy BMW pervert gives me £2k profit.
  16. Like the man in the orthopaedic shoes, I stand to be corrected
  17. If the faults are real then he is within his right to return. Minus 50p per mile
  18. You pay commercial VAT 20% on the sale price, not unless the van was bought from a none VAT registered seller then its just VAT Margin. Turning it in to a Camper makes no difference on the VAT. I cant afford one of my vans, Im getting this more and more, I help customers find a base van. I have a couple of contacts I can put them in touch with. This gets me away from selling the vehicle, and reduces my VAT... And saves capital expenditure. Win WIn Win This trend has been going since the 60's
  19. These things really hold the value well, your buying in to the lifestyle and the fact you can just up sticks on a whim. £30k buys a lot of hotel rooms but as these things do depreciate like a car you wont lose than much over a few years. Few years later sell for £27k. £3k could have bought a few years worth of memories.. Bottom line is, You have to use it
  20. Someone better let my customers know about this impending doom, im flat out with work and they seem to be spending like sailors. My lastest customer spent more on the the conversion that he paid for the van. £15k the van £16400 on the conversion. If I get the job on the most recent quote, that will take my diary till Feb.
  21. I've been following it for ages. I think I'll be gutted once they finish it