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  1. Expect to work twice as hard for half as much, you will also age several years in a short time.
  2. I use Quickbooks, works well for me. I do a VAT margin sale once every blue moon, the accountant manually adjusts.
  3. Ruined me, lost a few of my suppliers. Scrappage scheme took the bottom out of the shitters
  4. Its shut down now but the Auctioneer at Blackpool auctions would say "In the best colour" on every single car.
  5. Sorry guys been busy with life, Painting, carpet fitters, blah blah blah, generally getting the new gaff ready to shimmy on in to this week. I have decided on beefing up physical security in the way of a steel door and casing and a load of extra ironmongery for the roller shutter. Will be looking in to an Alarm this week and getting some prices. I guess nothing stops these bottom feeders if they want to rob you so I will try to make the job as hard as possible.
  6. Mine mainly revolve around social media and the cretins that come in to my living room via my laptop screen. People on Facebook groups who feel the need to ask thee most dumb ass questions. Answers that would have a click or two on Google and get you a much quicker and from the horses mouth answer Top of my list is the T5 Forum facebook page. Almost on a weekly basis they have debates about people who wave or dont wave at total strangers in T5's. Front end Friday, Same people posting the same front end pics weekly. Rinse and repeat Side on Saturday, Same people posting the same side on pics weekly. Rinse and repeat Photo of the dash showing EML, with "Whats up with my van and how much will it cost?" People who pick up dog shit but feel the need to tie the dog shit back to a branch or wire fence! In a rush and being stuck behind a Nissan Micra, Nissan Note or Honda Jazz
  7. I don't take cards. Its not held me up
  8. You win a signed photo
  9. Got the keys for the new premises on Monday, been spending then evenings painting and getting it ready. I do want to beef up the security, locks and door protection aside. Im thinking CCTV, and a burglar alarm both linked to my phone, there are phone points in however I dont think they are active, rather than get them hooked up and be paying line rental plus broadband Im thinking about 4G. One of these on either PAYG or a cheap monthly contract. As they have RJ45 ports then in my mind I will be able to link up the CCTV & Alarm. Any other ideas welcome
  10. And the winner is... (Drum roll)... Me £0 increase just £25 admin fee
  11. Cause that happens lots
  12. They don't cover tools. Plus I'm due to move in over the next couple of weeks so can accommodate to their security whims
  13. Im waiting for a call back from my Insurance Co about change of address. New unit is less than a mile from the old one, Policy due for renewal early December paid in full (circa £1200) So place your bets as to how much lube I will need when they start bumming me.
  14. I cant help thinking Brexit is going to be another Millennium bug.. Remember the shite that came with that, Planes falling out of the sky, No water or electricity etc etc etc. Come 12:00 on 01/01/01 nothing happened. Everything carried on exactly the same.
  15. As if we are all not busy enough without doing unpaid tax collection work.. I do use quickbooks, its pretty easy to use. However I still make fuck ups as Im not a trained accountant..Infact I left school with zero qualifications, I did everything in my power to dodge double maths, Academically Im thick as a submarine door. I hate the though of being dragged over the HMRC coals if I genuinely cocked up, I have always thought it odd how they can be Judge Jury and hang man.
  16. Keep it simple.. Why not just chuck £200 per car sold in to a bank account to pay for legit repairs that come under CRA15. Dont give them a warranty. Dont tell them you put money away. Just smile, shake their hand and send them on their way.
  17. Upselling from shite to further shite at the risk of leaving your customer exposed to disappointment for a longer period. 99% of people never read the small print, Your customer will be under the illusion they have some kind of cast iron no quibble warranty. Lost count of the amount of times Warrantywise quoted wear and tear or the missing service stamp 7 years ago on the 10 yer old shit box and would not pay out. Then telling the customer to take it back to the dealer for a solution!.. Yeah thanks for that. Of course Im giving you the shit side of the coin but you will come across it.
  18. When I was dealing cars i had nothing but trouble with warranties, You do invite trouble when the warranty company wont pay out and you have an ectra irrate customer. I stopped giving warranties and life got easier. On my campers I offer 12 months on the new build part of the camper. Bare in mind the appliances have 12 months manufacturers warranty so as long as I screw it all together well they will be fine. As for the vehicle itself they are covered by their consumer rights. And I stick totally to the word of CRA15.
  19. Great gig if you can get it
  20. MrC

    New premises

    Trigger pulled on it today, onwards and upwards as they say. I'll update with more pictures once I'm in. I can see some late nights coming on to get it ready.
  21. MrC

    New premises

    I like the small of sweat Means I can take someone on without worrying about tripping over each other. My current unit is great for doing one van at a time but zero chance to expand.
  22. MrC

    New premises

    Just read your message, its a pretty quiet area. But I will review security as soon as Im in