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  2. The camper Im finish shortly was sold via Facebook on the back of an ad I thought had expired a few months ago. £28500 if you dont mind, and added an Eberspacher heater to be fitted.
  3. I have done a few with 240 Aircon
  4. Tell them that when you checked the 2/40* air con it was fine. *2 Windows down, 40 mph
  5. MrC


    Think i might give it swerve and stick to good old Excel. Lifes complicated enough without me doing my accountants work for him.
  6. Buyer realises how thirsty his new purchase is and wants to get out of it.
  7. My accountant is recommending I trial Quickbooks, £20 a month after the trail. Just wondered if there are any users on here. Pros and Cons? Thanks in advance
  8. Wifes Uncle is called Mr Fairclough. They call him Mr Fuckoff in his local Chinese. I'll get me coat
  9. MrC


    Its where the bottom feeders live
  10. Call him a cunt then hang up.
  11. I think there is nothing worse than a used car salesman/woman. I'll be more specify, the smarmy ones who are your best mate in 30 seconds, fake Rolex, Polyester suit, pointed plastic shoes You get the picture Shoot me now
  12. I always carry a good selection of Sharpie pens fort such occasion
  13. I usually sell off the standard steel wheels off Transporters after replacing with posh alloys. Stick them on Gumtree/eBay/Facebook. £80 gets your 4 x T5 wheels with decent usable tyres. Local Chap rings me up, comes to the unit, Spends 20 minutes forensically inspecting each tyre/wheel. Then went away to think about it!! WTF I did laugh out loud. He stayed pan faced To be fair he did come back a few hours later, clearly this was such a huge decision as whether of not to spend £20 a corner!
  14. Not sure I would sleep at night, it does not take much to go from Hero to Zero these days
  15. Check out picture No 7.
  16. I gave my 12 month notice November 2016 as I was not using it to make it worth while. So I asked my account manager to put me on the cheapest monthly payment of £7 subsription and just do PAYG on any checks I did. Anyhow Decembers invoice shows up and its at the normal price! So I emailed her again and reminded her of the previous conversation. I got an apology and a promise it would be sorted and the excess I paid would be credited.. January came and its still at the full price!! Emailed again had the same conversion 1000 apologies and some more promises etc etc Feb comes and guess what... You know the answer. So I side stepped the useless cunt and went to accounts. Spoke to a couple of people and finally got it sorted. March comes ... Still being invoiced incorrectly .. WTF is wrong with these people. So emailed and in no uncertain terms told them that until they invoice me correctly then I will not be paying.. Its now March 2018 and I am STILL being invoiced incorrectly. I have not paid them since Dec 2016 I have had a statement of account back in December 2017 I emailed them to remind them why I was not paying. I have not heard anything from them. My logins still work but I dont use it. If they pursue it I have plenty of ammo but till then they can swivel
  17. I used to leave some car up at a local farm £60 a month for 5-6 cars
  18. Had a few personal vehicles that have been to the moon and back and never missed a beat, yet had sub 40k stuff thats been a nightmare.
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    Well not heard a dickie bird since so hopefully thats the end of that.
  20. MrC


    There is no such thing as bad publicity
  21. MrC


    Its killing me to. If it gets shitty I will ask for pics, I agree forums can be dangerous places full of keyboard warriors. I'm not sweating to much and would happily go to war on an open forum to defend myself.
  22. MrC


    I have not asked for pictures for that very reason.
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    He brought his van down from Inverness. As it was such a big drive I offered him a bed for the night if he wanted rather than do a 700 mile round trip. (Just so we are clear the offer was not in our bed.. Mrs C has rules) So yes I did and will go above and beyond.