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    99.9% have been great, They are VW men BUT not VW Golf men. Hearing you all loud and clear. So far I have had no response, I have feeling I will hear of him again. Really no idea what his game is, I am man enough to admit if I had damaged something and I would put right the issue. Watch this space
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    No cctv im affraid.
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    I had a customer collect his VW Caddy this morning after I had done some work on it. Everything wss fine and dandy, i have not long had a message that he has got home (Inverness) 350 miles and says there is a dent on the rear n/s quarter and paint damage, as if some thing has fallen against it. 100% nothing happened when it was in my custody. And if anything would have happened I world have addressed it. Or knocked money off the price. Never been in this situation.. Any advice would be greatly received.
  4. Mine are great.. Just took a deposit on another camper that I wont be starting till mid April if Im lucky. Customer was like yeah just when ever.
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    Any recommendations for a PAYG decent alternative to HPI. Thanks in advance
  6. Why not swap it back to an OEM back box and sell the chav one.
  7. Only last year I was offered a couple of grand in postage stamps as a swap for a car. I did post a screen shot of the message on the forum. It still makes me laugh.
  8. Camper advertised at £25k, call this morning.. Will you take £16k.. I laughed so hard some wee came out
  9. Having the one opportunity to repair, Im guessing thats after its would have been agreed that the fault would have been there at the point of sale. If the fault was not there at the point of sale then CRA15 should not kick in?
  10. When I used to use 3rd party warranty companies and ever had an issue they would pretty much always state its wear and tear and get out of it that way.
  11. So we have to cover wear and tear on motors that have covered 10's of thousands of miles and X years old. Customer could complain with 30 days that the windscreen wipers blades are not working properly thus rendering the car not fit for purpose in the rain. I know CRA 15 is hardly a new thing and we know how unfair its is. Its far to open ended for my liking and open to far to much interpretation.
  12. So back to a comment I made about an injector going down. Lets say 20 days after a customer buys a vehicle an injector goes down, needless to say it running like a bag of crap. Clearly that fault would not have been there at the time of the sale, even the layest of layman would have noticed its running on 3. Lets take good will and being Mr Nice guy out of the equation and stick to the facts of the law then the seller has no responsibility as clearly the fault was not there at point of sale.? I stand to be corrected
  13. I had a customer earlier this week come to collect his camper and pay the balance.. £22500 transferred on his phone! I thought there is no way this is going to go through but 2 seconds later Im rich!
  14. Bank transfer every time for me.
  15. I dont think I have ever seen a straight 15 year old Cooper S.
  16. We have a E350 Coupe with all the posh dongers on.. That seems to spend most its life going nowhere as we travel every where in my VW Caddy work bus. Gotta love a van
  17. Used to use Warrantywise, as part of the deal I would put on the 3 or 6 month Silver warranty, I would go through what was and what was not covered at Silver level and offer to upgrade if they wanted to pay. On the few occasions the buyer had a fault WW would squirm out of the claim using the Wear and Tear get out of jail card but would then tell the buyer to go and see the dealer for a repair!! Talk about pass the book. This would then have me dealing with an irate customer made even more irate by WW. "You gave us a warranty blah blah blah and it covers f*** all, blah blah blah" In a nutshell I stopped giving warranties and just said they have there consumer rights.In the end I did it totally by the CRA 15 Book. Weirdly I never had an issue after that. Anyway I've not sold a car since god knows when. I sell my campers without offering a warranty, I'm not shirking my responsibilities. I would simply play by the CRA 15 Rules. All that said my customer demographic has changed for the better in the last 12 months.
  18. A PDI will never stop an injector going a week after someone bought the car. But it would have been very obvious if the fault would have been there at the time of sale. So in that case the buyer would not have a case?
  19. I thought the fault had to have been there at the point of sale and it was down to the buyer to prove this?
  20. Blackpool auctions used to be a right gene pool
  21. If he has gone ahead and had the work done before consulting you then that was his choice and you can politely decline his offer to remove £300 from your wallet. If you are felling generous you could maybe offer what it would have cost yoy
  22. Lets just be clear it was not me calling
  23. If any other company treated its customers like they do they would last 10 minutes