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  1. They couldn't tell me what trigger I'd hit as I think it's most likely just a computer looking for patterns. Annoying as I only tax one vehicle at a time until it sells whilst all other stock remains as normal in the trade and untaxed so I can't have done it that many times over the course of each month say. Their main point seemed to be that direct debits must be cancelled by using the DVLA website to notify of new keeper or SORN. Be interesting to know if when you notify of a new keeper whilst it's been taxed within the trade if this would then cancel your DD as a trader or would it still run? Never took this chance of it not before as it easier to cancel through online banking whilst I'm on there.
  2. Possibly why they have stopped it. Personally I always did let the initial payment go out so I had actually paid for the tax I used. I pointed out how much money this meant I paid on tax over the year but I suppose it's still not the correct way the system works. We obviously use trade plates for our stock but just annoying not to be able to make use of one now!!
  3. Yes you couldn't pay the 6 or 12 months as when you came to get your refund it would go to the registered keeper
  4. Afternoon everyone, Like many of us I often tax a stock vehicle to drive around in and cancel the DD when sold. It's useful as I haven't had my own personal daily vehicle for years really and also with some stock vehicles it's good to check everything works by driving them for a few days. Went to tax a stock vehicle over the weekend as we had sold the one I was using and the dvla site wouldn't let me tax it via DD, the error message read something like "we cannot proceed with DD payment setup using this bank account, please proceed to tax via debit card for 6 or 12 months" I have today called the DVLA to question this and have been told they now monitor cancelled DD payments and are blocking accounts that continue to do this and there was no way of un-blocking our bank account. She suggested using a different bank account and always cancelling via the DVLA site. Obviously we do register the new keeper via the online system but this would never cancel the DD for us as the vehicle is registered in the trade hence cancelling the DD. Looks like I need a new personal car!!
  5. At least it's not just me then!! I've noticed ebay has picked up again recently for ourselves. Still just as many time wasters and "how much m8" or "8k collect today" on a 10k car but a few decent enquiries and sales unlike in the past. And even more surprisingly some decent sales off motors!!!
  6. Anyone else get very similar car gurus leads and never get a reply from supposed customer? I'm currently on the free dealer package so you get an anonymous email to reply to not the actual customer details. 4th in 2 weeks this morning that says "I'm interested in your" then whatever car it may be. But this is all it says and all 4 are the same wording....thought it may be a tick box comment when the customer clicks the message button, but having checked when you click message dealer its a blank comment box so seems strange to have 4 of the identically worded enquiries. I have had one other this week which was "I'm interested in the best price on your _____" but again very similar wording. On the lead email it seems slightly suspicious that boldly displayed it sign up to our full dealer package to receice 2x the leads and full customer details on leads....
  7. Quick question, with the advancement of the dvla website in the last few years has anyone found an easy way around not getting a log book with a car bought from auction? I'm finding more and more cars not having log books probably because the main dealers don't want to wait for it to return to them before putting the car in the block. Just wanted to know what other people are doing in this situation as customers invaribly want to see the log book before purchase!! This then turns in to a conversation about sending the V62 form off etc. Cheers everyone
  8. Done and looking forward to the results!! I am new to the forum but not the business.....looks a great place for us all to share knowledge and experiances!!