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  1. Thanks for the response, this sounds like a very good idea. How do you envisiage this idea to work? If a user saves a vehicle to their saved vehicle list, the system automatically texts them to follow up on the lead? Or something else?
  2. Hi All, I am looking to get some input from dealers as to what they look for when they purchase Dealer Management Software. I am a software developer and I have developed a Dealer Management System. But I would like to know what kind of features you would look for to compel you to purchase such a system? I have already got the following features which are: Unlimited Vehicle Listings Unlimited Pictures Per Vehicle Add Vehicle By Registration Plate Customer Area eMail Marketing Tools Scheduled Email Marketing Campaigns (Daily, Weekly, Monthly) Integration with Facebook Customisable Page Content Search Engine Optimised Automatic Updates at No Extra Cost Import and Export Stock Listings And I have plans to implement the following features: Live Chat Facilities Finance Integration Pay a Deposit with Paypal Customer Relationship Management Tools Auto Generation of a PDF Info Sheet Detailed Stock Info - (Cost Price, Supplier, MOT History, Service History etc) Invoice & Finance Management Visitor Stats and Reporting I was just wondering what else people might like to see, so I can add them to my development roadmap, and what features you think are most important so I can prioritse what I build. The system is currently being tested and is in the process of all bugs being repaired so its ready for general release. If anyone wants to try out this software free of charge, I would be happy to set them up with a website so you can have a play with it and give me feedback. I would also be interested to know what software you currently use, and what it would take for you to change to a different supplier. I plan to sell this for a £250 per annum license which covers the cost of hosting, support, email accounts and unlimited updates. I would be interested to hear what you have been paying for your websites to make sure I am in the right area in terms of cost. Any and all feedback, good or bad would be greatfully appreciated. Thanks Andrew Arscott