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  1. hi everyone, I charge admin fee to Zuto and Carfinance247 customers only. will I have any issue with the FCA or trading standards ?
  2. thank you for the advice, however, I am only renting the showroom, petrol station is not mine. I need to find out what this garage is and why am I being charged for it.
  3. thank you, I will make sure I do it myself. I assume I will get a refund of the money I overpaid for a garage that does not exist ?
  4. thank you, thats not a mistake. I have a showroom you can google supreno cars, however, there is something dodgy about it as on voa, I am getting charged a good amount for a garage which I don't have so I was on the case and this virus popped out and put everything on hold.
  5. thank you it was really helpful. I moved to the current property in Feb and received the business rate bill in April. they actually got back to me yesterday saying that I owe them £2800 and thats why they are not paying and will only pay if I agree to either pay in advance or minus from the £25k. Hopefully I should get it soon.
  6. thats what stresses me out, can they really tell me that they have run out of cash?
  7. Hi everyone, Hope you all well and busy. I have applied for business rate relief grant at my local council which is Spelthorne on 19 of March and have not heard back from them yet. chased them many times but they keep on saying we will get back to you. any advice ?
  8. thank you and yes thats exactly whats happening, worked 7 days a week for 3 years straight with no day off or holiday but but I enjoy what I am doing. I used to beg finance companies to sign me up and now they are begging me . hard work pays off.
  9. I agree and it would work for me once I have reliable people working for me. I had a small yard and around 25 cars which I could manage all alone by my self. I never had anyone working for me. now I have moved to a much bigger premises with capacity of over 60 cars and I currently have 40 cars in stock, I am running the business alone which is not wise but before I start hiring this virus thing shut me down. Big boys changed their strategy since the Brexit.
  10. I am sorry I don't follow ? what do you mean by books? Thank you for the info, I wish you all the best. As I said my only problem is finding good cars with good margins. a lot of money gets spent on repairs. what is the best place to get good stock from ?
  11. I would be happy to know what you do as well. I started with 1 car which I bought with loaned money from a friend for £3000, a CAT C Auris back in 2016 with no knowledge of cars what so ever, learned and worked my way up and doing really well. not making a lot of money though as I am struggling to find cars with good margins.
  12. well done ! what sort of cars do you have ?