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  1. Hi guys, I bought a 2011 Ford Fiesta 1.6 zetec. 53k miles It cuts off/ stalls sometimes particularly when cold. No warning lights on dash snd no fault codes on snap on obd reader. After a bit of research on google it seems like a commom fault. One guy wrote a PCM Software update fixed his and another guy had ford diagnose a throttle and 2 oxygen sensors and his was fixed. Drives mint apart from the occasional stall. Anyone had similar problem thanks
  2. Luckily we have had a great November so far, sold mostly the cheaper stock and have been reducing margins to get more sales - its working
  3. I noticed some cars on autotrader have a video. Has anyone seen a difference with vs without a video in your advert? do they charge extra for you to add a video, anyone know how much roughly (if they do charge)?
  4. Theres plenty of loop holes, just call the 2% card fee an admin fee instead
  5. I think im going to try without AUTOTRADER and if i doesnt work i can always come back i guess
  6. Just a quick thought ... advice needed cancel autotrader and motors because my stock is all under £2500 per car, so im thinking my response rate is low due to relying 90% on autotrader, whereas my sort of stock should be on gumtree and fleebay. Autotrader for 14 cars (priority listing) is costing me £1150 p/m motors 15 cars £182 p/m SO IM THINKING TO JUST CANCEL BOTH AND TRY.. gumtree 25 cars and ebay 2 months free trial will only cost be £300 ish hense MASSIVE SAVING on adversing Been with autotrader for 2 years and im just hoping i will survive without them, will i??
  7. Ive got about 15 cars advertised on autotrader and and have a pitch with 25 cars on. Never ever has it been so quiet, only sold one clio this month so far and that was on the 1st ive mainly got small cars for people who recently passed, and all of the stock is under £3000. I was thinking maybe my target customers (students) are just settling back in uni college ect hense why its so quiet BUT other traders up and down the road are VERY VERY quiet aswell so its not just me is anyone else experiencing the same? cheers
  8. One today, nice steady start to the month. Good luck people lets see who's first to 40 (lol)
  9. Sounds scary are the expecting us to give them daily accounts live online or summat?
  10. I will look into this. Is it costly, where can obtain this from? thank you for the advice will get some stationary this week and start keeping on top of this
  11. Thanks Justina, I've got an accountant and Ive got nothing to hide from taxman so I'm not too worried about that .... Yes we became vat reg last august but I'm struggling to do the book keeping to be fair and really could do with having a system set in place where you can easily put everything together ever quarter and see how much profit your in
  12. Overall it was a quiet Saturday, but we had two booked appointments at 2 o'clock .. Ford Fusion and Audi A4 and both sold. Then another couple bought a Astra 5pm a good end to sat. Audi A4 was sold after 8 months, agreed to fix slow front wipers problem and refurb all 4 alloys before next Friday slow start to this month, there were a few good spells but not consistent enough - hope we can get a good few months in now (desperately needed) not made any prof since Dec
  13. Running a one man show is hard like most of you know. There's so much to do, buying, collecting, prepping, selling, after sales and buying all over again. One thing I didn't envisage was accounts. Im falling way behind, just quickly jotting down the sold price in a book. Sticking sales invoices and purchased and receipts in separate files but no writing. Paying for labour and some parts by cash and never claiming it back out of business account, I'm probably owed £7-8k past 8 months. Still don't know what a stockbook is and any tips how to keep on top of accounts?