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  1. I agree with the going off a cliff analogy. To my understanding the issue with a no-deal Brexit and the tariffs is simply because we import too much from abroad, the effect on GDP is huge as you send money overseas. We import around 50% of our food in this country. It’s an easy trap to fall into when being part of this larger common market. Countries always take advantage of cheaper goods available from elsewhere, well, private enterprise does and offers it to consumers who take advantage. Local manufacturers of produce become non-competitive and many simply close the doors. Then you have the wider variety of produce we have access to. These products will either increase in price or become a lot harder to obtain. My point is self sufficiency in regard to your food supply should be the primary concern of any government in any nation and needs addressing here asap.
  2. Option 2 would be completely pointless and make matters a lot worse. Depends how he spins it “coronavirus has cost the U.K. a lot and we need to pull together as a country and work hard to pay it off” or “this government is facing its greatest challenge with coronavirus and exiting the EU and we’re going to be bold and kick start the economy by reducing XYZ...” Maybe they’ll finally scrap Income Tax bit of trivia for you but it was introduced as a temporary statute in 1799 to recoup the money spent on the Napoleonic Wars... sure we’ve paid that off by now. The statute gets renewed every year.
  3. Had a few nice ones offered to me in the last few days - all maintained to the hilt by proper people who’ve just realised they don’t need them and are changing to something more suitable for them. the virus has given people time to think. Not doom and gloom, these people are going to buy newer cars. perhaps I’ve been lucky
  4. When the big one happens they’ll be nothing any of us can do until then, like Rory said, we just have to adapt
  5. I found the same, I hadn’t done a proper list because I was more keeping an eye out but I noticed between 30/40% was unsold or provisional. A lot of the stock you’d take a punt on in a physical auction. Hopefully the vendors will see that too and begin to push for BCA etc to reopen. My understanding is physical auctions are allowed to open?
  6. There really should be an easier system, it’s slightly better now we have online v5 reassigning but often I just can’t be bothered!
  7. Do what you want to do. Everyone will do it differently, which begs the question; if it’s that serious why are there guidelines/ recommendations and not strict rules/ penalties...? Most customers I’ve met couldn’t care less and the ones paranoid about it are better not to deal with - why does the car take 2 seconds and not 1.5 seconds to start? What’s the whirring noise?
  8. I don’t think many would vote ex used car dealer
  9. I liked the overall jist of your post and it's made me think of a few bits:. - The 50k BBL is very much a self cert affair, what do you turnover and when would you like the money are essentially the qualifying criteria. - While the car auction craziness may end by Aug-Sep the effects of mass redundancies, reduced spending and the inevitable inflation caused from the dishing out of 'stimulus' money haven't been felt yet. So, although we will almost definitely see a CAP price increase now we run the risk later of a massive contraction as demand dries up. Dangerous game to play. - When you attempt to stimulate a market with the kind of hand-outs we've seen (specifically rate relief grants and furlough money) you devalue the currency already in circulation by "printing" more (it's more adding 000's on a computer screen rather than printing). This leads to a rise in the price of goods and services because you need more of the devalued asset to exchange for the thing you want. If you've stimulated a market properly the new "money" will be spent. In the market/ world we're in right now with huge uncertainty (second wave question mark and socio-economic problems globally) I think it's unlikely to see businesses or consumers being frivolous (more a batten down the hatches mentality?). To make matters worse, many who have received this money haven't had it in addition to what they would have had, they've had it in replacement of, so it's been spent in the normal way i.e. all we have is more currency in the system, and the big boys who were allowed to trade earlier than the rest of us or by nature of their business to trade throughout (amazon etc) have likely hoovered up what luxury or recreational spending of that "new money" occurred... and they'll do their best to spend as little as possible of it here!
  10. Also looking forward to hearing about this, a friend has had some turned up - grade 2-3 and look like bad grade 4/5 I wish. Problem is they go in a multi vendor or similar and everyone assumes they’re fucked. Even asked the auction to BCA assure my cars once, guess what? Never heard back.
  11. Damn you beat me too it poverty spec 150 bhp but with 30k miles. i have a photo but the forum won’t let me upload. Anyone with sense will rise this out, don’t play into BCAs hands and get them when all the BBLers have spent out.
  12. They’re letting the estate agents open I’d say because of its closer links to the economy’s strength, after that surely comes the motor trade. Hopefully they understand the motor trade and the importance of auctions when they decide to reopen us... but if they open us (used dealers) sort of inadvertently because they want new car sales to restart the auctions might not come with it.
  13. Mate, if fucking B&Q can open so can we. The only reason I'm not is I'm waiting on the auctions
  14. article from James explains what measure might be put in place at workplaces, we can imagine how auctions would impose this. Can’t find a link to guidelines for retail or cars though?
  15. I suspect the COVID death toll is much lower. Having checked the ONS death toll for Covid in March the number of deaths without Co-morbidities between the ages of 0-65 was 46... not saying it doesn’t kill people but the numbers being reported are only telling a part of the story. What about that Italian member of parliament losing his rag at their government the other day?