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  1. Got a 10 Nissan Juke, traction light comes on about 20/30 mph, goes out again after its turned off and on... someone mentioned a turbo pipe?? Radio screen is also dull. Anyone know the best fixes for these?
  2. Cazam?! What’s that? You’re joking right?
  3. It’ll be the same next year when the taxes get hiked... budget has been delayed because the treasury don’t know how to balance things.
  4. Once they get their results, if negative, they don’t have to isolate anymore. Pretty shitty if you have to cancel your holiday so will hope he’s negative. Results take a couple of days. sorry don’t know the answers to your questions but hope the info is helpful.
  5. It’s a massive overreach from the government, that some are cheering on reductions to their liberties because they’re so scared of this hyped-up virus defies all common sense. The media and government have worked hand in hand yet no one here understands what propaganda is. Then you have the Soviet style grass your neighbours up stuff. Carry on trusting in and relying on the nanny state if you want, I worry where it’ll all end up - you only need to look at what’s happening in Australia.
  6. Yes, it happens. Vendors need certain amounts back for cars... what can you do? Best thing to do is only pay your maximum and if it keeps going don’t get emotional - it’s not meant to be. Plenty more fish in the sea.
  7. That's the way to do it. Failing that get it out in the local rag and someone local with a few quid will go for it. £100k for a house worth more with guaranteed 5% yield, no brainer... even if bought they could remortgage straight away and pull out the money and buy another. Sounds a good opportunity.
  8. RA Creamer’s springs to mind... not even The Queens Jag dealer was safe!
  9. ... never had a problem with one
  10. Sealed bids then? Nothing illegal about it, just another method of selling. It’s our choice whether or not to participate. Just put what you’re willing to pay, if you win you win. bit like BCA proxy bids though... I’ve never won one under my proxy bid.
  11. Disagree with all this “you pays your money you takes your chance” conjecture, which is always the way the trade defends the auction sticking it to them. All well and good in an AUCTION HALL but this is online. It’s like an abuse victim defending their partner “they can’t help it they are what they are”. It’s utter bollocks and we need a united front against this. What the poor chap is asking, which is what we need to deal with in this trade before with online auctions it all gets out of hand, is LEGALLY can the auctions sell a car ONLINE when clearly the car has a major issue and then wash their hands of it while receiving good money for it? I’ve been watching how a lot of vendors deal with selling a knackered car online and I’m convinced it’s vendor policy and not auction because it’s not uniform. TC Harrison, for example, on their listings note engine noisy, gearbox issue etc. How can one vendor note engine noisy and the next not when/ if the engine is noisy? My implication being that the auction house should have the same standards throughout, shouldn’t they? I would say it’s misrepresentation or misleading. Worse over, when the auction house OWNS the vendor in question UKCGR etc has met the vendor and likely been informed directly of issues. Has anyone got a knackered car we can sell to them, faults disclosed, video the conversation and see what it turns up at auction like? I’m obviously not a solicitor but I feel as though if someone has the balls to take this to court it could set a new precedent, vendors like TC Harrison are probably already aware of some legal grey area.
  12. My budget is £150 a munf and I’ll ave it tuday mate
  13. Motor trade is the DSS of Commercial lettings. It’s associated with people leaving their tenancy overnight, having run up huge debts, leaving unpaid bills, great amounts of mess (oil, car parts, dirt, broken cars) and sometimes a raft of CCJs against the property. Not to mention, test drives, pressure washers, cars parked left right and centre for “just 10 minutes mate”, along with big transporters turning up every other day tend to piss off the other tenants. The difficulty we have finding units used to annoy me... I just see it as part of the job now. I get it... and sympathise!