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  1. Anyone else getting Asian date/ Russian bride ads on here? understand traffic is up on the site and ad revenue helps but surely chamois leathers and pressure washers would be more relevant than mail order bride websites... just shows what CDM thinks of its audience... bet it’s had a few clicks though
  2. Understand your points I really do and believe me, I don’t want to pay for something I can’t use, but right now isn’t the time to ask and smells of opportunism. Are you entitled to a grant? When this sorts out, if I were a LL, I’d boot off anyone who jumped on this straight away. Regardless of all the above, shouldn’t you still pay something since you’re storing your belongings there?
  3. More than 180 scientists here.
  4. Appreciate the guidance but it's hard to conceive how many would be in the situation of not being able to afford rent already, it's been what? A few weeks? For example: We are paying as long as we find it fair, this month is paid, next month will more than likely be paid but after that we will have conversations. It's not that we can't afford it, it's just why pay rent for something we can't use when my LL is mortgage free? It's not his fault - he worked hard to pay off his mortgage, it's not ours - we can't trade, but fairness has to prevail. How that looks will be different in every situation and probably to each individual party. Just hopeful for a quick end to this... I don't know about everyone else but I feel like I've ended up on the wrong timeline/ parallel universe!
  5. Nice rant but consider you don’t know everyone else’s situation and that people (employers and employees alike) are facing genuine hardship. I’m sure you’re okay, critiquing millionaires and the way they run their companies whilst being one yourself? People in glass houses. What are you doing to HELP? Now fuck off and sort yourself out. I’m out.
  6. Sounds like enforced lockdown. In Poland they have patrols on the street with curfews big £ fines if caught out
  7. Yeah. Stranger things happen... you could be extra busy! "Hello, Corona Car Sales Ltd, how may we avoid you?"
  8. Appreciate and respect your stance totally. I should've been clearer, as you say, for you, it's not about the business. My thing about professionalism was just it isn't the best tactic to move metal. Yeah, get what you're saying. We may all be eligible for the £10k gov grant so I'd be keener to isolate then.
  9. What's professional about it? It's making it harder for the public to purchase your product. Surely the opposite of professional. If someone is still looking at buying a car today then they don't give a monkeys about the virus and the last person they'll want to buy from is someone's who might be a bit paranoid about it... no offence intended, just my thoughts. Therefore, business as usual. Take your precautions - no handshakes, antibac spray , wiping desks, but don't go changing the formula. Maybe this is controversial?
  10. Wow. Now that is something!
  11. to sign up with them or existing customers?
  12. Remind customers their deposit are non-refunable
  13. This. If it’s a VTI put it straight in the bin.
  14. Business as usual where we are and a tonne of viewings booked today with more coming in. #Coronawhat?
  15. Have to admit, I stopped being interested when you said you own a VW...