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  1. I agree with all trade vet said, and the 3k per month seems very reasonable for London. My main concern would be turning enough stock(scouring at the right price to). If you turn 50% @ an average of a £1k profit, that’s only £7k a month. Deduct your advertising, insurance, Tax, VAT, etc, and it doesn’t leave you with much of a wage. You’d probably need to turn 75/80% to make it worthwhile, IMO. it’s sounds like you’re switched on and obviously have experience, so good luck to whichever way you decide to go.
  2. All Motability Contract hire vehicles come with breakdown/assistance cover as part of the scheme, a long with insurance and maintenance, so no need for any cover for them.
  3. No, they will. It’s £35 a car plus to sell on there, so 500-600 a month from Holdcroft is going to cost them at least £17k a month!!!
  4. Steve is the manager at the Holdcroft trade centre, he just doesn’t like messers. Come, collect and go and he’ll be fine.
  5. Haha! He’s okay, just don’t moan about the cars, pay and collect quickly and he’ll be fine !!!
  6. I know the Holdcroft group are setting up there own dealer auction style site, and I’ve been told it’d be free to join. Obviously dealers will have to prove trade status, but should be another decent source. I think they sell around 500-600 px’s a month. Should be up and running within a month or so.
  7. I thought £850-£900, so £788 seems very reasonable to me.
  8. From my experience you can tax a car if the MOT is valid for the month you are taxing it into. So for example if you want to tax a car on the 1st of Sept. ,the MOT can expire on the 2nd of Sept and no issues.
  9. Unfortunately not. Quickest way to do it is tax and register the car in customers name, wait for V5 to arrive and get customer to retain their plate online, then use the retention ref. To put on to the car (which is now in your customers name). Takes about 3-4 working days. Only down side is you have to wait for the V5 to arrive for the part ex.
  10. Had a 2003 Mini in px a couple of days ago, they could only find the old, old V5! The blue long one, with the green slip at the bottom, still ok to tax at PO, and new keeper will get latest Red V5 in a few weeks. No charge, just a trip to PO is the only inconvenience. My Mum and Dad used to run a PO, taxed many a car with no paperwork at all, just the reg. number on a piece of paper, and my Mum inputting the reg then trying all the different possible validation characters! It was great when they were an A or B, took a while if they were a symbol, as she always started with the alphabet, then numbers and symbols last!! Always got taxed in the end. Any Post Office, that tax cars, can do this, but I doubt many would!!!
  11. Yeah, I missed the words - in front of the doc ref number. And of course I presumed it would have been the latest V5. If it’s an older type, you can still tax at the post office, they input the reg and validation character and you’re taxed.
  12. You will be able to tax online or at the Post Office. Just add a random number to the doc ref number on the V5, and you’ll be able to tax online.
  13. Sounds like a plan Mark!!! and they’d never know, because of GDPR removing previous keeper details!!
  14. This has got to be my biggest pet hate of all time, and I’m guessing, most peoples to:- “Oh! I didn’t think it’d be worth that much!!” Damn it!!