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  1. It’s self assessment,if you find you have mistakenly under or overpaid VAT you have to notify them.Since buying VAT qualifying stock became the norm they must be used to giving refunds now.However I have lost count of the number of VAT inspections we have had yet not once has an inspector spotted any over payment.So around the millennium when I discovered that the MOT station we used for years had been billing us for oil and filter changes and MOT tests plus VAT,we tried to reclaim the VAT overpayment.There was thousands to claim back and we were passed around various VAT offices around the U.K. and after 3 years I gave up. I am sure Huggins will have better luck.
  2. Hi Taz.,you say you have been attending Brightwells in Wales for a long time ,when I have been there it was located in England not Wales which I think is 10 miles away.Never heard anyone complain about them before,infact I would recommend them.
  3. Ha Ha,they are definitely not boring,keep them coming please.Franchise dealer punters must be a lot worse.
  4. The bit I laughed at was about the dealer who aspired to having a Lamborghini who did not offer finance.4 years later after setting up with Close he has a Lamborghini.If that is true this guy probably persueded him to put it on chucky with Close.
  5. Apart from the problems,my only memory of Imps was an early case of identity theft which went wrong.We sold one on HP which in about 69/70 had to be 40% deposit as their was a credit squeeze on luxury goods.( Cars and jewellery were luxury goods ) A week after it went out,the Police called to say they had found it somewhere so we told them who we sold it to.The guy said it wasn’t him and it must have been stolen from the imposter.So we get it back repay the finance company and quickly retail it again having pocketed the original 40% deposit.
  6. Well done David,you did well to get a word in.Unbelievable, he should be doing infomercials on shopping channels.I didn’t think Close employed fast talking guys like that.I like Close but I am afraid if I was still trading that guy would not get near our front door.
  7. Welding at 13,what a star.You must have been inundated with work.We used loads of under seal to cover Mary Bakers on sills,wheel arches and inner wings,it was normal practice.
  8. Ha Ha 124,saloons ,estates and coupes,when we started we did well with those ,they were so cheap.You just had to fill the wings with Mary Bakers.
  9. ‘ Always liked the Imp’ ,you must be joking.They jumped out of gear,had alloy heads so they were constantly blowing gaskets.It was the Imp’s warranty claims that finished Rootes Group who had built Hillman’s since the 20’s.I suppose if you doorstepped them they would be ideal ,no comebacks in those days.
  10. 38 years as a trade buyer ......I could not possibly comment ( except in the private lounge ! )
  11. Midnight Drive Aways I think we called them.We would loiter at the main dealers from 11 pm waiting for the swappers we had been promised to turn up.We would also try and capture the swappers promised to others,those were the days of the ‘ bung ‘ of course .When you see the cost of auction buyers fees now and vehicle collection problems it is probably worth trawling main dealers and trying to corrupt ( sorry I mean negotiate ) with a sales manager.£200 per time ‘buyers fee ‘ might do the trick .. But can anyone tell me how you would cover your tracks because I don’t know .Replies in the private lounge thank you.
  12. I can remember taking stuff to the paintshop and the painter saying ‘ what do you want me to do with the wing it’s rotted right through ‘ and replying ‘ just fill it with Mary Bakers ‘.Mary Baker had her own cooking programme and she advertised her own Cake Spongemix.
  13. I was told earlier today that Mitsubishi pulling out of Europe was to do with NTLP. I don’t blame them,why would you be forced to buy carbon emission credits costing millions each year from Elon Musk or whoever in order to stay in business.
  14. While I think we all agree that John has dropped a major clanger,I think most of us in a similar situation would try to mitigate the loss.In this case BCA have treated this as an ‘ as seen sale ‘.However,the legal definition for ‘as seen’ or ‘as is ‘ is that the buyer has to be given an opportunity to make an inspection which was impossible in this case as this purchase was via an online or Eauction.BCA have therefore stated that in their Online Sales T&C’s that buyers rights have now been varied ( Clause 5 B sub section b ).This could imply that your rights are extended from the BCA general T&C’s ( Clause 15 A sub section 2 (ii) which refers to material misrepresentation and major mechanical defects not disclosed by the auctioneer. However first of all and prior to any Small Claims Court procedure it is important that John must use the BCA Live Online Dispute Resolution and Arbitration Policy or LODRAP ( which I have just discovered ) or a court claim could fail. Good luck John,it’s worth a go.
  15. Some people might say that a professional car dealer buying a non assured car from an unknown vendor in a on line auction is taking a huge risk and there is little or no recourse. However if you can prove that it was the same vendor who had re entered it after buying it at the same auction and not declared a major known fault ,that may be a different matter. BCA state on their latest T@C’s that online auction buyers have more rights so when a seller has failed to declare ‘ a major known fault ‘ you may have a case. I would be looking at making a Small Claims Court claim against BCA joined by the vendor. BCA are only agents for the vendor so they are indemnified.I did the same over a Leaseplan car and got awarded about 3 grand.
  16. Ullo John got a new motor .....( sorry couldn’t resist ) Firstly are you a car dealer and do you buy regularly from BCA.What section was the car sold in and how was it described.
  17. Keighley Trade Centre were a mystery,they used to advertise fleet stuff in AT mag cheaper than we could buy it for.Some of our punters tried to buy from them until they saw what it was before returning to us.I was in Keighley once to see an old trader friend and by chance drove past Keighley Trade Centre and the stock looked covered in dust.I can’t tell you what he said,Motorhub might also be them.I was also told at that time ( rightly or wrongly )that there were businesses in that area like large flash restaurants which existed with seemingly not many customers.
  18. I think a lot of them did but they did not get to keep it.I stand to be corrected but I think back then you were allowed to import one car from outside the EU for your personal use without paying much duty.So they were getting imported in different names then getting sold for big money.Dealers thought that gave them immunity but the Customs guys took a different view.I recall a dealer friend saying that a relative of his worked for the authorities looking into grey imports.Apparently some doorstepper had the same imported car advertised for an unusually long time so they sent someone to see it.It was sold when he got there but he was then taken to some unit that was full of similar stuff and ‘ bang to rights .‘
  19. Renault Safrane 7 seater,good one,I can’t even remember having one of them.What I do remember is buying rear seats for about £100 and fitting them in various estates to make them 7 seaters and then charging extra describing them as ‘countrymen’ .I think we were stopped because they didn’t fold down !
  20. I remember when in the 90’s,pitches advertising in AT mag were cropping up and making serious money selling imported Evos and Impreza crap to Riff Raff.They had some way of evading the import duty but by advertising them they alerted the authorities and most of these guys got wiped out financially.......BTW I was a big fan of Zafiras and most 7 seaters,we did good business with them.
  21. I have never come across a ‘ Popemobile Aficionado ‘ before .I seem to recall that you could nick them at the block as most of the trade sreered clear.The punters liked them.....’ made from unobtanium ‘ love it.
  22. I would be thinking there is a deal somewhere here.Depending on how much deposit he wanted,I would not have dismissed the idea.With due diligence and T&C’s worded in your favour allowing for a price chip in Sept.etc.Then again there is probably another story to it !
  23. Supposed to be,technically yes I am.I like being on the pitch,checking the stock,talking to punters and hearing the day to day problems and discussing how to solve them.( not tech problems because modern cars are generally shite ), which gets me annoyed. Mind since lockdown haven’t been very much.Anyway,straight sales with no swapper to retail on or some prime finance are not worth doing especially now when stock is hard to replace.( it may be different for doorsteppers ).
  24. The negative posts tend to be the more accurate ones.This job is not easy,but give it a go.On the way you must be prepared for some big mistakes and you will have to learn to blow money on some cars.You will have plenty of set backs and things will happen you have never even thought of but you will have bonuses aswell.If you survive the first 2 years you will have a good chance of success.You can get some good advice on here as people like to help. Good luck.