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  1. We have a great guy around here Panther Locksmiths
  2. Get a new windscreen fitted, never get it out 100%, you'll be wasting money and time and getting stressed with it.
  3. Yes it is quite strong at Bca, I managed to buy 4 last week. Freelander 2, Volvo V70, Honda Civic and a Focus estate. They were all above cap clean I work backwards from at good price and there is healthy profit to be had. Got 7 to chase tomorrow. Think prices will settle in a few weeks as dealers are stocking up. Main dealers open from 3rd June so give it a few weeks for fresh stock to come into auction houses. Doubt very much that auction houses will be open to attend physical auction sales until towards the end of the year or early part of next year. And for eye watering prices at auctions it's only the bidders to blame, won't make any difference if the auctions were open to attend.
  4. We advertise on emg, had an email before the weekend saying there was some technical issues and they were looking into it.
  5. Bought 2 bottles of 300ml from Morrisons yesterday £3.50 each
  6. Give it to another car dealer nearby on sor, say you sold it to them. Or I could help depending on where abouts you are in the country and what the car is like.
  7. Main dealers need to open up for us independent used car and van dealers (if I can say, not being greedy). We need them to get their pxs in to auctions so there can be some fresh stock at the auctions as we are soon going to run out of quality stock (speaking for ourselves, don't know about anyone else). They can easily run these large franchises or supermarkets just need to control it a bit better and serve people by appointment to limit customers in their showrooms, not reduce staff too low.
  8. Sell the bike to your friend give him a receipt. He needs to fill out the v62 form as he is the new keeper and needs to apply for a v5 in his name. Get the chassis number and registration number off the bike or the mot certificate. If the bike was registered in your name before you can write a letter giving full details of yourself, the bike and who you sold it to and explaining every thing. Your friend will have to pay £25 to apply for a new v5 with the v62 form. Alternatively if the bike was in your name apply for a new v5 as you have lost the v5, should come pretty quick and then send the v5 in your friends name. If your friend don't buy the vespa off you I may be interested to buy it depending what it is and where abouts you are.
  9. Where would I find the link for this please.
  10. I haven't read up about guidelines for estate agents when they open up, just seen a few ads on fb about them opening up from tomorrow. Think it may be difficult for them to do a house viewing safely as after the viewing surely everything has to be disinfected/sanitised that is a big job, specifically if you have several viewings. With cars still a ball ache after viewings/test drives but on a lot smaller scale.
  11. We have been doing self funded warranties for about 15 years. We have alongside done the odd one through a warranty company. The self funded warranties - we use Lawdata books, scheme 3, 3 months cover and £200 claims limit per claim, we put £50 away in a reserve account. We usually have a balance built up in there which usually pays some of our vat bill. Since last year (march 2019) we have moved to larger premises, from 25 cars to 70 cars, all the descent stock we advertise with 6 months warranty and 12 months mot, working quite well. These warranties are through a warranty company. Make sure the cars go out on good order you wont have a problem doing self funded warranties.
  12. Estate Agents have the green light to open, surely car showrooms are less risk. What you say?
  13. What's your prediction? when the lockdown is going to be lifted and we can start selling cars and vans again without the restrictions.
  14. That's right. They could win the business back with their attitude.