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  1. That's right. They could win the business back with their attitude.
  2. CarGurus - called them today, questioned the 50% off, asked them to suspend my account/advertising. They said we are waving all agreements if you have 6 months to go or 6 years because of Covid-19 situation. I thought they were really good and understanding. No questioned were asked or pressure. If cars are selling from there website or not before or after the lockdown, these CG are worth going back to just because of their attitude towards these unprecedented times.
  3. Is anyone selling cars still? if so how? We shut shop from last Tuesday, handed everything over to customers where deposits were taken. Our website is active and getting enquiries and customers want to come down by appointment. We are turning them away asking them to come back after the lockdown has been lifted. Just wanted to know what other dealers were doing. ATM we are closed as government says car showrooms to close.
  4. I had an email from them a couple of weeks ago, think I had a phone call aswell. Will look at my emails tomorrow.
  5. Bangers and Cash on sky 155 channel called Yesterday. Really great to watch. (Never seen it before)
  6. A & S


    Going to phone them up again tomorrow, see if they will be more lenient on us or we will default and I will withdraw from the facility and let them take the all the cars back. We are still getting enquiries from customers, telling them we are in lock down so can't sell them cars. BCA know what's going on unless they are on a different planet.
  7. A & S


    Yes I do have an account manager have been speaking to him directly, he's been waiting to hear from the people above him. We are all in limbo.
  8. A & S


    Called them yesterday, that's all they offered which is pants. Some young lad on the end of the phone, never spoke to him before, asked for management, no one available. Told him we are not going to be able pay you'll have to come and take the cars away. He couldn't answer anything really because he hasn't been told anything else.
  9. A & S


    Anyone have a stocking loan with BCA, a rich cash company like BCA not doing anything for its customers. How can one pay off for a vehicle when they can't sell it due to lockdown. BCA Profiteering from the lockdown - only thing they are offering an extension for 28 days when car comes 120 days on the scheme, they want to charge £25 per vehicle also the interest on these vehicles may increase to double. The few companies I know of are freezing/suspended accounts to help their customers Net Gear Top Gear Close brothers Auto trader Ebay motors group Car Gurus
  10. They should go free like all of them or suspend until we are back to normal again. I call EMG today they were happy to move March bill to End of April Free. AA cars also moved March bill to end of April and April and May has been suspended. I will be talking to both of them again towards end of April if I need to. Will call CG tomorrow to do the same. Don't mind if they suspend advertising as we can't open and sell anything.
  11. AT double your stock free is back due to Covid-19 until end of May 2020
  12. Peugeot has gone right down hill since the 306 and the 406. Used to be brilliant bit of stock, now the petrol 1.4 are the next biggest head gasket blowers since the Rovers, Vauxhall's aren't much better.
  13. £325 + vat for 50 car package £350 + vat for 60 car package £375 + vat for 70 car package These prices are for the dealer promise package, they do another one call AA Approved which is more money.