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  1. I think burger king got a bit more persuasive powerful than I. I haven't seen anything about you not being obliged to pay your rent. Just they have froze the evictions for 3 months. Unfortunately my landlord loves money too much and although he has a mortgage free industrial estate with less overheads than i, which much net him a couple of million per annum. No green eyed monster in me as you can see!
  2. I think it will be the business folding option for me. I'm sure there's a few on here that think they will be selling cars in 2 or 3 weeks and fair play to you. I am not as optimistic as that, and I'm not interested in paying my landlord's bills for the next 3 to 4 months, whilst I have zero income. It is what it is is there's a lot worse in the world right now and me being able to pay my bills. Good luck all.
  3. From reading of many different sites my interpretation is single company directors will be eligible to "furlough" however will not be able to carry on with any running of the busiess. No emails, calls, tax returns, nothing related to the business and obviously no sales (not that I'm expecting any). Obviously this isn't official, but that's my interpretation.
  4. I took a payment on revoult last month. Fantastic app. Irish girl who had just moved from Dubai to London and couldn't get a UK bank account for 30 days. Money received in milliseconds.........
  5. Elon Musk - the man who single-handedly destroyed the internal combustion engine, gave the super elites the chance to enforce there agenda on 'climate change' while brain-washing millenials and now as his last party trick... he has killed the used car industry. wish you well in whatever you do, it clearly won't be selling used cars....
  6. Give it a rest will you. Adapt or do something else. Shall we bring back the steam train and reopen the pit? Elon musk is a nut case. Tesla have not turned a profit and they may never. However people like him are to be celebrated, not moaned because he's made it hard for some second rate USED car dealer can't keep flogging old technology. Keep moaning and blaming others......
  7. You can buy textured paint for precisely this purpose.
  8. chrome trim is going to be a pain or repair and paint the chrome black...........
  9. Just had my very first claim using surecheck and to be honest couldn't have gone smoother. Got the car back, the report stated that the engine ran smoothly. Started in the next morning ran like a bag of nails. Had car scanned and it revealed super knock. Diagnosed HPFP, they asked me to send over a video and pictures of the fault code via Whatsapp! Did that, they agreed to the claim, asked if I wanted the money myself or sent to the garage. I made the invoice out to them and 2 days later they sent me £600. Maybe its because its the first time I have had to claim after hundreds of report bought cars, but it could not have been easier.
  10. So you are going to have thousand in the bank without using it for stock?
  11. Paying for a car in full before you had seen it? Who does that. Justify it however you want to yourself, however the fault lies with you and not the bank.
  12. Compensation? To be honest I can't see why you should get any money back from the bank. It's not fair that scammers like this exist in the world, but equally it's not right for other people to pay for your stupidity. I hope you get your situation resolved, but if you get compensation for this error of your own making, then it really shows how far humanity has fallen.
  13. Ok, Maybe your invoice is different to mine, but they have an Irish vat number on my invoice and use the vat reverse charge scheme which means effectively I can't claim Vat off the amount charged.
  14. Pretty sure there is no Vat on the price.
  15. The autos have the shocking powershift gearbox.
  16. You need Peugeot planet/diagbox. The cost of the machine and the cables is the cost of getting a car diagnosed once......
  17. That's how long my warranty is. I'm well aware of the CRA and what it entails I have a firm grasp on this subject and have many years of experience and don't need any advice from someone who probably hasn't even paid a vat return. But you carry on.
  18. If I bought a car from you and the box failed within 2 months, I'd tell you to poke your accuracy and Fix my gearbox. Regardless of the prep/PDI/video, if the punters car isn't fit for purpose after 2 months how is that fair?
  19. If the mechatronic unit fails 2 months into a customer's ownership and you turn round and say sorry buddy, no faults present at point of sale, then I think that's a load of shit. One, the valve may not be registered as faulty on your tool, but it has obviously been exposed to excessive wear. I have had many of these fail and it's a fucking pain, however I've never turned round to a customer and said. "Sorry, but you're on your own". I can't see maybe people buying a 6k-10k car, owning it for a few months, then paying 3k at a main dealer to have their gearbox fixed.'s mainly subjective!
  20. I like it, you do some basic checks before the car gets sold. A quick scan and test drive is about all you can do. However, to suggest these basic checks absolve you from and warranty from a failed gearbox is ludicrous. The customer signature to say there was no issues at POS, again is pointless. Just imagine suggesting to a judge that the reason you didn't help the customer was because you scanned the car 3 months previous and the customer signed for it! I'd suggest what you are doing is just the norm. You get a car in, inspect for faults, fix the faults then sell on?
  21. I go back to how do you prove the gearbox wasn't shagged at point of sale without either spending a lot of money getting it inspected after the event..... Or spending the same amount Inspecting before the car goes out? A customer signed PDI is completely meaningless in this scenario.