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  1. I love the banger PX’s, easy money. Just video them with a brutally honest description as trade disposal, no warranty implied or given.

    The first customer who calls pays the deposit and confirms their understanding gets it..

    Use a Lawgistics “unroadworthy invoice” for them to sign on collection and reiterate the above. 

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  2. 20 minutes ago, Dealer D said:

    Hi AD, Thanks for your interest and comments, they are appreciated. I really do however need to keep this unbiased and therefore confidential until the case is over. It won't be long and happy to share details then.

    Ok, I appreciate your stance. Best of luck :)

  3. 1 minute ago, beckly car sales said:

    cap guide is on items that are not being offered for sale at a determined price and will be decided by market prices on the day in the hall. AT price indicators are their judgement on a fixed price set by the seller on an item he owns .It is very different

    Leave and then attempt to sue them for the failure of your business.... That's your argument

    Its ridiculous 

    You are a business, you make your own fortune. 

  4. 10 minutes ago, beckly car sales said:

    sorry didn't realise autotrasers trade prices were correct what a dunce i am . As for what law thats exactly my point, find out if they can apply a price valuation on something they have not back. have you even questioned any of this or do you just do what your told and carry on

    LOOK INSTEAD OF DEFENDING AUTOTRADER can anyone please tell me of any other second hand items platform that have price indicators on items for sale

    This just shows how new you are, you have to adapt to the market, you can't control how business changes. Adapt or fail.

    THIS is the most honest answer you'll get. 

  5. 2 minutes ago, metcars said:

    Wasn’t IMDA supposed to be dealing with this?


    3 minutes ago, beckly car sales said:

    its not like anyone else does is it or let me know if they do. Would you expect price indicators on Rightmove??

    its not like anyone else does is it or let me know if they do. Would you expect price indicators on Rightmove??

    You have the choice NOT to use them.

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  6. 8 minutes ago, beckly car sales said:

    thanks for the input. If there was any doubt that their indicators were legally questionable on a point of law then you wouldn't support action against them. I will contact trading standards and anyone else i can think of and post any findings, I'm getting the impression people have given in to the giant and have no fight in them, like AT are god.

    Why fight the hand that feeds you. As soon as they find out what you are trying to do you’ll be banned. If you don’t like it then hand your notice in. 

  7. 3 minutes ago, beckly car sales said:

    ok so not much support on here which is fine i wanted to gauge if anyone agreed that putting a price indicator on an individual unique secondhand item was legally questionable or not.I personally think it is and will get in touch with trading standards when i get back in 10 days and post what they say. Has anyone else taken advice on this??

    For a start you won't be able to speak to TS...... This is an interesting question, I see your perspective.... 

  8. 4 minutes ago, David Horgan said:

    I can take your view on board , and i agree they are an afront to any sense we can think about , as to if its illegal I'm afraid I don't see that going anywhere really . 

    Its very much like me posting that your stock is either over priced or under priced . The customer that reads my description can agree or disagree cant they but they cant stop me saying it and neither can you . 

    We are looking at the possibility of NOT using Autotrader for our advertising , very carefully plotting every sale we make as to where that sale was tracked and found . 

    This month we have sold 19 cars to date and out of 19 AT tracker calls have called on only 8 , 11 others came from Google . So the tide might indeed be turning because as each and every year that passes a new generation comes live on the car hunt and they have different ideas where to find cars . 

    Not many 17 yrs olds even know what Autotrader is nowdays . Its all Google , Face book , and more Social Media . 


    As take action I'm afraid my path is to find new ways to sell that doesn't include Autotrader or Car Guru 

    Becky, AT don't consider us to be their customers, we are their bitches and are being used in their ultimate plan to control and manipulate the use car market. They are controlling our profit. The only way to stop them is not use them.... 

  9. 1 minute ago, beckly car sales said:

    ok i get it your not up for exploring the possibilty we maybe able to do something about it. No offence taken mate

    With respect, what do you think a judge would say........ If you don't like how the adverting medium you use has changed their focus, simply use another......  You would then lose and have to pay ALL of their costs.... Its a ridiculous idea.....  


  10. 15 minutes ago, beckly car sales said:

    Are there any dealers out there to help organise a group and chip in to seek legal advice with a view to taking legal action against Autotrader. In my view it cannot be legal for any company to pass judgement and value a secondhand item especially one that they have not physically seen. There must be something we can do. Looking for people that are motivated. Please let me know your thoughts


    Seriously..... It would be thrown out, if AT want price indicators that's their prerogative. If you don't like it stop advertising with them. No offence intended

  11. Fiat 500's and Mini's are on my do not buy list..... They are bought by shallow penniless billies, its feb they've just got their Xmas CC bill through the door.... You are brave man solely stocky handbag cars...

  12. 50 minutes ago, Dealer D said:

    Hi all,

    Have you ever been asked by a buyer, prior to purchase, to extend the 30 day right to reject period?

    I’d be really grateful if a number of you could just reply to this question with a yes or a no and then maybe, if you have time, what your reaction would be or has been - Also if you could say if you are an independent or a dealership would help.

    We are being taken to court, despite doing everything by the book, and I think your responses could be relevant in helping us to prove something to the court.

    Will happily explain all later (if anyone cares) but hoping for some genuine unbiased answers first.

    Please help!


    Hi, please introduce yourself and explain your case, what happened etc. You will get a lot of sound advice from very experienced guys here..... AD

  13. 4 hours ago, beckly car sales said:

    Hi, all the cars are minis and fiat 500 and have forecourt desirability readings for my area of 85 plus.Great photos, but all overpriced because AT say they are ==i just had an ad removed by AT because i had removed their indicator manually

    Its feast or famine, always been that way..... I feasted last month, now I'm on a famine...... 

  14. 4 minutes ago, RH Trading said:

    according to my portal the latest says 42.3 Daily adviews vs 31.8 similar ads. suppose it only takes 1 adview if its the right one. Ive seen individual cars get 100's of daily adviews and in stock for 50 days then a low performer with 20 ad views sell within 5-6 days.

    on the whole though I reckon the higest adviews are a good indicator of cars that are closest to selling next.

    Well mines is 22.3 verses 17.2......

  15. 10 hours ago, sparky said:

    No need to apologise to me, not sure when AD was appointed moderator of this forum but hey ho.

    I know a couple of LR specialists ( one dealing purely in classics) who have done very well out of them. I've often thought of getting into them as if ever a location suited them it's North Wales but didn't want to go down the route of employing mechanics and setting up extra workshops to keep the bloody things on the road. Stick to what you know and all that.

    I'm as much a MOD as you are a positive help and influence.....

  16. 40 minutes ago, New year revolutions...... said:

    That's a bit harsh

    If you read his post he has logged in to thank the original poster only

    I dont see where he has asked for any help

    This forum relies on fresh blood

    I've never introduced myself just like in my local pub I dont stand at the door shouting free drinks for all

    I'm off to try and hold the roof on, on my house now

    WOKE. This forum is a chatroom for wannabees...  its an introduction to join the confirmed TRADE forum where there is a wealth of help and support......... 

  17. 2 hours ago, Warley said:

    Thanks for asking the original question trader. I'm in almost exactly the same position as you but with less experience re sales on the board.  I'm a mechanic though with a specialisation in landrovers so was hoping to supplement sales income with servicing and repairs to landys in a country town. The comments have been very sobering and useful. I'm off to my first auction on Monday and will be trying not to look like a newbie. Hope to be buying on the Tuesday. (Early Range rover sport and mini clubman).

    Thanks again. This site is a great resource. 

    Don’t jump on someone’s post. 

    Introduce yourself properly to this forum if you want help and support. 

  18. 4 hours ago, Trader86 said:

    Hi All,


    I have registered as a sole trader in Mar 19. Starting selling cars from home while working however got hold of premises last month and my portable office is being delivered next week. I now accept Cards and offer warranties. 
    my plan is to quit my £35k / year managers job and go “cars only” from April. Nit handed my notice as yet, as I am undecided.  I have some knowledge about cars but not knowledge about running this business. I admit. but no one knew at their very beginning I guess. Financial year is coming to the end and I have looked at my invoices and profits etc... Yeap I will be absolutely molested by Tax man. But its ok. I’ll declare it all and pay what I owe. I am not VAT registered at this stage as didn’t meet or exceeded the threshold. I will however need to register IF go ahead with my plan, as I don’t want to be dealing with £300 X reg Mondeos.. 

    I am averaging pre-tax profit at around 300-500 per car (after expenses) and can see myself selling about 4-5 cars a week. Is this sufficient earning to sustain in this business? 

    Can someone please please explain how much tax will I need to pay on a following example.

    Vauxhall Corsa purchased for £1500

    expenses: transport £70, valeting 20, mechanical work/service: 150

     Sold for: £2200

    will any of the expenses above bring my taxable amount down or is it simply the £700 Difference I will pay tax for?

    whats the tax percentage? 20%?

    £2500 office I am about to buy, will this be knocked off my profits?

    I invested 10k to start with, will this count in my turnover? 

    Last one, but a big one.. I got scammed on a car I have recently purchased. It was bought from another dealer using stolen card then I purchased it from them. Vehicle has been recovered off my drive and confiscated by Police (literally) during its sale. I lost £6000 + expenses. Will this be taken into account in terms off losses when it comes to paying tax? 

    Any genuine help and advice would be highly appreciated. 

    Thank you







    If you've got the confidence and determination to make it happen, you will do, its all in your mind, you have to have the right attitude...I couldn't image anything more boring than being a warehouse manager (no offence). Making money for yourself is a mindset and its hard work, but its worth every penny ..

    How much cash do you have to invest in the business ?    

  19. 1 hour ago, Paul Falcon Cars said:

    Hi all

    I have a 2010 Audi A3 2.0tdi Quattro, mpg has dropped, did a mpg check, with £30 (28 litres) fuel, covered 190 miles, returning 29.8 mpg. 

    Can anyone advise please?? 

    Really,....... every car I drive I can't get above 20mpg... I wonder why that is ? 

  20. On 2/13/2020 at 4:45 PM, David Horgan said:

    Don't borrow money for start up new business as its the path to losing the lot . 

    Start with one or two cars that you can afford to buy , make a profit and return the investment , takes longer but its more secure , teaches you the job , makes you think PROFIT . this way you become a money EARNER unlike some /most who borrow who become  money TURNERS to repay the banks , cards , stocking loans , etc , soon find yourself working for the lender and not YOU . 

    Bang on.....