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  1. If you are averaging 13 from 10, that's a great result ROI with ebay, stop moaning and well done !! I would also suggest you don't use CAPS, stop SHOUTING.... Also, a lot of your photos are taken with direct sunlight behind them... Rory is right, you need a website for legitimacy ....
  2. I just chuck them on the passenger seat "when I remember to pick them up", only been pulled once about 15 years ago, copper was cool, he checked to make sure I was insured and that the plates were legit with DVLA, got a telling off but that was it. I think you are more likely to be pulled with them in the window..... Also, I once had a plate slide across the dash and nearly get stuck in my steering wheel....... be warned...
  3. Not even a "hello, I wonder if you can help, his is my situation”
  4. A warranty is in addition to the customers rights. As long as your warranty states "this warranty does not effect you consumer rights" you are ok. As HAWWTW states, buy some Lawgistics booklets.
  5. Please introduce yourself and your business properly.... How long have you been a Motor Dealer ?
  6. Imagine the type of buyer looking to buy a 17 year old Skoda.
  7. With "making tax digital" that's exactly what I did, found a local accountant to do everything, I just hand him my paperwork every quarter and he does the rest. It's worth every penny XFS, good luck with the new venture BTW, it was the wife who previously my accounts and she's a very happy bunny too
  8. I've sold some priced high, not one customer has mentioned the price markers.....
  9. I recommend
  10. Hello Cathrin, are you intending on starting a business buying and selling cars? This is a car dealer forum...
  11. Slowed for me now Mark, still a cracking month with 12 sold, couldn’t of hoped for a better start.
  12. If you are not mechanically minded yourself, you have to trust garages to fix the problem without screwing you. The problem is, a lot of these mechanics are useless, untrained and don’t have clew, their guess is as good as yours. When your problem isn’t straightforward and the mechanics want to play “parts darts” that’s when you need to change garages. Nothing worse than throwing thousands on a repair which doesn’t work.
  13. Exactly my opinion, I do miss the buzz though...
  14. Complete chancer, politely tell him to jog on.
  15. Don’t forget P40..... still got tubs if the stuff....
  16. Great introduction, welcome
  17. You have 10 cars advertised 5 of which are CRV's ( they are hard work at the mo), sales wise, you are competing against yourself. My current longest car in stock is a 14plate CRV (9 months).
  18. The video is halfhearted, its rushed and lacks a personalised description, use the video as a platform for you to sell the car and your business.
  19. I would be checking to see if it was compliant at the time of purchase, maybe the requirements have changed ? Also, if ULEZ was a specific requirement the he equally should have shown due diligence when he said he specifically said he wanted to check for himself.... JXB, also surely after he received his first fine he should have been contacting you stating the car wasn't fit for his specific purposes, when did he get the fines? If he's been driving around for months since the first fine and has now just made his complaint...... If that's the case then he's taking the piss. Otherwise, as per Nik's post, its plain as day been miss-sold........ Offer him £500 to go away and see what happens..... Also, this email isn't stating that he requires a ULEZ compliant vehicle, he's just asking if it is...................