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  1. I confess, I was banned for 6 months
  2. I’ve had two Range Rovers rovers suck 4K each out of me. I once bought a SL450 R107 that the bulkhead was so rusty the wipers weren’t even attached, that was a 5k repair 15 years ago. There’s been loads to be fair, it’s part of the job..
  3. I’ve got one, not had an sniff in 4 months, and I’m selling it for a loss. I had the flashing odo which cost me £600 at Fiat. Plus normal prep, it’s a horrible car... Don’t know what possessed me to buy it...
  4. my level of patience with the “last price” brigade
  5. I’ve used the following quite a few times in the past I these foreign non buyers. Mr Customer.... if you were in the market place for a parachute would you be looking for the cheapest ? No you wouldn’t, you’d be wanting to buy from the most reputable source with the best reputation, the best quality, the best prepared, the best folded to ensure you have a safe landing, it’s exactly the same when buying a car. Your priorities are wrong if all you are looking for is CHEAP.... if you buy CHEAP you pay twice.... As all my cars are “buy it now” via a nominal fully refundable deposit upfront, only pay balance when happy, nowadays it’s very rare I get asked. If someone does politely ask “is there anything I can do” then I’ll usually will give them £50 worth of fuel, they’re usually very grateful for the gesture.
  6. I'm their neighbour and their biggest customer so we have a very good working relationship. Yes, the WAV went today, nearly doubled my money on that one
  7. I look at my prep costs as an average, some cars are less and some are more, so basically your profit is all down to the buying, when you retail back and know your true costs then you know what to purchase. I have accounts with all the local suppliers and the garage which I use put the parts onto my account, they do all my running around for me, I simply pay them their labour cost...
  8. Thanks for the information gents, much appreciated. I’ll update once sorted.
  9. Hi guys, I have a MK2 Santa Fe top of the range Premium model with self leveling rear suspension. It's failed on both rear shockers, they aren't leaking its the actual bushes which have worn, Hyundai want over a grand for a pair ! Anyone know where or how to just get the bushes replaced refurbished ?? I have searched for the rear shockers, but they are ALL non self leveling... Any help would be much appreciated
  10. If someone is going to clock a car, they aren't going to just wipe a thousand miles off it, unless I am reading this wrong it doesn't make any sense to me.
  11. Wow Tata Nexon, I'd rather have VD, and the prior enjoyable experience than take ownership of a Tata. Stop trolling forums advertising your crap......
  12. As a trader, you can not park a car advertised for sale on the road unless it is taxed, also you cannot park two cars together, there has to be a gap of 500 or 750 metres (something like that). Your insurance company will require a postcode to base the premium on. If Your intent is to park them in multiple areas you will need to tell them, most insurers will then decline.
  13. Ditto..... it’s Cccccchhhhhrrrrriiiiissssttttmmmmmaaassssss !
  14. It will just compound how important it is to offer an honest, upfront, transparent video which gives you the opportunity to sell the car. Pictures are fine, but they also just attract dreamers with preconceived ideas. In a video, not only do you describe the car accurately you can also sell the benefits of buying from you. As I say “people buy from people”.
  15. I not in the business in trying to attract customers who are solely looking for "cheap." Some people buy from Primark, some people buy from John Lewis ...... Not everyone is a Primark buyer......
  16. Bang on, I absolutely agree. "At the end of the day Mr Customer, go and try and buy a car from AT...... you can't, because they do NOT actually sell cars....... Their stupid algorithms are totally wrong and biased towards CHEAP, the private sellers or rogue trader who are selling bent falsely described death traps. If that's what you are looking for then you are looking at the wrong seller."
  17. Steady month with 8 sold so far with only 8 currently listed, I've got 12 in various states of disrepair / prep... was hoping to max out on the double up but that isn't going to happen now. I'm very positive though, thank god the blues won with a huge majority... that'll bring confidence finally back to the market, lots of you newbies here haven't seen it when the market is really buoyant, but then again I'm not sure we'll see that market return..... Anyways, I got a date with some beers.....
  18. An "official dealer" would be the manufacturers contracted "franchised dealer." These are sometimes separate companies which hold the contract to retail new stock.
  19. I had this on my 3.0 Viano which is very sensitive to even the slightest overfill, had to suck a bit out to stop the light..... Not sure if the 1.8d is actually a Merc engine ?
  20. Welcome Mark. You will need insurance. The link below explains what most insurance providers will require from you.
  21. I advertise all my stock on FB marketplace, its free and I sell around 1-2 a month. Surely, if someone is looking for a car on FB they simply search the marketplace, it take seconds..... I certainly wouldn't pay any extra to pester people in their feeds.